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About Us

Welcome to Health Insiders, where you can find trusted health & wellness advice and latest reviews of diet supplements and skincare products.

Who We Are

Health insiders provide important information on science-backed products and the medical topics that are pertinent to your life. We seek to inform the everyday person in a way that is relatable, understandable, and is not bogged down with a lot of technical jargon.

What We Do

We have been doing this for over 15 years, and in that time we have amassed a comprehensive library of articles and reviews for our users to read any time. Our content has been written and curated by the team of industry and healthcare professionals, which includes physicians, RDN, RN’s, and market insiders. To make sure that we are providing you with reliable and helpful content, our board-certified team of physicians goes over everything on our site with a fine-tooth comb before it is published.

Medical Review Board

Clinical Studies, as clean and unbiased as they are intended to be, can often be miss interpreted or skewed.

To maintain objectivity in our writing, the claims we make on behalf of health products, etc., we put together a panel of experts to review, analysis, and substantiate our presented information.

The following board members are independent reviewers outside of the Health Insiders Team. Some of the reviewers, but not all, write for us and can be found on specific articles in the author profile.

The team of experts behind the resources only has one focus: helping you reach your health goals.

Health Insiders Editorial

Making choices for your wellness entails getting the right information. You need to know all the ins and outs of a certain aspect of your health before you can make a decision to improve your life. To help you answer some of the tough questions, we employ writers who are experts in their respective fields, whether they be nutritionists, licensed general practitioners, or any of our broad range of medical specialists.

To differentiate our content from some of the overly-technical medical sites, we select writers based on their experience in their field as well as their ability to communicate ideas and information plainly and in a way that everyone can understand. In addition to our content review process which is carried out by our Medical Review Board, we meticulously update our articles to reflect the most current data, findings, and consumer information.

All of our reviews are composed by our writing and editorial team and are based on their firsthand, unbiased experiences. We do not include any input from manufacturers. We earn revenue through affiliate links which you can read more about here.

From the Mouths of Our Readers

Health Insiders has been a valuable resource for me. It is easy to navigate and has helped me answer numerous health questions regarding specific products. I have referred to you guys so many times within the last few months alone. Keep up the good work!


I was so tired of stumbling on research PDF’s written by doctors in English that seemed more like Greek to me. I keep coming back to Health Insiders because it has become an indispensable source of information for me. I understand everything I read here, and I feel more confident that I have the info I need when I read one of your articles.


Health Insiders’ Team Philosophy and Mission

Our commitment is to provide you with helpful and straight to the point information that will help improve your quality of life. It is our mission to generate helpful content that you can rely on every time you visit us.


Ad & Sponsorship Policy

We sometimes garner funding from advertising partners, affiliate partners, and sponsored content in order to cover operating costs and to continue to provide our readership with quality content. These funds also go towards improving the user experience of our sites and to compensate our in-house team of health professionals and experts.

Furthermore, ad content is clearly marked and distinguished from editorial content on our sites.

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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our readership is a top priority for us. We are dedicated to transparent service and strict privacy policies which is why we develop our services with security in mind and employ only safe data management practices.

We may at times share user data with third-party service providers in order to enhance your experience but we will only do so if we have been given consent to.

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Terms of Use

All content across our sites is intended for informational use only and should never be used as a replacement for advice from a doctor or to treat or diagnose any medical condition. You should always consult with a healthcare professional regarding any medical condition questions you may have. In case of a medical emergency, dial 911 or talk to your physician immediately.

We comply with the policies of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DCMA) and protect the rights of author’s by flagging and removing, when necessary, any content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of our or other’s authors.

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Contact Us

We want to establish a community of users and experts so if you have any questions, comments, or opinions; we want you to contact us via our contact form.

Join Our Team

If you are a writer with experience in the various fields relating to health and wellness, we invite you to join our team. We are very proud of our thorough team of expert writers and hold them to very high standards. If you are up to the challenge, then get in touch with us. Unsolicited content sent to us will not be opened, reviewed, or published on our site.

Do You Have A Medical Question?

We’re unable to offer personal health advice. If you’re facing a medical emergency, call your local services immediately, or visit the nearest urgent care center.

Advertisement Opportunities

Our site has been strictly built to reflect our high standards of reporting quality, credibility, and accuracy, which has made us one of the most visited health and wellness sites on the internet. If you are interested in advertising on our growing site, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact us form.

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