HealthInsiders’ Medical Team

Mission Overview

Trustworthy and medically accurate content is highly essential when it comes to personal health and decision-making. Our Medical Team is fully dedicated to ensuring every bit of information shared on HealthInsiders is evidence-based and up to the medically acceptable health standards, as well as give warnings, cautions, and guidelines that are required to maintain the medical health integrity.

Our medical affairs crew comprises of certified and licensed health practitioners, public health workers, nurses and patient attorneys. These high caliber experts work to keep the health content, services, and the products reviewed here are current and up to date, viable, scientifically supported and trustworthy. The reason for this hard work is because the health industry is ever shifting in terms of new findings, emerging researches, technological changes, and product and service safety requirements. Basically;

  • The team deploys diligent research before pointing out any newsworthy medical information, diet and nutrition tips that are to be shared.
  • Content, health services or products that are categorized as “fast-changing” are reviewed regularly to ensure our readers get only the most current and viable health and wellness information.
  • We deploy deep research to ensure content accuracy, identify potential side effects in product and service recommendations, as well as give new perspectives to help arrive at more informed health decisions.

Our Medical Team’s commitment is simply to provide content, check, approve and reject availed health content, as well as guide in matters health for the major reason of helping you safely improve your mind body and health.

The Medical Team Network and Primary Focus

Content precision should be rated based on clinical evidence and validity and that’s one key focus that every individual in our medical network values.

We are a patient-centric team and our health professional experts look at content from different angles and bring in their clinical experience, to help settle and resolve medically related queries by looking and comparing the available scientific evidence.

*Please note that all the content appearing on our site are the opinion of Health Insiders and is intended for informational and educational use only. None of our content is meant to replace regular doctor visits or physician consultation. If you have a medical question or concern, we advise that you speak to a doctor in person as soon as possible.

Integrity Oversight

The medical world is ever-evolving and the drug products, medical procedures, or health advice that is considered safe and effective this moment can totally be discontinued, replaced or upgraded the next minute.

To stay on top of things, HealthInsiders has a team in its integrity network department that consists of medical news journalists and integrity overseers who constantly review our content to help uphold the integrity of shared health information to its required global standards.

*The views and opinions of our independent advisors do not necessarily represent those of HealthInsiders.

Aesthetic Health and Beauty Medical Advisory Board

Maintaining a youthful look has become almost a basic need in today’s society, and as such, all sorts of both genuine and questionable aesthetic procedures, skincare stories and beauty supplements and health guides have emerged.

As such the HealthInsiders’ beauty products advisory board works and has partnered with certified health and beauty physicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists to help clear the airwaves and separates what may work from scams.

*The views and opinions of our independent advisors do not necessarily represent those of HealthInsiders.