Chelsea Cross, RD Registered Dietitian

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  • Chelsea is owner of MC Dietetics that is opened its doors in two cities in Ontario, Canada to help as many people as she can.
  • She also often finds herself asked to come into businesses to do lunch n'learns and presentations about nutrition and how a better dietary balance can help optimize their work and life.
  • She is the smallest, mightiest bodybuilder you will find and thoroughly enjoys sprinkling nutrition knowledge wherever she goes.


Although it's only been a year since Chelsea graduated, she has 10 years of postgraduate education under her belt and has been actively coaching people with training and nutrition for half of that as well. She has continued to expand her reach through opening a second location of her practice within a year of starting her business, going to conferences and networking to grow as a professional and expert in the field.

She has worked with a number of writing experiences as well, including working as a volunteer writer for other dietitians through her education, starting and writing her own practice's blog and working for Edible IQ, a plant-based, science-backed online educational resource for the public that can be used to ensure they are getting the right information when making choices about their nutrition.


She started her education at McMaster University and completed a 4-year honours Bachelor of Science program in Psychology and Neuroscience. She loved psychology but ended up switching gears into nutrition when she realized that that passion of hers could become her career. After working as a personal trainer and working in a health food store for a year and a half, she began her second Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph. She continued to push forward into her Masters and Internship program (Masters of Nutrition) also at the University of Guelph to complete her journey as a Registered Dietitian.

She was ambitious and rearing to go so not only had she been coaching clients during her masters but also she had secured her first job at a private practice half way through her MAN program. Private practice was her love and her future and so she found herself the owner of her own private practice less than a month after graduating and has been building and expanding since.

Online coaching can be found via IG or emailing me at [email protected]

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