Erica Mesirov, MS Food Coach

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Erica Mesirov is a food coach and work with people who have tried every diet and gimmick.

  • help people achieve their ideal weight, become healthier and end yo-yo dieting for good.
  • helping people optimize their health and lose weight to live fully and vibrantly.
  • specializes in helping people detox, identify gut problems, quiet inflammation, minimize toxicity, improve sleep quality and manage stress.


Erica realized while working on a Master's Degree in holistic nutrition, that many people receive misinformation about the right foods to eat for health and weight loss. Many packaged "health foods" actually contribute to inflammation and weight gain. Much of the frustration about healthy eating and weight loss can be rectified with proper food education and knowledge. Eating healthy isn't about a "diet". It consists of a series of choices made every day that either contributes to health or take away from it. She give people the tools to understand what they eat, make better choices and understand how to include their favorite foods in their diet.


Erica received her Master of Science (MS) degree in the field of Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University.

She studied how to adapt diet and lifestyle to balance the body and promote health.

A Word From Erica Mesirov

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