Marissa Ford, MS, RD, LD Registered/Licensed Dietitian



  • Marissa is owner of Intuition Nutrition, an online nutrition consulting services company based outside of Fort Worth, TX. Her passion is to help people live a happier, healthier lifestyle to promote longevity.
  • She also works at two rehab hospitals in both Arlington and Plano, TX as the lead Clinical Dietitian. She provides nutrition education to the patients in the hospitals and also helps create healthy menu options for the patients and healthcare professionals.
  • When not working, you can find Marissa lifting weights, running, playing golf with her fiancé, walking her dog, or baking/cooking her favorite recipes.


Marissa graduated with her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL in 2021. She has been afforded many opportunities throughout her nutrition career.

She has completed two sports nutrition internships for the University of Illinois Football team and for Eastern Illinois University athletics.

She also completed a 1200-hour dietetic internship at Carle Foundation Hospital in Champaign, IL where she obtained knowledge of food services, preventative nutrition education for comorbidities, and general nutrition education.

This is her first experience as a Medical Reviewer for a Health blog. She is excited for this opportunity and wants to disperse her nutrition knowledge to as many individuals as possible.


Marissa completed her Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics in Eastern Illinois University and continued to pursue her Masters Degree in Eastern Illinois University. Marissa’s passion with nutrition started when she did a bodybuilding competition and then developed an eating disorder as a result.

Marissa’s recovery involved learning about the principles of Intuitive Eating created by Evolyn Tribole, RD. With the increased prevalence of eating disorders, Marissa wants to promote the importance of Intuitive Eating and not giving into diet culture, severe restrictions, or weight stigma.

Marissa’s end goal is to expand her online nutrition consulting services and provide nutrition education and consulting services to individuals all over the country. You can find the services she provides and sign up to receive an initial assessment by visiting her website at