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Caroline Duncan, M.D.

Caroline Duncan, M.D.

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Caroline Duncan, MD is currently a Clinician, Clinical Historian, and Breast Thermography Technician at The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Allan D. Lieberman, a pioneer in the field of what was Clinical Ecology and is now known as Environmental Medicine.

Previously, Caroline was studying to be a psychiatrist.


Caroline received her medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC focusing heavily on psychiatry and would become the eventual Editor of the school's literary publication Humanitas.

She received her Artium Baccalaureate degree in biology from The College of Charleston while minoring in Art History and conducting research for her Bachelor's Thesis with Dr. Brooke Van Horn in the field of Drug Discovery & Organic Synthesis.

A Word From Caroline Duncan, MD

When becoming a physician, all future doctors must recite the Hippocratic oath that begins with, "first, do no harm." The current healthcare regime in America is a corrupt corporate conglomerate that is morally ill systemically and systematically and causes harm. The physicians within this current regime are robbed of the intellectual space to think critically about clinical presentation and their decisions and outcomes are controlled by insurance companies and pharmaceutical monopolies. This set-up results in check-box diagnoses and a lack of informed consent, further resulting in cash-cow procedures and studies, and poly-pharma that cause harm.

Environmental Medicine uses a Timeline of a patient's medical history gleaned after at least an hour-long discussion with the patient that aims at uncovering the root cause of illness. The Allergic and Toxic history & workup are especially emphasized in an effort to identify triggers for disease. Unlike the aforementioned regime, in the field of Environmental Medicine knowledge is power.