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Omega XL Review – Does It Work & Is It Safe To Use?

Omega XL (distributed by Great Health Works) is a safe and easy to swallow, omega-3 joint health supplement contains a blend of 30 fatty acids.

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What is Omega XL?

The product we are tackling today is a joint support supplement. It is called Omega XL and it is made by a company called Great Healthworks. It is claimed that Omega XL is a quality joint supplement mainly because of its ingredients which include 30 types of fatty acids.

Let’s Keep Mr. Larry King aside, thousands of Omega XL reviews online are mostly positive.

But does it live up to the hype?

Let’s get into the details.



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*All the prices listed here are as they appear on their websites and are subject to change.

Quick Facts & Specs

Omega XL

OmegaXL is a joint supplement that has been shown in clinical research to support joint relief, muscle recovery and relief, and mobility.

  • Form:SoftGel Capsules
  • Type:Supplement
  • Benefit:Supports joint and bone health, improves mobility, and enhances muscle recovery
  • Phone & Address:1-800-488-8082; 4150 SW 28th Way Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312; support@omegaxl.com
  • Brand:Great HealthWorks
  • Uses:Helps relieve joint discomfort due to inflammation, supports respiratory, joint and immune health, relieves joint and muscle soreness
  • Price:$39.95*
  • Active Ingredients:Flaxseed Oil, Omega 3, Vitamin E, Green Lipped Mussel Oil, and Olive Oil

Omega XL Pros & Cons


  • Omega XL contains at least thirty types of omega fatty acids
  • This product produces more bioavailable fatty acids as opposed to flaxseed oil which only contains omega 3 fatty acids which are not readily converted to the active form in the body
  • This is an all-natural supplement with hand-selected ingredients
  • New Zealand mussels are considered a good choice on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list
  • It is free of common allergens gluten, corn, and dairy


  • We do not know the quality of olive oil or vitamin E that is put in this product
  • Consumer reports noted that when tested it had surprisingly little omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) present
  • There is no mention of the specific names of the omega fatty acids
  • The quantity of the omega fatty acids are not listed on the product
  • The recommended dosage is high at 3-6 pills per day
  • Cheapest price requires that you enroll in auto-ship
  • It may be hard to cancel this product and get out of the auto-ship program
  • Long-term benefits are unknown
  • The company’s research claims and clinical trials are not published on their website
  • No regulations on the product to tell if the ingredients are accurate
  • The paid infomercials may be misleading
  • The bottle says it is free of shellfish protein but we do not know how everyone will react if they have a shellfish allergy
  • We do not know the quality of the seafood used for this product
  • The website does not have a lot of information on usage
  • May be better to just eat fish since when you consume omega 3 fatty acids from food you have a higher amount that is absorbed (90 verse 50 percent) when compared to supplements

What is Omega XL Good For?

The company claims to have done over 30 years of research on this Omega XL and how it can combat inflammation and joint pain. It noted an 89 percent decrease in pain symptoms among 50 subjects studied.

The website also noted that some of the ingredients have been sourced from green-lipped mussels from New Zealand. These shellfish are known for having a fatty acid content similar to fish oil.

Note: Larry King, Jonathan Cheban, Tony Dovolani, Ana María Polo, and Blair Underwood are paid endorsers of OmegaXL.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

It should be noted that Omega XL is mainly a fish oil supplement. Fish oil has indeed been linked to joint health and support.

How Does it Work – The Science Behind Omega XL

Although there is not a lot of clinical understanding as to how green-lipped mussel works on joints, we do know what makes it beneficial. As we see again in a Versus Arthritis article, it contains a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and amino acids. All of these are pivotal for the support of joints. So why is it important to get these omega-3’s?

A separate Harvard article informs us that it is important for us to get omega-3’s in our diet because the body does not naturally produce them.

The way that omega’s work in the body is at the cellular level. The University of California San Diego site tells us that there are enzymes called lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase or LOX and COX (for short) that spark inflammation by generating prostaglandin. It has been observed that at the cellular level omega-3 fatty acids inhibit these enzymes, therefore stopping inflammation in its tracks and thus reducing pain.

Omega XL

Great HealthWorks Omega XL Review – Omega 3 Supplement – Health Insiders Images

Omega XL Ingredients – What is Omega XL made of?

So, you’ve read the customer reviews, but do you know what is actually in this product? There are 3 main active ingredients that we are told about in the Omega XL formula. Here you will find a breakdown of these three ingredients:

Perna Carnaliculus – According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, perna carniliculus is the name given to the green-lipped mussel, sometimes called the New Zealand Mussel. The oil from this mussel is said to be rich in fatty acids that has been shown to help lower inflammation in osteoarthritis.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is one of many natural antioxidants. We read in this Versus Arthritis article that it can be especially useful for helping to spur cartilage generation in individuals with osteoarthritis among animal studies. It should also be noted that current evidence from studies on humans suggests that antioxidant vitamins aren’t effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Evidence from trials of the effectiveness of vitamin E in treating osteoarthritis provided mixed results.

Monosaturated Olive Oil – This ingredient is linked to lowered inflammation not only in the joints but heart as well. Olive oil has naturally occurring antioxidants that are responsible for decreasing inflammation and reducing pain according to WebMD.

Omega XL Supplement Facts

Great HealthWorks Omega XL Supplement Facts/Ingredients Label

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Omega XL – Questions and Answers

Q: How To Take Omega XL?
A: Omega XL Dosage: As per the official site, they suggest 4 gel capsules daily, preferably with a meal, for the first 8 weeks. All 4 may be taken at once, or two in the morning and two at night — whatever works best for you. Also, a third-party source of information tells us that the daily recommended dosage is at least 3 capsules.

Q: How Much Does Omega XL Cost?
A: The following pricing information comes straight from the official Omega XL website. Therefore this will be the price and the terms you will be subject to should you buy it from them directly:

  • Your first bottle will cost $39.95
  • There is a $4.95 shipping fee which brings your first purchase to a total of $44.90
  • Your first purchase will include a second bottle of Omega XL for free
  • After your first purchase, you will be enrolled in an auto-ship program that will send you a new bottle every month for the price of $39.95 plus $4.95 shipping

Q: Who Sells Omega XL?
A: Omega XL is sold by Great HealthWorks Inc.

Q: Is Omega XL sold in stores?
A: It is not sold in stores. You go to their site, fill in all the information including credit card and click on buy now. You can buy OmegaXL by Great HealthWorks Fatty Acid Combinations From New Zealand Softgels, 60 Ct at Walmart.com. Free shipping with no order minimum.

Q: What is Omega XL Used for?
A: OmegaXL is a natural supplement formulated with a complex of healthy fatty acids (including DHA and EPA) which is used to help relieve pain due to inflammation.

Q: What are the Side Effects of Taking Omega XL? Is It Safe?
A: According to WebMD, New Zealand green-lipped mussel is possibly safe for most people. It can cause some side effects including itching, gout, abdominal swelling, heartburn, diarrhea, nausea, and intestinal gas. Some rare cases have shown it may also cause liver problems.

Since Omega XL contains these mussels, the supplement could also possibly cause the same side effects.

Those who are pregnant and breastfeeding should not take this product. WebMD states this New Zealand green-lipped mussel is possibly unsafe and may slow the development of an unborn child. There is not enough information on breastfeeding so the best option is to not take this if you are breastfeeding.

There is not any information on green-lipped mussels and drug interactions. So it is best to talk with your doctor before starting Omega XL.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Taking up to 3 grams of fish oil daily in supplement form is considered safe. More than 3 grams a day can increase chances of bleeding according to WebMD.

According to Arthritis.org fish oil has a blood-thinning effect. Taking more than 3 grams a day could be hazardous if someone is already on a blood-thinner or aspirin.

Omega XL does not state how much fish oil is in their product so you are not sure if you are getting a safe dose.

Fish oil has some side effects including loose stools, nausea, bloating, or burping. Since fish oil is contained in this product it could also occur.

There are no side effects related to this product in healthy individuals.

Q: What If I have A Health Condition?
A: If you have certain health conditions always talk to your doctor first before starting a supplement regimen.

Q: What is Omega XL’s Return & Refund Policy?
A: Omega XL offers a 90-day return policy for their product. This policy can be used to get a refund within the first 90 days of your original purchase. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about this policy:

  • It does not cover auto-shipped products that you received 90 days after your very first purchase
  • It may or may not include a refund in shipping costs

Q: Does Omega XL really work for pain?
A: Yes, it does work! OmegaXL has been shown in clinical research to support joint health and mobility. Backed by 30 years of clinical research, Great HealthWorks created Omega XL to help you live with more vitality and less discomfort. Omega XL Amazon Customer reviews were mixed.

Q: Can you gain weight from Omega XL?
A: According to the Times of India report, “An omega-3 fatty acid is highly recommended for people who want to lose weight but excess consumption might show an opposite result. As you already know fish oil is rich in fat and is also high in calories, therefore, too much of it can increase your metabolic weight”.

Q: How long does it take Omega XL to work?
A: In our research, people noticed a difference in about a week to 10 days of taking Omega XL pills, the promised benefits are yet to be seen! Levels of omega-3’s build up quickly in the body once you take supplements.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, it may take two to three weeks for you to start seeing an improvement in your cholesterol after supplementing your diet with fatty acids.

Q: Why is OmegaXL not approved by the FDA?
A: OmegaXL is a dietary supplement. The FDA does not approve dietary supplement products before they go to market. However, the FDA does oversee the industry. They routinely conduct on-site inspections and review product information to ensure that supplements meet or exceed quality standards.

Q: Is Omega XL good for back pain?
A: Omega XL may be good for back pain. It claims to reduce inflammation in your body, helping to reduce such pains. However, If you’re looking to specifically target and reduce your back pain, you may want to look for other medicines.

Q: Does Omega XL work on nerve pain?
A: Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oil, have the potential to protect nerves from injury and help them to regenerate, new research suggests. (source)

Q: Can a dialysis patient take Omega XL medication?
A: Aside from minimal gastrointestinal side effects (e.g., nausea, stomach upset, eructation, fishy aftertaste), omega-3 consumption at these doses do not cause other serious adverse effects and thus can be considered safe in advanced CKD patients. (source)

Q: I have very bad knee pain, does omega XL work on the the pain and will I be able to walk properly?
A: OmegaXL is an omega-3 supplement intended to help alleviate joint discomfort and inflammation. In a study of 50 participants, the group taking the active ingredient in OmegaXL, the lipid extract from the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (PCSO-524), showed an 89% improvement in joint pain due to inflammation. 91% of the study participants taking OmegaXL reported an improved quality of life. Furthermore, customer reviews have shown the results which include drastic improvement in pain while walking.

Q: What are the pros and cons of GLX3? How does GLX3 compare to Omega XL?
A: GLX3 claims to be 247 times more powerful and effective than salmon oil, one of the most common fish oil supplements available. GLX3 contains the most potent and purest form of omega-3 derived from green-lipped mussels. GLX3 reviews report seeing no difference at all in their levels of pain and inflammation. It contains shellfish, which is a food allergen.

OmegaXL – Omega 3 Supplement – Joint Pain & Inflammation (OmegaXL Official YouTube Video)

Omega XL Alternatives

Now it’s time to take a brief look at some of the other options you have for joint pain relief in terms of price and ingredients.

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Omega XL $39 + shipping Vitamin E, Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Olive Oil
Osteo Bi-Flex $17.56 Glucosamine
Primal Harvest Turmeric Complex $38.95 Turmeric, Bioperine
Primal Flex $39.96 Month + Free Shipping Ashwagandha, Vitamin C, Collagen Type II
1MD D3 $19.99 Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol and Organic Avocado Oil
Relief Factor $79.95-93.95 Icariin, Turmeric, Resveratrol, Omega 3
Turmeric Curcumin Plus $23.95 Turmeric, Curcuminoids(e. curcumin), BioPerine (Piperine)
Triple Power Joint Support $39.99 Curcumin, Turmeric, Collagen
ProJoint Plus $29.95 Glucosamine Sulfate, Boswellia Extract, Turmeric, Methionine
Arthrozene $49.95 Type 2 collagen, Boswellia, Hyaluronic Acid
Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil $34.95 Tocopherol, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Green-Lipped Mussel

Omega XL Customer Reviews & Results

The Omega XL reviews are mixed but there seem to be more positive reviews than negative. At any rate, we will go over some of the positive and negative reviews for this product so you can get a feel of what people think of it.


  • Helped reduce inflammation in the knuckles which made taking off rings easier
  • Helps with arthritis
  • Helped reduce diarrhea and leg pain


  • Showed no results after 30 days
  • May get the same results from Boron supplementation
  • Does not work to reduce joint pain
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride levels slightly increased after use
  • Product arrived clumped together and was unusable
  • Can get the same results from getting cardio and weight training
  • Some felt more pain after taking this supplement
  • Less pills in the bottle than advertised on the label

Pain and inflammation for three-plus years now! Omega XL had zero effect on these. Not worth the price! They do their best to try and keep you on auto-ship! Even to lying about reason for cancelation. SAVE YOUR MONEY! ~ review by Gerald Farrow

Where Can I Buy Omega XL and How to Save

This is a tough one. That’s because, at third-party retailers, it is generally more expensive than on the official OmegaXL com site. The catch is that if you buy from the official website at a cheaper price, you are enrolled in an auto-ship program you will have to cancel if you don’t want it shipped every month. It might be hard to get out of the auto-ship program.

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How do I cancel my Omega XL Subscription?

If you want to cancel your Omega XL subscription, you can cancel by phone or email. The steps to cancel your membership are found below:

Cancel by Phone

  • Call 1-800-488-8082 (phone hours are Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time)
  • Ask a customer service representative to cancel your automatic renewal.

Cancel by Email

  • Email your query at support@omegaxl.com
  • Include your name, address, and email information associated with your account.
  • Ask to cancel your auto-renewal.
  • Ask for a return email confirming your cancellation. Omega XL states that you should expect a 24-48 hour response time.
  • Follow up with a phone call at the number provided below if you do not receive a confirmation email.

The Bottom Line

On paper, Omega XL seems like a great product. Some users, in their Omega XL reviews, report improved mobility and reduced joint pain after taking the product. It is rich in omega-3’s, it may help with joint pain and there are accounts of people seeing that it really helps with inflammation.

It seems to be a natural join product which is positive. OmegaXL may have a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids from a quality source of low mercury fish. However, there is no actual evidence of this on their website so that makes it a little skeptical.

There are some negative Omega XL reviews but it should be noted that not all supplements for joint pain will have a universal effect. Everyone’s body is different and will react differently to supplements.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Omega XL?

Omega XL pills contain an unknown quality of olive oil. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats. These have been shown to be healthy enough on their own as we see in this Mayo Clinic article, but when combined with a high saturated fat diet could be too much fat in general.

Other than the unknown information about the quality and quantity of some of the ingredients it seems to be safe to use. However, if you have a health condition you should talk to your doctor before starting this supplement.

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Omega XL – Questions and Answers

Q: I had hip surgery, will Omega XL help with constant soreness relief?

A: That's a question for your doctor. Most doctors prescribe their own meds after any surgery. So it would be best to speak with your doctor first before taking Omega XL supplement to avoid any other consequences.


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