Pamela Pedrick, RN, CHC Certified Health Coach

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  • Pamela's coaching focuses on helping women to get to a healthy weight for their unique bodies without dieting and specializes in stress reduction, better sleep, and ending cravings.
  • She hosts workshops to educate women on how to lose weight and improve their health and offers a safe space for women to talk about issues facing them such as weight, stress, relationships, and cravings.
  • In addition to sharing her knowledge on social media she has also been interviewed by an online parenting resource where she shared her knowledge on dieting and weight loss.


Pamela Pedrick is a registered nurse and a certified health coach and is committed to helping women to see their value and worth and to love themselves so they can say yes to their own transformation. She is committed to helping them reach their optimal weight without dieting or depriving themselves. She is the featured expert on "Lose Weight Now" in Amazon's #1 International Bestseller, The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know: Top Experts Reveal Their Best Strategies to Help You Be the Best Mom You Can Be. She is also the featured expert on "Holistic Health for Increased Energy" in The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs to Know: Top Experts Reveal Their Best Strategies to Help You Be the Best Mompreneur You Can Be (Amazon) coming out Dec 2019. As health coach, public speaker, and author, Pamela has supported women in improving their health and their lives. Her website provides many resources to start you on your own health and wellness journey. The website has information of how to lower stress, how to end sugar cravings and much more. Pamela knows the pain of being unhealthy and overweight. As a former yo-yo dieter, she was always trying to lose weight, yet never found a diet that worked permanently. With each diet, she felt she was more in bondage to the food. She is a former binge eater and found that she had to lover herself enough to get healthy and lose the weight. Pamela found that there is no one size fits every woman when it comes to weight loss. Every woman is unique, and she coaches women find the foods that works for that woman's unique body. Pamela does not advocate dieting and she proclaims herself to be #thereformeddieter.


B.A. in English Literature & Psychology - Lebanon Valley College (1997) A.A.S.N. in Nursing - Cumberland County College (2008) C.H.C. Certified Health Coach - Health Coach Institute (2018)

Honors and Awards

Best Health Coach: Pamela placed in the top 3 for Best Health Coach in the Best of the Best Sponsored by The Ocala Star Banner (2019). Dynamic Speaker Award from Women Rocking Business (2019).

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