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Katie Spada RDN, LDN

Katie Spada RDN, LDN

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Katie is a registered dietitian nutritionist who works full time as a pediatric dietitian.

  • Additionally, she is the founder and owner of Spada Strong Nutrition LLC, a nutrition coaching business rooted in mindful and intuitive eating principles.
  • Katie is a strong believer in evidenced based practice, and loves the ever evolving field of nutrition.


Pediatric/NICU/Trauma/Burn dietitian. Former adjunct instructor at CSN. Founder/owner of Spada Strong Nutrition LLC.


  • Katie earned her bachelor's of science in human nutrition from The Ohio State University.
  • She then went on to complete her dietetic internship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, making her eligible to sit for her registration boards.
  • Currently, Katie is a graduate student through Northeastern University working towards her Master's of Science with a concentration in nutrition and fitness.

A word from the author

Nutrition is a very complex science that is every evolving and changing, making it challenging, yet exciting to work in. Because nutrition is ever changing, it is important to ensure proper information is being shared. Nutrition is both preventative and restorative in nature, and when understood, can be a benefit in both regards. Sharing evidenced based nutrition is something I am passionate about as a dietitian and medical professional. Nutrition is not only complex with regards to the research and science behind it, but nutrition is also complex in that fact that it involved emotions. Food is tied to memories, celebrations, holidays, etc. Understanding both the science and the psychology behind nutrition is imperative when working towards creating a healthy relationship with food.