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Julia Eze, MSN, RN, NP-C

Julia Eze, MSN, RN, NP-C

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Julia Eze, MSN, RN, FNP-C is an Atlanta based Family Nurse Practitioner who's passionate about health promotion, disease prevention, and research.⁣

  • passionate about health promotion and disease prevention
  • use social media as a platform to educate the masses by sharing health information as well as answering health questions.
  • specializes in helping people detox, identify gut problems, quiet inflammation, minimize toxicity, improve sleep quality and manage stress.


She currently works in the field of Regenerative Medicine, is an online health content contributor and serves as a health media expert.

She is the founder and owner of the popular online blog The Nurse Julia, a health care resource for the purpose of referencing evidence-based education and information.

While it can be tough juggling a fast-paced career and online presence, Julia finds creative approaches to health promotion highly rewarding. When not working full-time Julia participates as a health media specialist for Atlanta based, Fox Trap Online Radio. She is also a Medelita brand ambassador and participates with various non-profit health-centered organizations.


She received her Bachelor of Applied Science in Nursing from Georgia State University and honed her skills as a Registered Nurse at Emory University Hospital for more than 5 years in the field of Hematology/Leukemia before going on to earn her Masters of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) from Mercer University.

Awards and Achievements

Julia is the recipient of the prestigious Daisy Award and has been selected by the International Nurse Association as one of the 2017- 2018 Top Worldwide Healthcare Professionals.