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Heather Hauka, RPN

Heather Hauka, RPN



  • Heather is a nurse and writer living in Toronto, Canada.
  • As a former patient coordinator in a busy plastic surgery clinic, she's had the honour of walking countless patients through their personal cosmetic surgery experience. Patient teaching, coaching, and advocacy inspire her interests, as do traditional and alternative medicine modalities.
  • Heather enjoys researching and exploring health, wellness and beauty subjects to share with curious readers. Easing worries, answering questions and shedding light on often mysterious subjects, warm a Nurse's heart.


Heather Hauka, RPN, is a licenced nurse and medical, health and wellness writer based in Toronto, Canada. She's developed in-depth expertise in cosmetic surgery care and aesthetic medicine through working with plastic surgeons and their patients over the past 6 years.

Writing is an ongoing passion that earned Heather Nursing awards and grants, and now allows for detailed teaching and fostering positive patient relationships for her clients.


Heather earned her Nursing Diploma from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. With supporting certificates in Applied Nutrition and Homeopathy from Alive academy, she's been integrating a love of Holistic medicine and Nursing care for 9 years.

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Heather is a busy mom and artist who loves to paint and play with home d├ęcor projects in her spare time. She also volunteers with local organization Men Ending Trafficking and Global Medic who provide excellent, advanced humanitarian support. She has plans to give more time to passion projects in the future and develop detailed patient support content to help people navigate their health and aesthetic transformations. You can find her at