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Dr. Suzi Hall, Ph.D

Dr. Suzi Hall, Ph.D

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  • Dr. Suzi Hall, Ph.D. is a researcher and writer based in Adelaide, Australia.
  • She is a gardener by trade and is also a Director of Music, the Arts and Philosophical Listening to a global nonprofit organization, 'The Global Listening Centre'.


Dr. Hall is an Experienced Research Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Skilled in Research Projects, Research, Poetry Readings, Meditation, and Writing.


Dr. Hall holds a Ph.D. in English and French Literature. She also has experience as a Research Assistant at Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital.

About the Author

Dr. Hall is also a poet, and has published two books available on Amazon: "Crunchy Words" and "Threshold: the Breath." She has two other health articles available on Consumer Health Digest.