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Cristen Lindsay RD, CNSC

Cristen Lindsay RD, CNSC

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  • Cristen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician
  • Cristen has a demonstrated background in medical nutrition therapy treating many chronic disease states
  • Cristen has strong scientific values and remains an expert on nutrient utilization within metabolic systems
  • Cristen's nutritional practice stems from a Food as Medicine approach, and she is passionate about disease prevention to help all people live happy and healthy lives


Cristen Lindsay is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician.

Cristen works in a variety of settings including an 800+ bed teaching hospital, neuroscience clinic, and health education. Cristen has vast experience with providing medical nutrition therapy for people suffering from an array of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy, and many more.

Cristen's unique path has gained her expert knowledge of metabolism systems and nutrient utilization. Cristen has a strong passion for providing accurate nutrition education that will promote disease prevention and help people live happy, healthy lives.

Deeply intrusted in science, Cristen's nutritional approach stems from holistic values and she is a true believer in the concept of food as medicine. Cristen has found the most success with educating from a holistic and functional approach to nutrition.

Education and Training

Cristen received her Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition with an emphasis in Dietetics from California State University, Fresno. Cristen was immediately accepted into a prestigious Dietetic Internship where she gained a wide range of experience in community nutrition, food service systems, and clinical dietetics. Later, Cristen proved her competence in treating critical care patients by earning her nutrition support clinician credential from the National Board of Nutrition Support Certification.