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Andy De Santis, RD, MPH

Andy De Santis, RD, MPH

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  • Andy is a registered dietitian and hold's a Master's degree in public health.
  • Andy has published 3 books so far, with 3 more coming by the end of 2020.
  • Andy has been blogging and using social media (Instagram: @AndyTheRD) and loves making a good food joke just as much as he likes writing a good article


Andy has been operating a private dietetics practice in Toronto, Canada since late 2015 and has helped hundreds of people on a path to healthier eating and healthier lives. During this period, he also wrote regularly for his own blog and media publications across the internet. His dedication to writing was rewarded in 2018 when he published his first book on the DASH diet. Since then two more books (Pescatarian. Cholesterol) have followed with many more still to come. Andy's written work has been featured in many of Toronto's biggest media outlets including newspapers such as the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, CBC and the National Post.


Andy earned his master's degree from the University Of Toronto Dalla Lana School Of Public Health in 2014, the same year he achieved his dietitian credentials. He started his career right after graduation at the Canadian Diabetes Association (now Diabetes Canada) before pursuing private practice and health writing.

A Word from Author

I'm the type of dietitian who believes strongly in the notion that, when it comes to food, the right answer is slightly different for everyone. That's why I write as much as I do. To offer up as many unique angles on as many unique topics as I possibly can, because I know there will always be someone, somewhere who can relate. Don't believe me? Check out my blog there is enough on there to keep you busy for a while!