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Relief Factor
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Relief Factor

Relief Factor is a unique combination of botanical ingredients and fish oil. It was formulated by physicians and is now trusted by many thousands to provide joint pain relief.

Relief Factor reviews are mostly positive, saying that the product aids in helping to reduce joint discomfort and taking care of any joint aches and swelling.

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Relief Factor Reviews – Are Relief Factor Ingredients Effective For Joint Pain?

Relief Factor is an organic product that aids in the treatment of common pain any discomfort, such as joint and muscular pain, as well as the restoration of flexibility and mobility.

What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is an organic product based on fish oil. Its purpose is to treat the pain and discomfort associated with everyday living, such as joint and muscle pain, and to restore flexibility and mobility.

This product is meant to be taken on a long-term basis, and they say the effects such as reduced inflammation strengthen over time.



TYPE: Vitamin & Supplement

MANUFACTURER: Promedev from Kirkland Washington

ADDRESS & PHONE: 11031 117th Pl NE, Kirkland, WA 98033
(800) 500-8384

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Icariin, Turmeric, Resveratrol, Omega-3

RECOMMENDED DOSE: 2 packets with four pills every day.

USES: Provide ongoing relief from pain…back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pain, including general muscle aches and pains.* (*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.)

PRICE: $79.95-93.95

Relief Factor Pros & Cons


  • Helps reduce the aches and pains of everyday life.
  • Helps reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints.
  • Promotes healthy muscles and joints.
  • Based on 15 years of clinical research by physicians.


  • It contains some calories from fat in the product.
  • Requires taking a minimum of 2 capsules and 2 soft gels every day.
Relief Factor

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Relief Factor Ingredients – The Breakdown

There are 4 main active ingredients in the product that reduce inflammation and pain in muscles and joints.

Omega-3 fatty acids – These are sourced from fish oil and are taken to promote healthy body tissue, strengthen the immune system, and encourage the body’s natural healing ability. They also decrease the chances of developing certain eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Research has found that consumption of omega-3s by people with arthritis had a significant clinical benefit. Taking omega-3s may also reduce the need for an analgesic.

Turmeric – This spice is known to have powerful medicinal properties. It’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, making it a good option for treating joint pain and swelling.

Research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2016 showed that turmeric serves as an excellent treatment for arthritis.

Resveratrol – This is derived from different berries and is high in both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents so it can reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Research shows that injections of resveratrol slowed the progression of osteoarthritis in mice.

Epimedium – This herb is found in western and eastern Asia and the Mediterranean. Modern pharmacology studies and clinical practice demonstrated that Epimedium and its active compounds possess wide pharmacological actions in hormone regulation, anti-osteoporosis, immunological function modulation, and anti-oxidation, according to the National Library of Medicine and National Center For Biotechnology Information.

Icariin – This is a chemical compound that initiates the production of nitric oxide by the body, improving circulation and supporting healthy tissue. It is extracted from plants like horny goat weeds. Research shows that it can prevent cartilage and bone degradation.


Relief Factor Works! – YouTube (Video by pat boone)

How Does it Work – The Science Behind Relief Factor

Relief factor is rich in natural anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce swelling in the joints. It’s also very high in antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and promote healing in the body. Research has shown the benefits of antioxidant supplements for osteoarthritis in the knees.

Other ingredients in this supplement initiate the body’s production of nitric oxide. This can improve the circulation of blood, supporting joint health. A study in the British Journal of Rheumatology shows the benefits of nitric oxide in treating inflammatory joint diseases.

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Consumer Questions and Answers

Q: How to Use Relief Factor?
A: How many pills are taken in a day? — Each dose is individually packaged and contains 2 capsules and 2 soft gels. There’s no information about what time of day to take them, but the instructions indicate that they should be taken with food. The manufacturer suggests beginning with 3 packets a day, then adjust accordingly.

Q: Do you take the three packs all at once for Relief Factor or one pack for each meal?
A: According to the manufacturer, the Relief Factor Quick Start is a pouch containing 49 packets consisting of two pills and two soft gels. Users take three of these little bags per day during the first week and then two per day for two weeks.

Q: Does this Help With Nerve Pain?
A: No, it does not help with nerve pain. However, it claims to help your body reduce pain associated with aging, exercise, and everyday living. Relief Factor is part of an integrated health plan that helps the body reduce inflammation over time.

Q: Does Relief Factor help with arthritis and bursitis Pain?
A: Relief Factor is an anti-inflammatory supplement that is believed to help relieve joint pain. One user wrote, “I ordered Relief Factor to help manage sciatica pain and arthritic knee pain. Honestly, it didn’t touch my sciatica but it does help alot with my knee pain. The other positive result to my surprise was it caused my lymphedema in my lower legs to shrink considerably. My right leg is now normal size and my left leg which was always the most affected side has shrunk considerably! I wish I had taken before & after pictures but I never thought I would get those results because they don’t even advertise to aid lymphedema. Pleasant surprise! Thank you! I will keep ordering!” ~ Susan Posey on Facebook (Birdeye)

Q: Does Relief Factor Have the Ability to Get Me Off Morphine Sulfate?
A: Relief Factor ingredients contain botanical and fish oil which supports a healthy response to fight aches and pain. It does not help Morphine addiction. If you need to take Morphine for a long time your body can become tolerant to it. That means you need higher doses to control your pain. Talk to your doctor if you’re worried about addiction or if you want to know more about how to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Q: How Much Does Relief Factor Cost?
A: When purchasing Relief Factor, you can sign up for a 3-week supply at a reduced rate of $19.95. 15 days later the auto-shipment program begins, which delivers a full month’s supply for a cost of $79.95. This continues each month until you cancel. There is also an option of buying the product monthly, without the subscription, but this does not include the 3-week deal. In this case, the monthly cost is $93.95 + shopping and handling.

Q: Does Relief Factor Have Any Side Effects?
A: There are some mild side effects associated with taking Relief Factor. Therefore, it’s best to take these supplements with food (as indicated) to decrease the chances of experiencing any side effects. Reported side effects include dry mouth, diarrhea, and dizziness, although these were all reported as being mild. There were no noted interactions with other medications or supplements.

Q: Does Relief Factor contain gluten?
A: There is no wheat or gluten in Relief Factor, as per the manufacturer. This product, however, still hasn’t been declared gluten-free.

Q: Does it have blood-thinning compounds in this drug?
A: Another group of people who should consult a doctor before beginning this dosage is people using blood thinners. Some of the ingredients in the Relief Factor promote increased blood flow and may result in unwanted interactions with blood thinners. Nonetheless, make sure to consult a doctor to give you personalized advice on how to use the supplement.

Q: Can I Take Relief Factor if I Have a Health Condition?
A: There are no health conditions mentioned on the official product website that prevent someone from taking this product. However, if you have allergies to soy or fish you should avoid Relief Factor.

Q: What effect do the Relief Factor ingredients have on warfarin?
A: Researchers found that of 35 patients combining warfarin with supplements, more than half (54 percent) were unaware of potential interactions. Researchers also found that of the 100 most-used supplements, 69 percent interfere with the effectiveness of warfarin. Researchers will present their findings at the American Health Association’s annual scientific session in Chicago on Nov. 15. (source: ScienceDaily)

“This is an alarming finding,” said T. Jared Bunch, MD, a study author, and heart rhythm specialist at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute.

Warfarin and herbal and dietary supplements “compete” in the liver. This competition changes the way the blood thinner works — either intensifying its active ingredients, thereby increasing the risk of bleeding or by reducing its effectiveness, increasing the risk of stroke, he said.

Q: What is Relief Factor’s Money Back Guarantee Refund & Return Policy?
A: The company has a 90-day return policy. The product can be returned within 90 days of the original purchase date for a refund, however, this doesn’t include the shipping costs. To qualify for this refund, the shipment must be returned with the original blue and green bag intact, unopened, and unmarked in any way. You simply write ‘refused’ on the parcel and send it back.

Q: Can you buy this just to try and not be sucked into a monthly obligation that’s hard to cancel?
A: Relief Factor is not available in stores or on any other websites. Your membership has no cost and simply involves the initial purchase of the 3-Week QuickStart for $19.95 and the ongoing monthly subscription at $79.95. It takes two to three days to ship the product and the 15-day trial period begins when customers place their order online or over the phone, as opposed to when customers receive their order. In addition, Relief Factor asks that you give the company 24 hours to respond to cancellation requests.

Q: Is Relief Factor Vegan?
A: No promises are made by Relief Factor that its items are vegan friendly but its dry capsules contain absolutely no animal products. For more information about Relief Factor ingredients, we recommend visiting their FAQ page.

Q: Can I purchase the Relief Factor trial pack for $19.95 without enrolling in auto-ship?
A: Purchasing individual bags without a monthly membership is more expensive. For example, an individual 60-count monthly supply for non-members is $93.95 plus S&H. For more information on the prices, please contact their customer care department for assistance. They are available by email ([email protected]) or phone at 800-500-8384, Monday-Friday, 5 am – 6 pm PST.

Q: Does It Help With Sleep?
A: You can use another product, Relief Factor Calm for sleep. It contains Passion Flower, the other active ingredient in Relief Factor Calm, which is a traditional medicinal herb used to support normal healthy nervous system function, restful sleep, and eases normal mild tension.

Q: Can a joint supplement be taken with an RA infusion?
A: It can take weeks or months for your medication to start working. It depends on the medication, but it can take from as little as 15 minutes up to eight hours. Infusion medications aren’t pain medications, and you may need to keep taking medication for RA-related pain. Infusions can take several hours to be administered.

Your doctor will discuss with you which biologic is most appropriate for your diagnosis.

“Some patients feel great after the first infusion,” Luna says. “That’s wonderful, I’m not gonna argue with that. Just remember not to lose faith if you don’t feel anything right away.” Dr. Domingues says that if his patients aren’t feeling better after three infusions, he “rethinks what we’re doing and considers another mechanism of action.”

Q: Can you take over-the-counter pain meds along with Relief Factor?
A: Relief Factor is a powerful combination of all botanical and fish oil ingredients which support a healthy response to fight aches and pain. It is made from only natural ingredients, there are no documented reports where it interacted with any medicines.

While side effects are uncommon, some users have reported side effects such as upset stomach, dry mouth, and dizziness. Other ingredients may have interactions with prescription meds, such as resveratrol and blood thinner interaction.

Is it safe to take if I am on prescription meds? — As always, we recommend you consult with your medical professional before starting any new supplement.

Q: Does Relief Factor work?
A: Relief Factor reviews have more positive responses as the customers found out that it is effective as it relieves the pains and the aches. Reviews have also shown that the relief factor ingredients have the property of relieving joint pain and inflammation.

Q: Can I take a Smarty Pants multivitamin with Relief Factor?
A: There is no clear evidence at this time that nutritional supplements like Relief Factor will prevent macular degeneration from occurring in people who are at risk of the disease.

Q: Can people who have macular degeneration use the Relief Factor?
A: You can—but it’s probably not a good idea. For some supplements, optimal absorption can depend on the time of day taken. Not only that—taking certain vitamins, minerals, or other supplements together can also reduce the absorption and may result in adverse interactions, which can be harmful to your health.

Q: Does Relief Factor come in small tablets or liquid form?
A: No, Relief Factor doesn’t come in a liquid form. However, the Serving Size: 1 packet (containing 2 capsules and 2 softgel)

Q: Does Relief Factor ingredients contain Soy?
A: Relief Factor contains fish oil and soy so if anyone is allergic to these ingredients, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor first

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Relief Factor Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Relief Factor $79.95-93.95 Icariin, turmeric, resveratrol, omega 3
EienHealth Triple Power Joint Support $39.99 Turmeric, Curcumin, Collagen
ProJoint Plus $29.95 Glucosamine Sulfate, Boswellia Extract, Chondroitin Sulfate, Turmeric, Quercetin, Methionine
Omega XL 39 dollars plus shipping Vitamin E, Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Olive Oil
Turmeric Curcumin Plus $23.95 Turmeric, Curcuminoids(e. curcumin), BioPerine (Piperine)
1MD OsteoMD $45.99 Calzbone, MenaQ7, Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol, Calcium Hydroxyapatite
Osteo Bi-Flex $21.47 Boron, vitamin C, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate
Arthrozene $49.95 Type 2 collagen, Boswellia, Hyaluronic Acid

The price of Relief Factor is slight high compared to the other joint pain supplements available in the market. The fact that it’s an all-natural and effective product justifies its price.

Is Relief Factor Safe?

Relief factor reviews show that it is considered to be safe if taken according to the directions on the package. Because it contains soy and omega-3 derived from fish oil, people with these allergies are advised to avoid this product.

Relief Factor Reviews by Customers and Results

There aren’t many reviews of this product online. Some indicate that the users were very happy with this product and its effect on their joints. They said the product did reduce the pain and inflammation they experience.

One review says,

“This is great for Inflammation and Joint Pain. I really appreciate this product. My Arthritis was getting worse day by day. So I ordered Relief factor to help me relieve the pain. I must say this product works very well. After using it for 3 months my pain intensity is reduced and I couldn’t be happier”.

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The Bottom Line on Relief Factor

The reviews on this product are somewhat limited, but there are some very positive ones. Customers found the supplements helped them with their joint pain and inflammation, as well as improved flexibility and mobility.

Even though this is an all-natural product, it is still associated with some mild side effects. If you have any other serious side effects, stop taking the product immediately. To ensure this is right for you, speak with your doctor before taking the supplement.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About Relief Factor?

If you want to keep your joints as healthy as possible, you can’t rely on a supplement alone.

Here are some tips to maintain healthy joints:

  • Try to move around as much as possible, as movement reduces joint stiffness.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight reduces stress on joints.
  • Stretch as often as possible, at least a few times a week. This keeps joints, muscles, and ligaments healthy and helps with flexibility and mobility.

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Where To Find It

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website


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