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Average Customer Rating:5.0 
41 Customer Reviews

Rating Snapshot:

Bottom Line: 98% would recommend it to a friend
    By Heidi 

    Delicious and nutritious

    It’s extremely delicious and I have it with unsweetened oat or almond milk + Cold coffee. It leaves me satisfied with breakfast- my goal is to lose a few pounds and have a quick nutritious breakfast. I’ve heard a lot of protein shakes that are super healthy taste like crap and the and inexpensive ones are full of soy.

    By Roy Ford Jr 

    I have been searching for tools in my weight control battle

    I have prediabetes, high blood pressure, and Cholesterol issues and my Doctor kept pushing me to lose weight. At the beginning of 2021, I weighed 335#. I found DR. Gundry’s products and was skeptical at first but by April I noticed that I had stopped gaining weight and was plateauing for the first time in years. As I broadened my use of the supplements I began losing some serious weight. Working in conjunction with my other efforts I was down to 290# right before Thanksgiving. I was invited to two different Thanksgiving feasts one Thursday and one on Sunday and today Monday hurray I only gained 5# which is a miracle. I have hope now that still allows me a little judicious detour from my new lifestyle change without totally losing the battle. I use the ProPlant complete as a breakfast shake with Coconut water and the Total Restore, UNTOX, Bio Complete 3, and the Lectin Shield. I feel the energy boost and enjoy the total lack of the hunger cravings that used to drive me crazy and made controlling my weight such a losing battle. Thank you Dr. Gundry I have hope of getting back to a healthy weight gain and making my other health issues a thing of the past. Definitely recommend Dr. Gundry’s plan to anyone who wants to take back control of their life, health, and weight.

    By China Harris 

    Proplant Shakes are a Great Meal Replacement

    I’ve been taking the chocolate flavored ProPlant Shakes for about a month and I love them! I’m a diabetic and I was wanting something more healthier in the morning for breakfast. I have found that adding some fruit, i.e., bananas, berries, etc., ice, and unsweetened coconut milk, makes for a very refreshing and satisfying meal replacement. In addition, I found that I’m not snacking like I was between breakfast and lunch. I ordered 3 and I’m glad I did, because I really enjoy them and I’m not experiencing joint pain like I was. Proplant has been a Win, Win all around.

    By Pam Rosinski 

    Extremely happy with ProPlant Complete Shake

    I looked into this after listening to many videos, well I ordered it and I’m glad I did. It’s delicious and I feel energized and ready to start my day.

    By Daniel 

    I am glad I purchased the product.

    I only received my Proplant Shake last week and after consulting my physician, I started having the Proplant Shake. It is three days now since I started and I am already feeling the difference in my appetite, which is what I was looking for. I think I am beginning to like it. Thank you Dr. Grundy.

    By Barbara 

    Proplant Complete Shake has great taste and health benefits

    I’ve tried other protein shakes and this one has a great chocolate taste. I’m on my second container and I love the taste and how it works with my digestion. I use it every morning and it keeps me from getting hungry. I also add vital reds and primal plants to the shake some days. All have great taste.

    By Tesla 

    I had given up on protein shakes...until I found this!

    Every protein shake I’ve ever tried gave me digestive discomfort. I decided to try this with extremely low expectations and boy was I pleasantly surprised! No bloating, no gas, no icky feeling in my tummy whatsoever! This stuff is GOLD. After my first shake I felt the clean energy boost, it was like my body utilized it so quickly and efficiently! I could even feel my neurotransmitters doing a happy dance! If you’re on the fence about it due to having bad experiences with other plant protein shakes just give it a chance. You won’t be sorry!

    By Deb 

    Delicious way to lose weight!

    The protein powder mixes up well with just water for a tasty chocolate shake. I find that I do not eat as much as I used to, so I have lost 6 pounds in a month without even trying. The only drawback is occasional constipation.

    By Anna N. 

    Love it! I'm miserable without it

    I’ve changed my diet to chemical and hormone-free food for my physical and mental well-being so I decided to implement the shake as part of that. It definitely helped me go to the bathroom on regular basis. I make mine with unsweetened almond milk, half of a banana, and little honey. I set it in a freezer for about 30 minutes…it’s my after-workout drink or when I want something sweet.

    By Michael P. 

    Easy delicious nutrition in a quick to mix shake

    I have been using it for 18 months and love it. It tastes great and makes you feel full, which has allowed me to lose weight. It’s also easy to customize for variety. I sometimes add a bit of olive oil or organic heavy cream to make the shake richer. You can also change up the flavor by adding a little iodized sea salt or some coffee or some cinnamon. I highly recommend Pro Plant!

    By Rochelle 

    My new favorite product

    I was looking for a protein shake to break my fast. I loved that it only has 3 ingredients all of which I know. It has a great taste! It Definitely helped digestion and leaves me feeling satisfied! Thank you, Dr. Gundry! P.S I really love Vital Reds too!

    By Edward Fingers 

    I like the product!

    This is an easy mix and drink product. Believe it or not, it is a great answer to when you have either a chocolate craving or you are just a little hungry and do not want the hassle of a big meal or unhealthy snack.

    By Lee Nolan 

    Excellent supplement of additional protein for folks on Vegan diets

    I saw a documentary on Netflix that I highly recommend, ‘The Game Changers’—It focused on why a plant-based diet is so beneficial. The Doc centered on athletic performance with supplemental scientific facts from experts and Physicians from places like The Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, and the University of London. They used nutritional studies as well as anthropologists to show that we are not really meant to be carnivores. It showed where all the disinformation comes from, largely meat and poultry industries as well as the old myths about how our canine teeth indicate we’re at minimum omnivores. Guess what? Gorillas have far more fierce canines than humans but they exist on plant-based diets and obviously there incredibly strong bodies do not suffer from any protein deficiencies as a result of not eating animal flesh. There are ethical and environmental reasons to switch to plant-based eating as well. I find the Gundry ProPlant shakes help supplement my protein intake. They taste great as well, in particular the chocolate which is delicious!

    By Norman Snead 

    Great Taste and Mixes Well

    I am taking this product to improve my overall health and fully reverse Type 2 Diabetes. This product allows me to start my day with a healthy alternative to what can be found elsewhere–like grocery stores and restaurants. There have been no adverse reaction to the product unless you consider having increased bowel movements an adverse reaction. There is no diarrhea, just more movements.

    By Paul Sauter 

    Yum Yum Health Shake

    Being a cancer patient, I inquired with my Oncologist about Dr. Gundry’s product before trying. I was told it should be OK esp. with all the protein content. I was thinking it would be a medicine tasting waxy tasting product but contrary, it was a great tasting chocolate delight! I now enjoy one every morning & occasionally evening as it tastes great & gives me that something special you need without filling you up. I feel better and seem to avoid ‘junk food’ as Proplant fills that void. Thank You Dr. Gundry & your Team for a super product. Sincerely, Paul Sauter

    By Johanne Woodall 

    It really works!

    I have been using Pro Plant Shake as a breakfast replacement for about a month now and I have lost 8 pounds. The reason I lost the weight is I didn’t get hungry, but I did cheat a bit though. I mix the powder in 12 oz Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, and I add a banana to the mix. It is delicious! It satisfies and sustains me and I lost the weight. I plan to continue to drink this shake indefinitely because it tastes so good! Very chocolatey! I also have plenty of energy, which was not the case before I started drinking these shakes.

    By Christel Schmidt 

    It is perfect for me

    I took the product since I was very weak and did not eat all the products included in the ProPlant. Meaning the %age of everyday food. Like the taste and feel better. Have not lost any weight, which was not that important to me. The ingredients of the ProPlant were more important to me. No adverse reaction.

    By Pete 

    Delicious and effective!

    I have been using several Gundry products over the past year to help with weight loss and overall health. I use medical cannabis in the evenings for sleep, but it is often accompanied by severe munchies! Munchies are not conducive to weight loss, so when I heard about the Gundry shake that could cut down on cravings I was interested. I bought some on sale and was pleasantly surprised by both the taste and the effectiveness of the product. It mixes well in a shaker bottle, has no big clumps of powder-like shakes, and has the most interesting flavor. I like to sip it slowly just to enjoy how it tastes, which might be a first for protein shakes! I was skeptical about how effective it would be vs munchies, but it really cut back the cravings to a point where I was able to resist snacking before bed. Sometimes I will use it for a lunch substitute at work and it gets me to dinner without stomach growls. Overall an impressive product!

    By Gary 

    Great way to increase plant protein and reduce protein from meat.

    My primary purpose in taking this product was to reduce the amount of meat (protein) in my diet. It does exactly that and pleasant-tasting as well. I mix this with A2 milk. I oftentimes add additional ground flax seed and a scoop of Vital reds. I think the flavor is even better. I don’t have any adverse side effects at all. The product works just like it suppose to. I’m extremely pleased with the product. I can tell this helps with my overall health. This is now a part of my daily routine for life. Thanks for making high-quality, good-tasting products. I agree it is a little pricey, but in the grand scheme of I’m hoping it will help allow me to grow older gracefully and not be taking medication and in and out of hospitals.

    By Becky Anderson 

    I LOVE IT!

    I have been taking drinking the ProPlant Complete Chocolate Shake for the past three weeks! My desire is to be healthier so I purchased ProPlant Complete Shake. It tastes good and I have noticed that I am not craving sweets during that late afternoon time. I also have more energy and my digestive system is working more efficiently! I LOVE IT!

    By Sarah 

    Love it, love it! Can't leave the house without it!

    This really has everything in a shake that I could I ask for and more! Every protein drink I’ve ever tried made me sick in the belly after consuming. ProPlant is great, gives me great energy, perfect fullness for just the right time, I feel like I’m getting more than I would from other typical protein powder and none of the junk! Thanks, Dr. Gundry!

    By Peter Doyle 

    I highly recommend this product

    I have now been using ProPlant shake for about 6 to 7 months. I use the product to control weight and to feel healthy. I have found that it has been beneficial to my gut health. I was so impressed I recently stocked up with 14 containers as I live in Sydney Australia. This product, along with PreBioThrive has really made my stomach and gut feel much better. I was having persistent symptoms of gastritis between the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. That issue has cleared up. I have had no adverse reaction to the product. I use it 5 to 6 days per week and feel much better for it.

    By Linda Dickson 

    Very tasty, convenient and nutritious

    I’m enjoying the change-up from animal proteins to healthier plant proteins and oat milk. I’m a diabetic. My physician is thrilled with positive changes in my heart lipid panel and an a1c of 5.7. Dr.Gundry has developed a super product promoting overall health benefits for all. Thank you Dr.Gundry for your commitment to our health by promoting nutrition knowledge, continued research and development of healthy lifestyle alternatives, and accessibility to your products for all!

    By Dale Ross 

    Interesting product

    My wife and I use Nutritional Response Testing to verify what is good for us. As a result, the product is good for me with an O-positive blood type but is overpowering for my wife who is an A-negative blood type. I enjoy the product!

    By Kristine Alles 

    Best Protein Shake!

    I have tried so many proteins shakes for decades and the ProPlant Complete Shake is my favorite! In fact, I like it so much due to its great taste and creaminess that sometimes I drink it not only for breakfast but for dinner too! I never feel tired or bloated from this shake. Just ordered more!

    By Patty Little 

    Thanks, Dr. Gundry for taking such good care of us.

    I really love this shake as it has opened up some things that needed opening up! It tastes good and I use only 12 oz. of water with a full scoop and drink it all at once cold! Finally, a doctor that has looked outside the box for a change!

    By Lucia Vickers 

    It was a game-changer for me

    About a year ago I started my health journey in hopes of losing roughly 20 pounds and becoming overall healthier. After 35 years as a smoker, I was on year three free of nicotine! and I was looking for more healthy choices across the board so that’s when I added this shake. Soon after I found out I was living with a 3.5 cm sized tumor on my thyroid (with suspected cancer) and to my surprise (and the doctors) my thyroid numbers were all still in range! Now, I can’t say that Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake had anything to do with THAT but I can say that even with that all going on, I had more energy, I had better, more restful sleep and my bathroom trips are normal (huge for me) as I suffer from IBS. So, I have to give this shake a whole lot of credit…not only has it done all of the above I also got to my target weight of 118 down from 135…a double thumbs up here! Oh, did I mention that it actually tastes good. Wowza!! So, I’ll be keeping this shake as part of my daily regimen! Happily Thanks, Dr. Gundry!

    By Peggy Resz 

    Great appetite suppressor!

    I wanted a nutritious supplement to help control my weight. I have IBS, & I think it is helping that, my bowels seem to be better! I believe Proplant Complete Shake might be helping my sleeping too. Energy hasn’t been a problem for me, so don’t know if it has helped that or not. I walk Dailey & enjoy the exercise when the weather allows! I am a new user, so haven’t formed positive opinions yet, but to date am happy enough with it that I have reordered. ~ Peggy

    By Kathi Bostian 

    Reassuring to find quality Proplant Complete Shake on Amazon

    I trust Dr. Gundry over others. I do not want sugar, as I have weight to lose. I am in a hurry in the mornings, so the shake is perfect from my battery-operated little blender at my desk at work. I am completely satisfied, and my appetite is suppressed. I am on an antibiotic right now and have no digestive problems.

    By Richard Boone 

    So Tasty!

    I am a diabetic and struggle with my weight. Drinking the Shake as a supplement at lunch I can maintain my proper sugar levels and still am happy with my weight loss. From 240 lbs. to 226 lbs. so far, in just 2 months. My Doctor is pleased.

    By John Silano 

    Proplant Complete is delicious, I have it for lunch

    I have a healthy breakfast and dinner but usually, miss lunch due to limited time at work. I now have the proplant shake with almond milk and feel satisfied.

    By Dee Strupp 

    3 containers of Proplant Complete Shake

    I am using the Proplant Complete Shake because it is high in potassium, which is low for me. I bought 3 containers, so will not need to order for a long time.

    By Mary 

    Delicious and Satisfied

    I’ve been using other protein powders for smoothies and have been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed the switch to this product. Proplant Complete Shake is really tasty and feels like a treat every time I have a smoothie. I still want to try some of the other recipes included but for one month I’ve been very satisfied with the smoothies. I feel good and my overall health has been positively impacted.

    By Marianne J. Bolling 

    Love the Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake and easy to make!

    I love the taste and ease of making this shake. There are times when I don’t want to make or eat a big lunch so I make the shake. It doesn’t leave me with that ‘stuffed’ feeling and I have more energy and get up and go than if I had eaten a big lunch. Keep working your magic, Dr. Gundry!

    By Lorena Hernandez 

    Proplant Complete Shake is Delicious and craves my appetite!

    I use my ninja blender to mix Proplant Complete Shake with 12 oz of coconut water! It’s delicious! I drink it for lunch and it craves my appetite all afternoon. I drink it 4 days a week and have noticed that my bowel movements are more regular and I have more energy!

    By Dorothy Meeks 

    Love the Proplant Complete Shake Vanilla

    I was making a Keto Shake with MCT oil Keto mix and adding Hemp, and Ground Flaxseed. It was ok but I would be hungry in an hour. When I tried Dr. Gundry’s shake and it gives me an overall well-being feeling so I thought it was the spirulina. I searched for a good spirulina.. they were expensive and I had no idea what to buy. So I ordered another and I still like Dr. Gundry’s Complere. And I believe it is cheaper for me to buy his verses putting it all together myself. It is a great product!

    By Eduardo Pitts 

    Proplant Complete Shake works as advertised

    This is Absolutely terrific product! Mix with almond milk and take in the morning. It fills you up and cuts the cravings.

    By Marty 

    Great results with Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake!

    I am concerned about my gut health and have been having a shake daily for lunch for about a month. I feel great and notice that I no longer have to clear my throat often. I think it is tied to lowering my lectin intake and your daily shake! Thanks!

    By Deborah Milliron 

    My morning go too

    I start out every morning with this delicious protein shake, I add a little coffee, a spoon of coconut cream, and cinnamon. After my morning shake, I get on the treadmill and do 4-6 miles every day, I do all the ifit> competitions on my Treadmill I can find and always win rewards, oh did I tell you I’ll be 73 in a few days!! I love these protein shakes and love, love Vital Reds and Primal Plants. I will continue to the Proplant Complete as I love how it keeps me going…

    By Linda Morris 

    I have it for breakfast, keeps me full

    I have been looking for a way to take vitamins other than pills, I have heard of Proplant Complete products and I read more about them. So far I am satisfied and will continue to use them.

    By Maureen 

    Glad I tried Proplant Shake and feel more energized

    I want to lose weight…especially belly fat. I use Proplant Complete Shake and enjoy it (tastes good, filling, gives me energy), but am spreading it out to every other day due to price.

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