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Average Customer Rating:4.8 
65 Customer Reviews

Rating Snapshot:

Bottom Line: 91% would recommend it to a friend
    By Morris C. 

    Projoint Plus impressed me

    I would wake up in the middle of the night due to extreme knee pain that I developed after a fall on the stairs and injured my left knee. The prescribed painkillers seemed to offer pain relief for a short period, and this kept me awake with excruciating pain. Which led me to search online for joint pain supplements. Projoint Plus impressed me a lot after reading its customer reviews and ingredients. About one month and a few weeks now, my left knee is free from pain, and I don’t wake up at night as I used to because of the pain in my left knee.

    By Angel A. 

    It was the best decision I've ever made

    I began using ProJoint Plus about five years ago. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself! My knees were clicking and sore all the time (the clicking drove me nuts). I could barely do flights of stairs at all. Now that I’m taking ProJoint Plus, these issues are all but gone. I’m grateful for the product and I think anyone experiencing similar issues should give it a try. It’s so affordable, you’ve got nothing to lose.

    By Vanda R. 

    I'm back on my feet with ProJoint Plus!

    Normally I’m an extremely active person and I always have been. I love to play sports. I go running every morning, and I work as a fitness trainer at a gym. Last year I started feeling pain in my joints all over my body. Over time it only got worse, and I was diagnosed with arthritis. Since I was in so much pain all over my body, I was forced to become quite sedentary. By the time I started taking ProJoint Plus I had put on 10 pounds. Luckily, the product did wonders for me. It really alleviated my pain and gave me a lot more mobility. I may not be a star athlete ever again, but I can do some of the things I love to do. Great job, ProJoint Plus!

    By James L 

    A better range of motion

    ProJoint Plus has drastically improved my range of motion. There were certain movements that I was unable to make anymore which in the past would be no problem for me. I started taking a look at the ingredients in ProJoint Plus and other supplements and it was clear that ProJoint Plus had the best one for my situation. It has worked so well for me. I have my old range of motion back and then some. I can attest that ProJoint Plus improves the state of your joints. It has done so for me and it can do the same for others

    By Farah Y. 

    Helps with my arthritis

    I live in a particularly cold region of the country which makes having arthritis all the worse. In the winter, the inflammation would get so bad that my medication wasn’t enough to take away the pain. I have tried a lot of different methods and home remedies too. I would put heat pads on my knees before and during a storm, I tried turmeric and curcumin, but nothing handled the inflammation like ProJoint Plus has. I can use it with my medication too since everything that is in it is natural. I highly recommend this supplement for anyone with arthritis.

    By Anna G. 

    Stealing the show

    I dance in a troupe and it is more competitive than you might think. Every season, all of us want the lead spot but there can only be one. It was coming time for auditions again and I was dealing with pains in my ankles and toes. It was really hindering me from giving it my all in practice so I started taking ProJoint Plus. It made my toes and ankles feel much more fluid and I was able to dance the way I needed to. I got the lead this season and ProJoint Plus is what allowed me to steal the show.

    By Alex E. 

    ProJoint Plus works for pain

    I have been taking a joint supplement that consisted of glucosamine and chondroitin and while I am not totally of it altogether, it didn’t really seem that effective. I was still in a lot of pain and I wasn’t convinced that it was doing anything for the long-term health of my joints. What I wanted was something to help relieve my joint pain and help to strengthen my joints to prevent further damage from occurring. ProJoint Plus has been that supplement for me. I take extra when I feel pain and I take it regularly for its long-term benefits.

    By Ian M. 

    This distributer is a huge fan of ProJoint Plus.

    Hey there! I actually work for one of the companies that distribute ProJoint Plus. I’ve heard wonderful things about this product for years, but I never imagined that I would need it myself. I started getting pain in my shoulders and neck a few months ago that were really getting in my way. The whole area became stiff and my movement became limited. I could hardly sleep at night I was in so much pain and discomfort. I had to take time off work because it was unbearable. The diagnosis I received from my physician was rheumatoid arthritis. Well, I started using ProJoint Plus immediately, and within a few short weeks, my situation has completely turned around. My pain has gone down to nothing, and the swelling is really reduced. The best part is that the stiffness is gone, and I can move much more easily.

    By Maria S. 

    ProJoint Plus, I'm your number one fan!!!

    I’ve been an arthritis sufferer for many years. I stopped taking pain killers years ago because I didn’t want to become dependant on them. I lived with the pain for a long time, and sometimes my fingers would really swell. I never knew much about natural supplements, but someone at the hospital told me about ProJoint Plus. After a month on this supplement, I must say I feel completely different than I have felt in a long time. My pain is totally gone, and my hands look perfectly normal and not swollen. This really is a great arthritis supplement. I’m so glad I found this natural solution.

    By Jack L. 

    I really love the results I got with ProJoint Plus!

    For many years I worked in construction, which naturally involved a lot of heavy lifting and moving things. I retired a couple of years ago. Due to all of that lifting of heavy items for so many years, I have arthritis in my back, spine, shoulders, and neck. I do take regular pain killers, ibuprofen, but they hardly cut into my pain. Recently I decided that I also need to start taking a supplement for the symptoms. I read about a number of products, but ProJoint Plus impressed me the most. after a few weeks on this product, I’m happy to say that I don’t plan to look back. It has done so much for the pain I used to suffer from badly, taking it down to a more than manageable level. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the supplement ProJoint Plus to other arthritis patients.

    By Pete V. 

    Thanks to ProJoint Plus I'm back on the dance floor!

    Arthritis completely derailed me last year. I had pain in my knees and hips for weeks and weeks until I was told my diagnosis. Besides being too young for this, what bothered me the most was that it made it hard for me to dance. I love to go out and I especially love to dance. Well, thank goodness I came across ProJoint Plus! In the weeks since I started taking it, my pain and other symptoms have basically disappeared. I’ve been dancing a couple of times, and I had no problem at all. I’m crazy about ProJoint Plus!

    By Nicolas W. 

    An all-natural pain reliever

    I began suffering from arthritis in my early 50s, but it was never too bad that I needed to take anything until recently. All of my life I have tried to live a healthy, non-medicated diet and I wanted to keep things that way. But, my early morning walks started to suffer and I went from walking 3-5 miles a day with a friend to nothing because the pain in my knees was so bad. A friend recommended ProJoint Plus because she told me it was a safe, all-natural supplement that she had been taking in the long term. I trusted her advice and purchased a bottle of ProJoint Plus. I can’t believe how much better I feel and I didn’t need prescription medications or injections! My knee pain is all but gone, and I am back to my normal 3-5 miles walks every morning pain-free. I am even thinking of signing up for a half marathon because this is the first time I’ve been without pain for so long. This product definitely worked for me!

    By Dan R. 

    I Quit A Lot Of Things

    I used to be very active. I had an active social life, I participated in sports, and my wife and I did a ton of things together. As we got older, we both noticed a decrease in inactivity. We both wanted to try something new to help with the problem and decided on ProJoint Plus as it had got a lot of really good reviews online. We’ve been using it for about a year and we are so much more active. Now our friends can barely keep up with us!

    By Lil 

    ProJoint Plus on the farm!

    I’m a farmer, and I live on a working farm that is usually fairly profitable. I get some help from my wife and kids, but I do a lot of the work myself and I have a small staff to help me. This past year keeping up the farm became a lot more difficult for me, after I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis all over my body. I’d been experiencing terrible pain all over for a couple of months before the diagnosis. Arthritis does run in my family, so a couple of family members talked to me about ProJoint Plus. I was willing to try anything. I started taking the supplements a few weeks ago, and I’m delighted about the results I’m getting. My pain is much more manageable, and the inflammation all over my body has gone down. I’m able to get back to my work, and I’m thrilled. Thanks, ProJoint Plus for saving the farm!

    By Susan L 

    I wasted my money on high cost products

    Before I started using ProJoint Plus, I purchased a high-cost product from a health store. I think I spent around $60 or $70 on it and it didn’t do a thing for me. To make matters worse, the store would not allow me to return the product, so I was just out of money. ProJoint Plus works better than anything else I’ve tried and it’s so much faster. It was really affordable too and I highly recommend trying it.

    By Gaby U. 

    My foot is a huge lover of ProJoint Plus!

    A couple of years ago my foot was run over by a car. The bones on top of my foot were all crushed or broken and it took months to heal. After the foot healed, I still had a lot of pain for a long time. I just found out about ProJoint Plus this year. In a few weeks, this supplement took away 2 years worth of pain. I am definitely going to continue taking it on a long-term basis. I know this supplement is for arthritis, but the fact is, it’s just a really good pain killer and anti-inflammatory for other conditions, too. Love it!

    By Grace 

    Using ProJoint Plus, I can still have some kind of active life.

    Before I was diagnosed with RA, I was incredibly active. I loved climbing, hiking, and sports. Then at the age of 39, I was dealt this terrible blow. My body was in pain a lot of the time and inflamed all over. I could hardly walk for a while, much less climb or play sports. I took time off work, and for a while I lay around on pain pills. I became very depressed. My brother was the one who found out about ProJoint Plus and purchased it for me. A few weeks later, and my mood has completely turned around. My pain has mostly gone, and so has the inflammation that was taking over my body. I feel comfortable in my own skin again. I won’t be doing any more mountain climbing, but I can still be active. I’m very grateful! Thank you ProJoint Plus!

    By Asanti E. 

    I Was Feeling Uncomfortable In The Morning

    For the past year or so I have been waking up with pain and stiffness in my joints. It was really the stiffness that presented the biggest problem because it made me feel like I couldn’t even move. I had to force my body to stretch just to be able to go about my morning routine. This was obviously eating into my valuable time so I gave ProJoint Plus a shot to see if it would help with the stiffness in my joints. ProJoint Plus worked pretty quickly for me. The stiffness went away after a handful of days of taking it.

    By Trina Y. 

    I Use ProJoint Plus Every Day

    When I first started taking ProJoint Plus, I was using it to help deal with the pain in my elbow. That was over a year ago. The pain in my elbow is long-gone, in fact, I haven’t even thought about it much since writing this review. I still use ProJoint Plus because of its healing and preservation properties. If it could heal the pain in my elbow then I figure that it can surely help me avoid other types of joint damage and pain. I take a couple of pills every morning and I have yet to experience any other joint pain.

    By Doris C. 

    It's helped me for years

    I have been using ProJoint Plus for several years now. I started taking it right away at the first sign of joint pain and stiffness. I worried that my body would eventually get used to it and it would stop working, but so far it hasn’t. It continues to work for me and I continue to leave my friends (same age) in my dust! I love this product and will continue to use it (and promote it to friends and family.

    By S. Douglas 

    ProJoint Plus is the best joint supplement

    I had the misfortune to be diagnosed with arthritis at a fairly young age, and I have really suffered badly from my pain and other symptoms over the years. I’ve tried a million different creams and supplements with very few results of any kind. Then I found ProJoint Plus on the Internet! This is an incredible and very effective product that I can highly recommend. ProJoint Plus uses only natural ingredients, yet it’s the best treatment for arthritis that I have ever tried. I’ve never had a product reduce my pain and inflammation this much in such a short period of time. Bravo, ProJoint Plus! Keep up the good work!

    By Sandra B. 

    My joints are better with ProJoint Plus

    I’ve been using Projoint Plus for years. There have been times over the years that I have run out and when I do, I suffer a lot of knee and hip pain. My husband is constantly reminding me to take my supplements and now he is taking them too. I’ve noticed him recommending Projoint Plus to other men he works with who are complaining about similar problems. It’s a great product.

    By Frank N. 

    Projoint Plus gave me the relief I've long hoped for. Love this!

    I’m only 19 years old, but I’ve had juvenile arthritis since I was 5. My childhood was very difficult, and I had to exercise all the time to make sure my joints didn’t stiffen up. There was never really any medication that helped me. I heard about Projoint Plus from someone at the arthritis clinic. I was told it was an amazing product. After a few weeks, I learned for myself how effective Projoint Plus is. Nothing has ever helped my symptoms this much. I feel like I have so much more mobility now and a lot less pain.

    By Adassa 

    Does it help with spinal stenosis

    Have you had any feedback from anyone with spinal stenosis and arthritis in the back?

    By Lottie 

    ProJoint Plus is really helping me create my art!

    I’m a sculpture, and I have been for many years. I started out as a painter, but then somewhere along the way I changed mediums. I like getting my hands deeply involved in my art. I also enjoy how massaging and molding the clay helps me get out my frustrations. When I started having shooting pains in my hands and wrists, I thought it was just because I was working too hard. But it went on day after day, and it made it hard for me to get anything done. Some days my hands would swell up. Several specialists later, I finally got my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. I started going to an arthritis support group, and that’s where I first heard about ProJoint Plus. After taking it for 2 months, I can say that it has totally changed my mental landscape. I’m in a lot less pain, and I have more mobility. I can do my work without screaming in pain. I love ProJoint Plus!

    By Daniel Q. 

    ProJoint Plus is helping this school bus driver get back to work!

    I’ve been a school bus driver for 35 years, and I love what I do. I look forward to seeing the kids every day, and it’s amazing to watch them grow up. Recently, I was devastated to be diagnosed with arthritis in my feet, knees, and ankles. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even walk. Of course I had to leave my job. In my search for a good quality natural supplement, I came across ProJoint Plus. What a great product! After a few weeks, my pain went way down and so did the swelling. I can walk, and I believe I’ll be able to go back to work soon.

    By Suzie N. 

    All-natural Products Are Best

    I wanted to find a product that could help improve my flexibility and mobility and that was also natural. I tend to stick to more natural products. I don’t like prescribed medicines. I actually found out about ProJoint Plus during a physical therapy session. I combined my physical therapy with ProJoint Plus and it has been a huge help to me.

    By Jason P. 

    I had issues with my shoulder

    I’ve tried so many other products for my shoulder pain. Up until trying ProJoint Plus, nothing has worked. The issues I suffer from are pretty serious. I need a replacement, but I would like to prolong the surgery for as long as I can. I’ve now been on this product for several months and I can’t believe the difference it’s made. In my opinion, it’s the best joint product out there.

    By Tamar Q. 

    ProJoint Plus brought back my lovely hands. Thank you so much!

    My husband died last year, at the far-too-young age of 49. He always used to tell me how lovely my hands were, and that is something I really treasure. When I was diagnosed with arthritis 3 months ago, my hands got really swollen and misshapen and I was in terrible pain. It upset me so much that my lovely hands were gone. It was as if he had died all over again. I am so grateful that I found ProJoint Plus! This is an amazing natural arthritis supplement that really works. It took a few weeks, but my lovely hands are back. The swelling and pain have disappeared. I love ProJoint Plus!

    By Jacques Q. 

    ProJoint Plus for swelling!

    For a couple of years, I experienced pain and swelling all over my body, and the doctors had no idea what was causing it. Eventually, I received my diagnosis, which was inflammatory arthritis. After trying several medications with very little effect, I decided that I was going to go with a natural supplement. ProJoint Plus had incredible reviews and intriguing ingredients, so I bought it. This is a terrific supplement! Of all the medications I tried, this was the first to actually bring the swelling down and get rid of the pain. What a relief to have discovered ProJoint Plus!

    By Jill P. 

    ProJoint Plus helps me teach!

    I was a ballet dancer in my younger days, of some talent. Now I teach young girls ballet at my own dance school. I opened the school ten years ago and I have been successful. About a year ago, I started getting pain in my wrists and hands. Finally three months ago I was diagnosed with ankle and wrist arthritis. This has been devastating for me. I looked for a natural supplement immediately. I didn’t want to take pain killers. ProJoint Plus impressed me so I ordered it, and I’m so glad I did! This supplement has been so effective at treating my symptoms. I feel so much better now. Thanks!

    By Samantha F. 

    The perfect ingredients that worked for me

    I have been dealing with horrible arthritic pain and stiffness throughout my 50s, especially in my knees and hips, and nothing seemed to work over-the-counter until I found ProJoint Plus. I read about ProJoint Plus after I was looking for joint pain supplements that contained Glucosamine and Chondroitin. My doctor recommended I try to find natural supplements with these two ingredients because, when combined, they were really the go-to ingredients to reduce inflammation and repair worn and damaged cartilage. I tried many different products that contained this combination, but ProJoint Plus is the only one that has helped my pain and stiffness in the long-term. I am now on my third bottle and cannot attest enough about how much this product has helped me finally become pain-free. I have gone from having pain getting out of bed and not being able to get up after sitting long periods of time to being able to jump out of bed, sit and stand with no problems, and even starting exercising again. If you’re looking for a product with a Glucosamine and Chondroitin combination, I would highly recommend ProJoint Plus.

    By Brenna E. 

    It helped my husband

    I’ve listened to my husband to complain about his knee pain for years. He has tried other products, but none of them made a difference. Now that he is taking ProJoint Plus, he is able to do more without pain. He also said there was no icky after taste and he did not have a problem swallowing them. He will continue to take ProJoint Plus and I’ll continue to enjoy a life free of his complaints!

    By Dion B. 

    ProJoint Plus is the best arthritis relief I know!

    I’m a 51-year old guy who worked for a fridge company for many years, in the warehouse. My job involved a lot of heavy lifting and moving large appliances, and after many years it did my back and shoulders in completely. I was in terrible pain a lot of the time, and I had to quit and take time off to get stabilized on pain medication. I got a desk job, which I enjoy very much. A couple of months ago my pain meds stopped working, and instead of getting a different kind, I decided to look for a natural supplement. I started taking ProJoint Plus 6 weeks ago, and I haven’t looked back since. My pain has disappeared completely. I find it so much easier to sit at my desk all day comfortably. And of course, this has all been really good for my mood. I love ProJoint Plus supplements!

    By James N. 

    Bigger, but better

    The capsules are bigger than I thought they would be, but they work so much better than one might expect for something you can order online. I’ve been taking them for the past week and I feel like they are really helping. My hands feel better and I no longer have pain in the morning. I will continue to take them and see what positive things will happen.

    By Wendy U. 

    The supplement work great

    I was just taking this supplement for the last three months. I ordered online and now I am seeing even better results! I take oral supplements in the morning. The ProJoint Plus feels great and instantly goes to work to alleviate joint pain and reduce any swelling. And I know the supplement works on its own.

    By Marsha K. 

    ProJoint Plus review

    I’m excited about trying ProJoint Plus. I didn’t even know there was such a product on the market. I have knee arthritis which flares up now and then, ProJoint Plus sounds like a great product!

    By Doris K. 

    You have to hand it to ProJoint Plus

    I’m an elderly lady, 73 years old, and I am fairly healthy and quite independent. I live by myself. My husband passed from cancer ten years ago. The problem is, I have very painful osteoarthritis in my hands. It really stops me from doing all the things I love to do, like cooking and gardening. Plus it makes it harder for me to live alone. There are so many things around the house that are difficult to do when my fingers are swelled up and sore. My sister gave me some ProJoint Plus. She uses it for her arthritis. I am so pleased with it. My hands are almost normal sometimes. Everything is much easier for me now.

    By Donna D 

    ProJoint Plus saved my career

    I have to say that I’m very happy about these supplements. They really worked very well for me. I’ve been living with osteoarthritis for too long. It’s really a terrible illness. It completely destroyed my career as a chef and that devastated me. I try all kinds of products, so I didn’t order ProJoint Plus with a huge amount of hope. But it really worked. I mean it REALLY worked well for me. The swelling in my hands has gone way down. I’m not in pain. I really want to highly recommend these supplements to anyone with arthritis. They’re terrific.

    By Ray 

    Knee recovery assistance

    I’m a 69-year old man living in Indiana. I just had knee surgery a few months ago, and my recovery has been really difficult. I’m still in a lot of pain and movement is really hard for me. I have pain killers, but I take them sparingly because I’m really afraid to get addicted to them and end up with another problem. I tried ProJoint Plus because I was searching for a different kind of solution, and it’s really helping me quite a bit. My pain is way down these days, and I have a bit more flexibility in my knee, which makes it easier to do the exercises.

    By Bonnie J. 

    It's the natural choice

    If you have arthritis and you like to use natural supplements, I really suggest that you give ProJoint Plus a try. I was almost despondent about my arthritis and that fact that not much really helped me deal with these painful, uncomfortable hands that can get completely twisted around sometimes. I started using ProJoint Plus and I’m so excited about how well it’s working and how much better my hands feel. I have a lot less pain and inflammation and I am more able to use my hands to do the things that I need to do. This has all done a lot to reduce the anxiety I’ve been feeling since I started getting arthritis symptoms.

    By Tess G. 

    I'm experiencing pain relief

    Over the past 10 years since I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hands and shoulders, the pain has always been fairly moderate, easily controllable using Tylenol. Over the last few months, however, my level of pain has gone up considerably. This has been making my life very difficult. A couple of weeks ago, a friend told me about ProJoint Plus and I bought some immediately. This supplement is just starting to kick in, and it is making a huge difference in my life! As my pain and swelling starts to diminish, my mood has also been picking up. I couldn’t wait to come here and pass on the secret to other arthritis sufferers!

    By Wendy F. 

    Skiing injury repaired with ProJoint Plus

    Last winter I was skiing, and I fell on one of the hills. I ended up damaging the joints and ligaments in my right knee, and I’ve been walking on crutches ever since. It’s a long healing process due to the amount of damage I did. I saw an ad for ProJoint Plus on Instagram, and I ordered it immediately. I was at the point of trying any possible solution to diminish the pain and swelling. I didn’t have high hopes, but to my surprise, this supplement really helped lower the pain and inflammation in my knee. ProJoint Plus has made a huge difference in my life.

    By Edna B. 

    My arthritis is really improved

    I’m an elderly lady of 85, and I’ve had arthritis for many years. Over the years it has gotten progressively worse. My arthritis is focused primarily on my knees and shoulders. This makes it very hard to get around – even in my own house. I live alone, so this makes life difficult. My grown children do come to help me some, but they have busy careers and families, so their time is limited. A few weeks ago my son brought me ProJoint Plus because he thought it may help with my condition. It really did! My pain and inflammation are way down, and it’s much easier for me to get around. This is really going to improve my life!

    By J. Lane 

    ProJoint Plus is an excellent joint supplement

    I fell on my bicycle a couple of months ago and sprained my knee joints pretty badly. I’m still in recovery, and I still have a lot of pain. I’ve been looking for a natural supplement to help me for a few weeks because that’s my preference. I saw an ad for ProJoint Plus on one of my social media accounts and I got really excited, ordering it right away. After three weeks of taking the supplements, I can honestly say that they really have helped. I am feeling much less pain than in recent weeks, and it’s a huge relief. ProJoint Plus is an excellent joint supplement.

    By Wendy Q. 

    Projoint Plus is a terrific supplement

    I’m getting knee surgery in a few weeks because my knees are almost completely worn down from years of playing sports. I’ve been in incredible pain for a long time now, and I know I have a long way to go still. I started taking ProJoint Plus as an alternative to pain killers because I decided that I wanted to stop taking those. I have been extremely pleased with the results; in fact, I never expected the supplement to work this well and to lower my level of pain this much. If you’re also pre or post knee surgery and are looking for a great natural supplement, ProJoint Plus is it!

    By Ben C. 

    This really is an extremely useful product.

    I’m Ben; I’m 55 years old, and I’ve been a mail carrier with the United States Postal Office for 30 years. I’ve always done my job well and I do it with pride. I have always enjoyed the fact that I have to do a lot of walking for my job. It helps me get exercise and it’s refreshing to walk outside. But a few months ago my feet and toes started hurting constantly. It made it very difficult to do my job. Ultimately the doctor diagnosed me with arthritis in my feet. For a mail carrier! ProJoint Plus has really been helping my pain and the inflammation in my feet so that I can continue to work and not be in terrible discomfort. This really is an extremely useful product.

    By Freda L. 

    Vitabalance ProJoint Plus reviews

    I’m 25, and I love cycling. A few weeks ago I fell off my bike and sprained my wrist really badly. It’s been terribly painful and it’s difficult to move. Naturally, this makes it very hard for me to do what I need to do during the day, and it makes it impossible to go cycling. I was so glad one of my cycling friends told me about ProJoint Plus. This supplement has really saved me. I feel so much less pain now, which among other things has really helped my mood. This is a wonderful supplement for joint injuries, and I would recommend it highly.

    By Rhonda V. 

    If you’re over the age of 40, you may need this

    As I grew older, my knees, ankles and shoulders really began to bother me. Standing on cement floors for long work shifts really did my knees in. By the time I found ProJoint Plus, my hips started to hurt all the time too, especially when I would try to lay on my side in bed at night. I have tried other supplements over the years for other ailments that have been very effective, so I thought I would give ProJoint Plus a shot. So far, it has worked very well in relieving my pain and stiffness.

    By Georgia D. 

    Easy to take

    I found ProJoint Plus to be pretty easy to swallow. I’ve been taking the dosage I’m supposed to be taking and I can’t believe how quick and effective it is. It is definitely helping my joints. A friend of mine has started taking them for her back pain and arthritis and it’s really been helping her too.

    By Laura S. 

    Easy to swallow I was surprised when they actually worked.

    For me, I find this supplement easy to swallow and take, which is a plus. Before taking projoint plus, I had not tried supplements for pain management and so I was surprised when they actually worked. They’re really helping ease my discomfort. My joints definitely feel better and my pain has decreased greatly.

    By Mark M. 

    I received it a few days ago

    I received it a few days ago and I’ve been taking it ever since. So far, I have not had any negative effects and only positive results. I am hoping for some long-term relief with continued use. Some friends have told me a lot of good things about ProJoint Plus and that is why I started to take it. Also, I found many good reviews online.

    By Michael 

    Drastically reduced my pain

    I’m a long-time arthritis sufferer who is frankly exhausted from the constant pain in my hands and the way I can hardly do anything for myself anymore. A friend of mine recommended ProJoint Plus to me a few weeks ago and I ordered it right away. I really haven’t looked back since. These supplements have done wonders for my arthritis and they really have drastically reduced the amount of pain I feel on a day-to-day basis. The swelling in my hands has also gone down considerably. It’s now a lot easier for me to do things for myself using my hands. Thank you very much ProJoint Plus for the relief!


    I highly recommend this supplement!

    Recently I went to the local amusement park in our town with my two children. We were on the bumper carts having a great time when disaster struck. One of my sons smashed my cart really hard from the back and the sudden jolt caused me to pull a couple of muscles and bruise some joints in my shoulder. It was very painful, and immediately I looked for a natural solution. ProJoint Plus has been very helpful to me in dealing with this injury. I feel a lot less pain now, and I’m so relieved. I highly recommend this supplement!

    By Carter 

    My shoulder replacement was easier with ProJoint Plus

    I discovered ProJoint Plus a few weeks before my surgery and I started taking it then. I continued to take it after the surgery instead of using traditional pain pills. This ended up being a really good decision. I didn’t really have a huge amount of pain after my surgery, which is very unusual, and I owe that all to ProJoint Plus. I’ve dealt with joint pain for a number of years and I can honestly say that this is the best natural supplement for joint pain and inflammation that I have ever come across. I highly recommend this product to all of the arthritis sufferers out there!

    By Maximus 

    Take this stuff in the morning

    When I first started taking ProJoint Plus, I kind of ignored the suggested use on the label. I treated it more like a pain medication and was taking it like people would take an aspirin. That does not work very well. I wised up and started taking it more like a vitamin; a couple of capsules every day, first thing in the morning. I may be preaching to the choir here but that is the way to do it. Two capsules in the morning for me are enough to keep all joint pain at bay all day long.

    By Eduardo 

    ProJoint Plus protects my joints

    I was suffering from a severe deficiency of synovial fluid. I came to know this because my elbow was prone to injury and pain. I finally went to see a specialist about it who told me that almost all of the synovial fluid which was supposed to be surrounding and protecting my elbow was gone. ProJoint Plus contains a good amount of hyaluronic acid which is vital to the body’s natural production of synovial fluid and that is why I used it in the first place. My synovial fluid is slowly but surely being restored and I owe it to ProJoint Plus.

    By J.Edward 

    Awesome supplement

    I wanted to give ProJoint Plus a try on the grounds that they offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. I wanted to see how it would work for me after a month and a half or so and if I didn’t think it was having any effect, I would send it back. Well I never had to send it back if that tells you anything. This is an awesome supplement that provides your joints with what they need to function better than normal and also to regenerate them. I feel younger and more nimble than I ever have as an adult.

    By Oscar 

    I have no complaints about ProJoint Plus

    This product is so helpful. I notice a real difference when I take it and I take it daily. I would love it if this was available in a chewable, but other than that, it’s been great. I just have trouble swallowing things in general and have many other things to take each day. I have no complaints about ProJoint Plus. It’s been great and has really helped me.

    By Brenton 

    I believe it will help you and you will notice a big difference

    I have been taking ProJoint Plus for many months now and I am so happy with the amount of energy it gives me. I now have time to do a lot of swimming, which feels good on my aching joints. Unless the damage you have is very severe, I believe it will help you and you will notice a big difference. I have stocked up on enough of this stuff to last me months. It’s fast-acting and it really does help things.

    By Alannah 

    Losing the war against joint pain

    It has been a long and tough road to get to where I am today but I am happy to say that with the help of ProJoint Plus I am finally where I want to be. For years I had been struggling with pain in my knees and ankles and struggling to find a pill or supplement or anything that could help me. I was on and off more pills and creams than you can imagine. The day finally came when I bought ProJoint Plus and my life was changed. My knees and ankles are now almost 100% pain free.

    By Luke 

    ProJoint Plus really took control of my pain.

    I’ve been on the arthritis train for 20 years now, and I’ve been though a lot. For example, a couple of years ago I has a shoulder replacement which was an incredibly painful experience. A couple of months ago, I had tibia screw put in one knee. Before the surgery, I started searching for a new pain solution. Naturally over the years I’ve gone through all of the medicinal options, so I had the idea to try out a product that uses natural ingredients. Here comes ProJoint Plus! These supplements were so effective for me. I honestly don’t think that I’ve felt this pain-free in many years. This product really helped get me through this difficult time, following my surgery. I know if not for ProJoint Plus I would have been in terrible pain, and I wouldn’t have had mobility in my knee so quickly. It really sped up my recovery process!

    By Annie C. 
    VerifiedThe "Verified Reviewer" authentication is just one more way that we strive to bring our readers the most accurate and reliable information.
    Annie C.,  was invited to write this review Learn More

    Really helped me with joint pain!

    A great supplement to improve joint health. I am already noticing the improvement in my knee joint pain and able to move my joints without any pain. I would recommend ProJoint Plus for anyone looking for alternative treatment in joint pain control and improving health.

    By Shawn J. 

    Great ingredients and effective product.

    I have used ProJoint Plus and I really like the composition. It’s a great mix for people with arthritis joint pain. I particularly like that it uses Glucosamine Sulfate. There are no side effects of ProJoint Plus since I used it more than for 2 months. I highly recommend this for anyone else suffering from joint pain.

    By Jenna 

    It worked for me in just two month! It's amazing :)

    Took as directed for two months, I used it for my shoulder joint pain. It helped to lessen the pain. It worked for me in just one month! It’s amazing!

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The "Verified Reviewer" authentication is just one more way that we strive to bring our readers the most accurate and reliable information.


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