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Average Customer Rating:4.8 
283 Customer Reviews

Rating Snapshot:

Bottom Line: 92% would recommend it to a friend
    By Connie Warren 

    Faded My Age Spots-Totally Amazed!

    I ordered the Dermal Repair Complex capsules to improve my dull and flaky facial skin. I have renal disease and it does horrible things to your skin. After only 3 weeks my skin is noticeably smoother and brighter. I have very ugly brown age spots on both cheek areas above and below the ears. I had tried many products prescribed by my dermatologist including retinol, which didn’t help at all. I finally resorted to using extra-coverage stage type make-up to cover these spots. UGH! The amazing part of my story is that this product apparently faded the spots to the point that you can barely see the ones on my left side. The right side, which was the worst, has been lightened by 50% or maybe a little more. I do not remember reading about that as a possible benefit and totally did not expect this to happen. Needless to say, I am delighted by the results! I was not using any other creams, gels, or taking any supplements that would account for this drastic change. After dealing with this issue for years, it seems like a miracle. I am an RN and usually skeptical of product medical claims. You can believe me when I say, I will keep using this collagen. It really works! One caveat: the capsules taste terrible. I take them with a glass of water and quickly follow it up with a bit of flavored drink, to kill the taste. That does the trick. I consider that a small sacrifice to achieve beautiful skin again. Thank you Beverly Hills MD.

    By Carol Kautz 

    I Would recommend it to others.

    I am on my second bottle and my skin does appear starting to soften and have light brown spots. I have been struggling with skin cancer and am allergic to aloe so I have to be very careful with my skin products. Since this product is taken internally it has been incredible.

    By LaTonya Germany 

    I love this product amazing best product ever

    I see a huge difference in my skin smoother, clear I been getting compliments that I look younger just made 50 last September, and was getting frown lines which now I see a huge difference in my skin elasticity I will continue to use this. Product love it

    By Khristine Farmer 

    Dermal Repair Complex is Amazing!

    I started taking the Dermal Repair complex because I wanted smoother skin and wanted my hair to be healthier. I have to say I’ve been using the product for over 30 days and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin and hair. I’m hooked! This will forever be a daily routine for me. I can’t wait to see how my skin and hair continue to look better and better the longer I take it!

    By Kimberly Poshka 

    I will continue to use this.

    I think that the product stopped the process of aging like C, K aims. It is now starting to improve my hair, which was thinning. It is slow but steady progress.

    By Danuta Krol 

    The Repair Complex is the best product I was using so far.

    I’m using the product because I had massive hair loss and very weak finger nails. After 6 weeks I’m still losing some hair but not as much and my finger nails became hard, easy to file, and not breakable. I would highly recommend Derma Repair Complex to everybody who has a similar condition. I didn’t have any reaction to it

    By Silvia Culver 

    Subtle but noticeable changes

    I have been taking this supplement for a month. It’s easy to take, no stomach upset. I believe I’m starting to see some subtle changes in my skin. I am using the same skin care products I’ve always used to I believe the improvements I see are because of the Dermal Repair.

    By Amy Jackson 

    I was very pleasantly surprised!

    I wanted to confront the sagging and crinkled-looking skin on my face. I haven’t even finished my first bottle, but already I am seeing improved texture and also have regained firmness.

    By Margaret Fox 

    I love this product! I just need to take it everyday!

    This product is wonderful. I’ve just been extremely busy lately and haven’t taken it regularly. I’m diabetic and sometimes my skin just looks dull, I’ve noticed this really helps to make my skin look softer and just better.

    By Shannon 

    I do feel and see a difference

    I decided to take this product for smooth skin and to fight fine lines. I have seen my skin become brighter and less sagging (this really bothered me). I was not expecting less jowl on the left side of my face. I am pleasantly surprised! I was worried the Dermal Repair Complex might upset my stomach and it did not. I plan on continuing use.

    By Helen King-Wright 

    My Review of the Derm Repair Product

    I did not think of this until the survey. I was looking at my face, although I see the dark spots there is a soft texture feel to the cheek hopefully it will improve.

    By Charlette Patrick 

    Amazing! This product has changed my life.

    Amazing results! My skin is very smooth and supple! Even my complexion has even out with such an amazing glow!

    By Helen Treco 

    My hair is actually growing.

    I’m on my second bottle and feel it is a great product. I decided to take this product to see if my hair will grow back. I’m very impressed, my hair is growing back and feels a little thicker. I have very fine hair and have been using a biotin shampoo with no results. I feel that the biotin in this product is making my hair grew. Probably since it is taken by mouth. I’m 74 years old and have been blessed with good skin but it feels nice and smooth. I think this is a great product, Thank You!

    By Dorothy Romanelli 

    Great item love it and it works!

    Skin is smoother looking. I will order more am on my fourth bottle! While I am 76 years old it has made my skin look better.

    By Mardell Foust 

    Is Dermal Repair Complex safe to use?

    I want to check with my physician if safe to take since I am on a blood thinner I want to know if they are safe to combine?

    By Emily Deegan 

    Great ingredients - I am buying more!

    I am finishing my second bottle and think I see results. I am going to buy more & hopefully with continued use will see even more!

    By Judy Gilpin 

    Seems to be working quite well

    I have been using the Complex for about a month and a half now. I have seen some improvement to my skin, but since I’m 74, I didn’t expect miracles overnight. That’s why I opted to get a nine-month supply. However, I have seen a great improvement to my hair. It had been thinning for the past couple of years. Now I’m seeing new growth. That’s a good thing.

    By Nancy Sanders 

    Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex Review

    I honestly do see improvement in my skin, especially in my neck area. Will definitely buy it again.

    By Anna I 

    Not entirely sure about the results

    I have been taking the Dermal Repair Complex. I just started 2nd out of 3 jars. I think there are some improvements to my Nails and hair, and seems to help with the deep dark circles under my eyes, I have really bad acne and chickenpox scars (I got chickenpox at 32) all over and a horrible habit to pick at my skin, and I have been doing a lot of invasive and non-invasive treatments I also smoke, and I am turning 45 soon, so I do see an improvement, just not sure if it’s my recent changes in creams my recent new treatments or the pills, I guess this won’t help you make a decision, I’d say yes you would see positive changes, just worried it also increases body hair.

    By Ingrid Brake 

    Wonderful, My hair is growing in

    I am a 61-year-old woman, who went through head and neck cancer. Yes, you lose hair with radiation. Hair loss is different than with Chemo. It’s not all over, it’s in lines. It has been 2 years and the hair had not grown back in, I started taking Dermal Repair Complex about 5 weeks ago, and I have hair growing back in. I noticed the hair growth along my hairline, about 1/4 inch. My nails are long and strong, my skin is looking better it’s tighter ( I am also using the Lift and Firm).

    By Angie Leach 

    My new favorite skin and hair product

    My skin is so much softer and healthy-looking. Plus my hair is looking healthier all the time. I will definitely keep taking this!

    By Cindy Dominguez 

    Can Dermal Repair Complex cause weight gain?

    I’ve taken 3 weeks of your Dermal Repair and I believe I see a difference in my skin that’s helpful. I have gained weight also in the past 3 weeks, not due to any changes other than taking your product, so can Dermal Repair cause weight gain?

    By Cassandra 

    I’m happy with my results - much faster than anticipated

    I started taking this product after seeing it advertised and thought I’d give it a shot. I ordered three months and have committed to taking them daily for 90 days to see what happens. After only 3 weeks I’m very pleased with the difference in my skin texture. I was really expecting the results to be seen on my face but never really thought about any other spots of my body. My legs have also had quite the rejuvenation…they used to be so dry before this product and now I haven’t even had to moisturize them in the last 2 weeks!

    By Christine 

    I was shocked at what happened in just 4 days!

    While I took a picture of my face on day 1 and subsequently twice a week, I didn’t notice too much difference, but, what I loved and was blown away by, was that on day 4, only one hair fell out of my head. My hair has been falling out of my head most of my life. But never one hair at a time! I bought all new hairbrushes, and am delighted with dermal repair for that reason alone! I will write more when I feel a significance in my subtle wrinkles on my face. I think I’ve seen a small decrease in some of the thicker wrinkles, but I’ll continue to keep my eye on them. I’m too excited about only one hair at a time leaving my head, with an average of 15-20 hairs, rather than 50-100 hairs! I’ve started on my 2nd bottle! Thank you for the surprise of a lifetime! Christine M.

    By Wendall 

    New Customer for a little over a month

    Have been using Dermal Repair Complex for a little over a month and have noticed more smoothness in my skin. As I will soon be 60 years old, I have noticed more wrinkling in some areas, so I am hopeful that in time, my skin will be more supple.

    By Toni Dean 

    Dermal Repair Complex Expiry?

    Hello, I have the Dermal Repair Complex dietary supplement. I found some in my house. The date on the bottom of the jar says MFG 10/20/19. Are these still good to use? How long do they last? ~ Toni Dean

    By Suzanne Anthony 

    The everyday go to wellness and glow supplement

    I am turning 52 this year and wanted to slow down the clock. I believe that what we eat has a great deal to do with how we look and feel. I love this product…It’s my 5th week and I have noticed fantastic changes in areas I didn’t even consider. My skin has a glow all over and a plump: a bouncy feeling which I love. The difference between my elbows, knees, and heels is amazing! No more dry-looking areas. All research and the wonderful ingredients in these capsules work! Thank you for all your dedication and for making this fantastic product. It is my everyday go to and I am now a lifelong advocate.

    By Sherry 

    Love it...will continue you to use it

    I am older and need help both internal and external so this product helps with the internal. I have noticed an improvement in my hair growth also.

    By Fallon Vannoy 

    Skin is becoming softer and looking better!

    I started taking this product because my skin was looking old at just 37 years old. I would wake up and have a great skin routine but nothing seemed to help. I exercise too and eat healthily. I started taking Dermal Repair Complex and just after a month, my skin (especially under my eyes) looks incredible! I’ve been continuing to take Dermal Repair Complex twice a day. I’m so much happier now!

    By Rosemary 

    I believe it’s working on my hair.

    I’ve been using this product Dermal Repair for just over 5 weeks. It appears to be assisting in my hair thickness and growth. I will definitely continue using it for at least 5 more months before I could be accurate in my beliefs. Easy to swallow, no after taste. Will recommend.

    By Leah 

    Love this skin supplement! So Impressed with this product

    Started taking this a month ago..saw a difference within a few weeks. I’m amazed at how my skin appearance looks smoother, fines lines have noticeably reduced, and my overall face is softer. Pills are easy to swallow!

    By Michelle 

    Working great for me I plan on ordering again.

    This product has helped me with getting stronger nails, and I’m not losing as much hair as I used to. For the Lessing of wrinkles, it does seem to be improving but it’s a slow process but hey I didn’t get them overnight so I didn’t expect them to disappear overnight.

    By Cynthia V Acosta 

    Noticed dramatic changes in hair growth

    I haven’t noticed changes in my skin taking this product however have experienced dramatic changes in my hair. It’s been close to 20 years of length struggle and in recent months my growth has been out of the ordinary (going on my 3rd month). The only difference added to my routine has been this product. The results are very noticeable. I’m lucky if I can grow half an inch in a year…always manages to be brittle and break off and the ends. Was hoping for skin results but I have been complaining about hair growth for years. I’m happy that I experienced a positive result from using this product!

    By April 

    I have struggled with my skin for sometime now. I’ve been using this production for about three months now. I have noticed my pores are shrinking and the lines on my forehead are not as bad. It does take at least 4 to 6 months to see results with any product. I’d definitely recommend trying the dermal complex.

    1. To have a more youthful look
    2. It has already shown signs of improvement to my skin. I just received my third bottle.

    By Karen Halucha 

    Love the supplements, keep them coming

    My hair and nails, fingers and toes, are so much thicker and healthier! Been taking them for a year and a half and I won’t stop! My skin hasn’t responded to them much yet, but I have hope for that too. I am 69 years old. Thank you for this product! The over the counter vitamins did nothing for me.

    By Jo 

    It's early days but so far, so good

    I had only been taking the supplement for a few days when I had few people ask me about my skincare routine/if I had changed my make-up, etc. In recent times I have lost weight, my face has been much thinner and my husband had commented that I was looking a little gaunt. I certainly could see vertical lines/creases in my cheeks that hadn’t been there when my face was fuller. I have noticed since taking the supplement that those lines are much less obvious (and my weight hasn’t changed, if anything I am a little lighter still) and my husband is no longer commenting about them. My skin feels softer too. I still think it’s early days but am happy to keep taking the supplement to see if I get further improvement.

    By Melissa 

    Saw results much sooner than I expected!

    I expected to notice results between 3-6 months, and more notable improvements after about a year, but after only 5 weeks I’ve noticed significant improvements in both my skin and nails. My face feels smoother and is glowing more than it has in years. The skin on my upper arms is smoother than it’s ever been in my life, and my nails are stronger and breaking less. I have not noticed a difference in my hair as of yet, but I am looking forward to the potential. Overall I love the results I’ve been seeing so far!

    By Peggy 

    A must have for healthy skin & healthy hair

    This product feels like it is helping my skin from the inside out. It was a short time after taking this product that I could see and feel the difference in my skin.

    By Ashley J. 

    Dermal Repair Complex Review First Time User age 50

    I have finished my first bottle (60 capsules x2 every day). I do feel like my skin is tighter and smoother. I also try and drink a lot of water and use quality skincare products. I think a combination of all 3 is helping. I will review the product again after my second bottle is finished.

    By Kristen Aceves 

    I have been taking this for over a month

    I am over 40 and have seen the deepening of wrinkles and the loss of collagen. I also run a lot and my joints take a lot of damage. I feel like it is helping my joints as well as my skin. No adverse reaction. I have been taking this for over a month along with a new skincare routine. I see a difference.

    By Therese 

    Very happy with the result after 6 weeks!

    I’m in my 40’s and I live in an area with very dry air. Skincare is a must. I had a good topical skincare regiment, but it just didn’t do it. I then added Beverly Hills MD product to my regiment and after 6 weeks I can really tell a difference. More glow, tighter, and healthier-looking skin.
    I will definitely continue this routine!

    By Marta 

    I haven’t noticed any difference yet - but still early days

    I’ve started using the product to plump up my skin so it isn’t as droopy, and also to hopefully thicken my hair, which has been thinning since starting menopause. I’m generally in good health but have gained weight since going through menopause. Since starting the product I’ve found I have had some headaches, but otherwise, I’ve felt fine. I don’t normally suffer from headaches, so will monitor their severity.

    By Barbara Cloudman 

    One month of taking supplement

    I have only been taking the supplement for one month but my skin is looking brighter. I have some deep wrinkles from pursing my lips- never smoked bit think they are looking less deep. Check back in another month, since I don’t think 1 month is enough time to rate the product fairly.

    By Valerie Foster 

    Great product - happy with the results!

    Great product but agree with another reviewer that the jars were very hard to open, unlike the plastic bottles that my first 6-month order came in. One jar was broken when I opened the box but luckily none of the pills were damaged. I’ve seen a lot of improvement on my arms since using this product. They are a lot less crepey looking now since I began using this product.

    By Janet Guy 

    The Dermal Repair Complex supports the claims

    I just turned 54 and I’ve been using this product for a month. The results that I have seen are a plumping of the skin especially around the eye area, the fine lines appear to be not as deep. It appears to help with moisture on the face and neck, these are the areas that I notice the difference. I do not use this product alone I still do my morning and nightly skin care routine. As we age moisture to the face and neck area are crucial and this product aides in providing this. I have noticed new hair growth and my hair seems to have more shine and I attribute that to the generous dose of biotin. My nail are growing faster and are strong and hard. I don’t believe a month is long enough to see full benefits and wish to continue to use this product. It is a bit on the pricey side for my budget though because I still need to purchase my other vitamins and supplements and still I have to purchase my daily skin care products.

    By Stephanie 

    Is it safe to use on my eyes?

    I didn’t use the cream right away but I have been using it for a few weeks now. I do love the velvety texture of the cream so I look forward to seeing results. When do people start seeing results?

    By J. Arcuri 

    Love it! It’s amazing so I bought more.

    So I’m 42 and have done every serum, the cream I can think of. (Clarins, perricone MD, Alegenist, Dr. Brandt’s, Lancôme, Murad, Dr. Dennis Gross, Dior) just to name a few. I have a few dark spots that annoy me and I can never stop smiling or laughing so I have deep lines around my eyes. I wanted to see if it would help either issue and they have helped both! I started taking these pills 30 days ago and have noticed such a difference. I have had several friends who are close to me and even my mom noticed…they have asked ‘your skin looks amazing what are you doing differently?’ this is the only new thing I have added to my routine. I originally only bought one 1 bottle since I wasn’t sure. I have since bought several more so I have plenty in stock. I recommend. No health issues. No adverse reactions.

    By Melissa L. 

    Noticeable difference quickly

    I’m 34 and I don’t have a lot of wrinkles but my skin has been dull. Also I have looser skin on my abs from kids. After a month my skin looks healthier and brighter, even my husband noticed! My stomach isn’t firmer per se but the stretch marks look better for sure. I highly recommend this to anyone!


    Easy to apply and it absorbs quickly leaving the skin smooth

    I am taking the supplements 2 in the morning and apply the cream in the morning and night. I like the cream so much I apply it to my hands and arms.
    It smells like a fresh cut-up cantaloupe.

    By Cherisha Nichole Henderson 

    Face Revitalization in a container!

    I have been taking the verbal repair complex supplements for about 5 weeks now and have seen such amazing results. I started taking this product around the first part of February 2021 because I felt the need to try to erase some years. At almost 40 years old, I could see the signs of aging happening so I bought this product when I saw it. I first started seeing mild results around week 2 and at week 5 is like the results have tripled. My skin looks much younger, more hydrated, bouncier, and overall healthier than before. I’m a paramedic and after 20 years of working in the field in an ambulance, the job took its toll on my body and face from the stress of the job. Using this product has brought back at least 5 years of youth to my face and I’m loving it! I bought a 6 month supply and will repost at 6 months the before and after results. In these before and after results look closely at my right cheek and you will see a lovely scare there from where I got bit by a dog. In the after picture look back at that same location and you will see tremendous improvements to the scar quality and texture. Also, look closely at the area around my eyes you will also see improvements there as well. You really should try this product and I highly recommend it. Thanks, Beverly Hills MD for this product! Oh yeah by the way I haven’t had any adverse side effects from the product.

    By Catherine Alvarez 

    I was using this product for about 5 mos.

    I am 75 have nice skin and taken care of myself. I didn’t see much of a change except a glow which I liked. I was fearful of it causing facial hair will it cause this side affect? How would my skin benefit from this product with women in my age group? I have used the Lift & Firming cream, the Tighten and Brighten, and the Crepe Skin Cream. Also the filler but didn’t see results. I don’t have deep wrinkled only those around the sides of the. Mouth due to age and the bottom jaw becoming smaller. But it didn’t help. I found the wrinkle cream and Brighten and tighten cream drying. I would consider trying the Repair again if it would firm the face and jawline and also not cause facial hair growth. Thank you

    By Irene 

    Dermal Repair Complex for smooth skin

    I haven’t taken it very long and I can already see an improvement in my skin. It looks smoother and I believe it also helps a little with the loss of firmness. I’m excited to see a difference so soon and I’m hoping it will continue to improve.

    By Dean Vicky Carter 

    I started taking this product to improve sagging skin.

    The jars are a real trial to open. I also thought I might have to break one open. If you could fix this design, it would help. Most women do t have the hand strength to get these open. I have been taking it for about 6 weeks. My skin is softer, but I think it will take longer to give it a better evaluation.

    By charlotte armlin 

    I'm 71 and very Pleased with my Results

    I really can see the difference. I had a saggy under chin area and I could see it bringing my entire face down with it! Using Dermal Repair Complex for about a month the difference could be seen. Now using it longer WOW! Thank you BHMD!!!

    By Tracie 

    Love it...I truly see a fresher face

    I started taking this and after a month of taking two pills a day. I noticed my skin was smoother and my age spots have faded. I saw a slight difference in the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth but more in the texture of my skin. I am a 53-year-old woman and I can say after a month I started to see a difference in my skin and its overall appearance. I will continue to take it, in hopes for even more improvement. I believe it has made a difference.

    By Karen Ornbaun 

    My skin is soft and my age spots are vanishing.

    I’ve been using this product for 2 months and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next 9 months cause I just ordered 9 more bottles!

    By Nancy Martinez 

    The lid of the jars are extremely hard

    Thanks for the survey – I will be happy to provide more detailed feedback after I use the product a little longer. My question – complaint, is that the lid of the jars is extremely hard to unscrew the first time. I even had my boyfriend help me and there is one of the first 3 jars that we cannot open. I’m afraid I will need to break the lid to do so and am not willing to do that. I still have 6 more jars in another box that I have not yet tried. Please respond back and let me know how you can help with this situation. I feel like the quality of the jar should be equal to the quality of the product inside. In this case, it is not. Thanks for listening, Nancy

    By Kathie Mansfield 

    The first product that seems to really work!

    I’ve been taking the two pills every morning with breakfast for approximately two months. I’ve noticed that my skin appears to be less dry and flaky. I do believe my wrinkles are diminished. I’m excited to see what happens after three months. I’m looking forward to trying more of your products. Thank you!

    By Susie J. 

    LOVE this amazing skin care product

    DERMAL REPAIR COMPLEX has really improved my skin tone, firmness and reduce fine lines by my eyes. My skin looks and feels younger, Dewey. I don’t wear makeup and people have asked me what I’ve been using on my face. This product is worth every penny to me. I’m on my seventh monthly bottle now. I take two capsules every morning. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    By Lovis Ruscillo 

    Dermal Repair Complex for Sagging Skin?

    Was this supposed to help with wrinkles sort of sagging skin? It feels fine skin but did not really help my situation it helped some. I think I might be one that needs a little more help. Thanks Lovis

    By Simone Brown 

    Dermal Repair Dosage?

    Can I take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening or is it better to take 2 tablets together at the same time?

    By Ethel Harris 

    I recommend this product highly!!

    I think this is a great product. My skin seems very improved since I’ve been taking two capsules daily. I can’t compare it to anything because there is nothing else like it. Thanks, Drs. Layke and Danielpour for your excellent work.

    By Sue Bryant 

    This product is amazing, in just 2 weeks my skin feels fabulous

    I had been taking collagen tables for some time with no results. I was searching on the internet for better supplements when I can across a video by Dr. John Layke. What he said made total sense to me so I decided to give Dermal Repair Complex a try. I have now been taking these for 6 weeks. Within 2 weeks I started to notice changes to my skin, particularly on my face and neck. My skin is so much softer, my wrinkles are less defined, and the dark circles under my eyes have almost vanished. I am amazed that taking 2 tablets each day has this much impact. Thankyou Beverley Hills MD for such a great product.

    By Danielle 

    A product that actually delivers results!

    I’m 42 and started to notice fine lines around my eyes and saggy skin in my cheeks. So after seeing an ad for Beverly Hills MD collagen, I decided to give it a try. Well, I wish I had taken before and after pics. It’s been about 6 weeks and I can tell my skin is firmer and more youthful-looking. I highly recommend this product.

    By Renee Evans 

    I Purchased Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex

    I’m 92 and wrote an assessment of the product I purchased and can give you the date and order number for verification but found no way to download the email to a folder to send it for verification so my assessment was not accepted. Is there a way around this?

    By Lisa 

    Healed My Friend's Split Skin!

    I ordered many jars, with the goal of me both taking the Dermal Repair caps, and sharing them with a few female friends.

    One friend began taking the caps during the last weekend of Feb. 2021. She has diabetes and has been struggling with painful splitting skin underneath her big toes. The next day, she excitedly told me that the split areas had closed and looked to be healing. Two days after that, she told me that the problem areas were closed and healed. Of course, she and I aren’t able to ‘prove’ right now that the Dermal Repair is wholly responsible, BUT the fast, unexpected process of her healing skin IS remarkable.

    I’ve fortunately been told by countless women since my teen years I have ‘pretty/beautiful/nice skin’, so though I’ve been dealing with this for 5-6 weeks, I don’t think I’m the best customer to note distinct improvements for me. When I went to a local nail salon 5 days ago, the tech told me at least 3 times I have beautiful skin, so it appears this supplement helps to maintain and protect that!

    By Linda Z-Baker 

    To take it in or put it on, that is the question

    Having tried all the serums, moisturizers, and creams on the market, I decided your belief ‘from the inside out’ just might work (the other stuff certainly didn’t!) I just finished my first bottle and there is definitely a difference in my skin, nails, and hair if you can believe it! I am on to my next bottle! Thanks, Dr. L!

    By Valerie Lyman 

    Immediate changes in my skins texture

    I saw overall changes in my skinhead to toes. The quality and simplicity of taking a couple of pills to improve my skin…so easy. So effective! Try it. I got energy and so many compliments.

    By Kim 

    Love this product! I recommend it!

    I have only been using the supplements for a month and my skin seems to be so much brighter. My hair seems to be healthier also. I can wait to try other products.

    By Victoria Seufert 

    A1 supplement with great benefits to a youthful glow

    I decided to try this supplement after watching a very clear informative video of Dr. Layke on YouTube. With his detailed explanation of the health benefits of the supplement, I had to give it a try. I have added this to my daily supplement routine. It has done great results for me, noticed my skin is clearer, nails and hair seem to be a lot healthier. I would recommend trying. Of course, if you have some health concerns consult your doctor first.

    By Cheri 

    Awesome product! Can't wait for more exciting results.

    Skin is feeling softer. Wrinkles are minimizing and smaller pores. Overall looking younger! Amazing product so far, thank-you 🙂

    By Karen Reilly 

    Amazing results from this amazing health product

    I originally bought this to help with the lines and lack of firmness on my face, however, I have found that it has also helped with the thinning skin on your arms that comes with aging. I would get skin tears regularly before starting on my vitamin regimen. Now it’s been months since this has happened. I am thrilled with how my overall skin health has dramatically improved. Love this product!

    By Michelle Marchant 

    Dermal Repair Complex Results

    I have noticed a difference in the strength of my fingernails, and I think that I may have less vertical lines above my upper lip. With the cost of the supplement being more expensive than I usually spend on skincare, would it still work if I stagger or spread out the dosage to extend how long it will last? I am pleased with the results so far and hope to continue to see even more results.

    By Julia Fisher 

    I notice my skin is softer.

    Hi! My pouches or mild jowls are still there are as fine lines. Is this to be expected? Any additional product suggestions? Thank you, Julia

    By Celeste J. 

    Great product! Dermal Repair Complex!

    I started taking the Dermal Repair Complex supplement after listening to an ad while driving to work. I am a nurse and the appearance of health is very important to me. The science explained in the ad makes sense, and that is what hooked me! I had been taking a powdered collagen product I bought online, and not noticing any results. I used it daily for 3 months and figured it was doing work behind the scenes, but I didn’t see or feel any immediate response. It dissolved nicely in the water, and that is about all I can really attest to regarding the black canister product! I purchased 6 months of the Dermal Repair Complex supplement. These beautiful milk glass jars arrived! One of the first things I noticed is that I experienced zero side effects when I took the capsules in the morning. No heartburn, no stomach upset. As I continued taking it, my lash artist noticed the glow of my skin and extra lash growth. I just finished my 4th week and my skin feels hydrated, firm. I have a nice glow to my complexion. Also, I’ve had a really stressful last 3 weeks at work, which usually produces at least 2 painful pimples, even at 47 years of age. I have had none since taking this product! My nails and hair are also experiencing new growth! I’m thrilled to be using this product and plan to continue using it for the long-term prevention of the signs of aging.

    By Shuravi Nessa 

    The best product ever.

    I found what I need and I am going to stick to it. My skin is a lot more smooth than it used to be. But that is not the most important part the most important part is it is working a miracle on my hair. I was losing my hair a LOT. I used to have very long and very thick hair and in last five years I had lost 2/3rd of my hair. I was very unhappy about it but since I have been using this Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex my unusual hair falling has stopped and my hair is getting thicker and healthier. I am so pleased with this product I would recommend it without any hesitation. Thank you Beverly Hills MD.

    By Beverly Lane 

    Wow! can not believe what is happening!

    This lady is 83 years old and I think if I look a little better, I will feel better. Only taking the product for a few weeks now, my hair is growing thicker and fuller! I notice I was going bald in a place on my head close to the hair line. Have not noticed difference in skin yet. Had a hair cut last week and I have these tiny new hairs coming in and even my Hair dresser noticed! I will keep taking and see what else will happen. I do like your products!

    By Lori Banrhurst 

    Been using this product for 8 months. I love it!

    I appreciated watching the article and the science behind it. It all made sense to me. I am 61 and concerned about facial wrinkles and fine lines. I could tell a difference within two months, but when my 33-year-old daughter notices how youthful my face was looking, I knew it was making a difference. I have added the daily routine of the lift and firm sculpting cream as well.

    By Maribel 

    I ordered my first bottle 1 month ago

    I’m 44 years old, I have always taken care of my skin and body (inside and outside), but I noticed some changes on my skin specially the face, too dry and the expression lines were getting more remarkable and deeper (normal signs of age), so I gave the opportunity to the Dermal Repair Complex because to have a healthy appearance on the outside you need to start through your inside. I ordered my first bottle 1 month ago and I can tell the difference on my skin. For sure, I will order more because it has worked for me. I’m excited to see my progress on the next 3 months.

    By Rachel Castro 

    It works and there are no side effects

    I have been using the product for less than 2 months and my jowls are definitely no longer there. I bought the product because I figured in my mid 40’s I need some kind of supplement anyway, so figured it can’t hurt. I am so happy it works and I feel like I am doing something healthy for myself at the same time.

    By Peter 

    Great Product for skin and hair.

    I am taking this more as a preventative. I noticed my hair is thicker. I use the RX Retin-A also and have noticed the cycles of peeling skin happens more often which is what I want. This is just after 6 weeks.

    By Carolyn 

    Brightened my skin and made me look more alive

    Before taking this product I was constantly concerned about the appearance of my skin. Now I don’t worry. I forget to take it sometimes if I’m too tired at night but it still has effects. It would probably be working better if I consistently remember. I have been peeing bright yellow tho which means that it is activating my kidneys more than they usually are because I have also been drinking a lot of water. I have no long-term health problems but that is an effect that I’ve been experiencing.

    By Gail Conroy 

    Does it work for facial hair removal?

    Does it reduce facial hair for women as indicated and how much?

    By Peg Carlson 

    Skin tone improvement in my face and helped with skin rash

    This product caught my attention immediately. Of course, I want all the benefits it offers from the select combination of Saw Palmetto, Hyaluronic Acid vitamins, etc. Mainly my face is the area I definitely see improvements. There is an improvement in my overall tone. I attribute this to the unique combination of vitamins & supplements. I also have prurigo on my legs & & I feel that too is better than ever.
    Thank you,

    By Karen H. 

    Should you take dermal repair with food?

    I’ve noticed that my urine is a bright yellow – do others report that, too? I assume it’s from dermal repair.

    By Brenda 

    Not bad, not noticing much yet but am hopeful

    Having recently entered my 50s, I’m looking for ways that I can keep my skin looking younger. Other than a handful of pre-cancerous basal cell spots that have been removed on my face, I don’t really have any ongoing health conditions. I started taking the dermal repair complex about 30 to 35 days ago. I experienced no negative side effects, but I have to say I haven’t noticed much of a change in my skin. I got a 90 day supply, so my plan is to continue talking through the 90 days. If I’m starting to see results, I will order again. The purchase process was simple and the product is a quality product.

    By Margeann Meyer 

    Dr. John Layke Dermal Repair Complex

    I just started to use Dermal Repair Complex capsules and I do love the way my skin feels a lot. I cant wait to see more results. A friend of mine said out of the blue hey your skin looks really good and I haven’t seen her in two weeks and I said thanks I am trying a new product. That was after two weeks. Yea, I did not tell anyone that I was trying anything and I kept it a secret to see if anyone would notice. I have a lot of stress in my life, and I feel my face is taking a big hit plus pandemic is not helping and I decided to try and make myself feel better about myself. I do love your products and I have tried multi-products of yours so far and I am happy. I read all your e-mails and advertisements and I love all the data you give us which really helps me understand the aging process, (even though I do not like it) hahaha 🙂 that is life. Take Care Always, Marge

    By Ann Weber 

    Does Beverly Hills Dermal Repair Complex work?

    I wouldn’t say it changed my life. However, my skin definitely feels and looks better. I am 80 years old. I have botox treatments and take care of my skin. Adding this certainly appears to help. Thanks!

    By Ramya 

    Absolutely love this product.

    I’m 41 years young 🙂 and just started seeing some signs of ageing on my face especially my eyes area. I’m terrified of injecting anything in my face so Botox is just not an option for me. I’m so grateful that I found this product because after just one month my skin looks brighter and softer and my hair is falling less. All I want is to age gracefully without taking any drastic measures like surgery or injections (not that I have anything against it, it’s just that I’m a big chicken) and this product is allowing me to achieve that. This product paired with a healthier diet and a bit of exercise has given me a brighter, healthier, more glowing me and I absolutely love it!

    By Chloe C Hutto 

    I will definitely keep using Dermal Repair Complex

    I started using Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex about a year ago. I feel as if the quality of my skin has improved overall from the inside out. I know for certain that the frequency of errant facial hairs has decreased! For that reason alone, I’m a fan.

    By Santana Bobrowski 

    Early Results with Dermal Repair Complex

    I am 35 years old and have almost finished my first bottle of the dermal repair complex and although I cannot see much difference in my skin. I can see a difference in my hair and nails. My hair seems fuller at the roots and softer in general. I am hoping in a couple more months to be able to update my review.

    By Els Ireland 

    All good! See how it goes after my second bottle.

    I am 73 yrs old so I expect it is going to take a little bit longer than most of your clients, I have just finished the first bottle, I’m hopping for some improvement, my nails are the best they have ever been that’s a plus.

    By Pauline Davaris 

    Noticed results with first jar! Starting second jar!

    Skin feels smoother and tighter. Hair is fuller and softer. I will keep using it! Have only used one jar so I will be interested in seeing results after the second jar!

    By Monica Albiero Joy 

    Do I see results? I’m not sure

    I’m a 55-year-old woman who has loved being in the sun her whole life. As a consequence, my skin does show wrinkles and signs of age. I’ve just used the Derma Repair Complex for a whole month, religiously. Can I see the results? I’m not sure, it’s hard to tell.

    By Michelle Wurtz 

    Great at reducing sagging cheeks

    I found after age 50 my cheeks and neck started to give into gravity abs it really bothered me. I tried this formula since it said it helped from the inside. It’s been great and I feel more energized. It’s perfect for my needs.

    By Nicole 

    My Hair and Skin are feeling amazing!

    I have been taking these pills for a month now and my hair is actually growing and I feel like my wrinkles are not as deep anymore. I would recommend them….they are also affordable!

    By Jacque 

    Its been a great addition to any routine!

    My body heals/repairs very slowly, due to a low immune system, so I’ve always got to give something plenty of time to work. Plus, I’m 64. I have a little salt and pepper hair & feel blessed that I’m not solid grey, like my classmates. However, some of the greys are now disappearing. I actually have less, after using your product for 6 months. Is this possible? Or am I imagining it?

    By Dorothy Enciso 

    I’m totally in love with this product ❤️

    I started taking this product because I saw my skin dull and more lines on my face. I have seen a noticeable positive change that makes me happy! thank you Doctor:)

    By Cheri Au 

    Love this product, so far it’s been great!

    So far I have noticed that my skin looks smoother and liking my skin more without makeup! Can’t wait to see how much better it can get!

    By Karen Alm 

    I can’t believe I waited this long

    I can’t believe I have waited this long to have smooth, acne-free skin. I’m 53 and we’ll pass puberty but have suffered from adult acne and breakouts all my life. Since taking Beverley Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex, the breakouts have stopped and the red marks have cleared away! My skin is smooth for the first time since being pre-pubescent…that’s a HUGE thing! My confidence has soared and I’m even experimenting with makeup again. I’m in love with this product it’s changed my life!

    By Renee Slack 

    Dermal Repair Complex—-great product!

    I am 41 years old and have been using the Dermal Repair Complex for almost a month. I am very pleased with the results I have seen so far, especially around my mouth. I ordered the product because I wanted to help the lines around my mouth look smoother and not as deep, and so far I have seen a noticeable difference! I am hoping that I will continue to see even more positive results the longer I use the Dermal Repair Complex. I have more confidence, so this is a huge plus!

    By Mandy Juzulenas 

    My dry old crusty hands feel soft and new again!

    I started taking these Dermal Repair capsules in the hope to improve my overall skin condition. I’m 53 years of age, I have my fair share of wrinkles and dry skin, especially my hands! I’m half-way into my 2nd container of Dermal Repair and I can see softer wrinkles on my forehead, eyes, throat, and chest, but, the most noticeable difference is how my hands are feeling now. No longer feeling crazy dry and dead, and not needing hand cream anymore. My whole body feels soft and creamy…very happy with these supplements

    By Mihaela Stan 

    Incredible! I really love it!

    I could believe the difference after two weeks I started to see a difference. Is amazing. I was driving and looking in the mirror I couldn’t believe it, my forehead looked much more smooth and all my skin much tighter. Thank you. I’m happy I see a difference so soon. Because I will give up after the first supplement bottle. But seeing working it motivates me to keep taking it. Thank you!

    By Veronica 

    This is a very good supplement for long term regular use

    So far I have been taking Dermal Repair Complex for 4 weeks and I am starting to notice a difference in the texture and feel of my skin. Especially my face – I am 47 years old and wish to age gracefully. My worst fear about aging is the jowls that are slightly appearing around my jaw/chin. I am hoping that continuing to take Dermal Repair Complex daily will somehow stop or slow down the aging process! I would recommend this product because it does definitely work if taken as directed every day in conjunction with a healthy diet.

    By Carolyn Joyce 

    Visible results - just ordered a year's supply!

    I’m 62, and I’ve been taking the Dermal Repair Complex every day for several months. My droopy cheeks and jawline have definitely lifted, and I look and feel younger. My nails are much stronger, and although I was not seeking that result, you might be. Another pleasing result that I was not expecting was improved skin tone in other areas of my body. For example, a libido – related area where a woman’s skin thins over time is now a bit plumper. That is about as delicately as I can put it! I find myself looking at my husband with renewed interest! Even without the unexpected benefits, I just ordered another year’s supply. Putting my best face forward is of utmost importance!

    By Terry Smith 

    I only have used these tablets for 1 month

    I only have been taking these for a month so I can’t see any change as yet..not happy with the delivery. The last order I received was broken jars & TABLETS were outdated. I have sent 3 emails no person has got back to me.

    By Joan 

    My Skin is Much Softer and Smoother Now!

    I’ve was diagnosed with Rosacea several years ago and I’ve tried many cremes, antibiotics, and nothing seems to work as well as Beverly Hills Dermal Repair Product. After using your product for a month, my skin was noticeably smoother and bumps were much less. I can really tell my skin is much healthier overall so I’m staying with it. Thank you!

    By Jenelle Baker 

    Pretty good! My nails are so strong!

    I am 39 and I have had pretty good results with the Dermal Repair Complex over the last month or so that I’ve been taking it. I fail to take the supplements every day because I plain forget. I have noticed a slight improvement in my skin. I’m certain I’d have more drastic results if I kept to a better schedule. However, I have noticed a massive improvement in my fingernails, they are super strong – even my nail tech commented. My hair appears to have grown faster while using this product too. Overall I feel great with all of these vitamins and I plan to re-order more when my bottle runs out.

    By Stephanie Gillespie 

    Good so far expecting more change to come

    I’m hoping this product will help with deep horizontal lines on the forehead, lines on the nose, and around lips. I think I see some improvement but it’s only been 30 days. I had a few ‘deeper’ blemishes appear which I normally don’t get. Could that be an indicator of cell growth?

    By Fern Eckstein 

    Amazing results in a couple of weeks

    As I entered my late sixties, I noticed my skin on my arms and legs developing crinkled skin and my hands looked like I could be 80 or 90. Yuck. I know it’s unusual for someone to not concentrate on facial changes, but in less than 3 weeks I noticed changes in my hands that were so amazing my friends noticed them!, too.
    Sorry, I have no idea where to find my Bill, but you sent me the email for this review.

    By Christine Shanklin 

    Seeing Results and Loving it!

    I’m 52 years old and have been using this now for about five weeks and I can definitely see a change in my skin. The bags under my eyes are going away and the lines are my forehead are fading! I’m so glad I found this product and will definitely continue to use it!

    By Penny Davis 

    I almost didn't buy this but I am so glad I did!

    I am so glad I did! I have UV damaged skin. I thought nothing would help outside of Botox and fillers. I was already using a few products from Beverly Hills MD and love them. So, I ordered the Dermal Repair Complex. After 3 weeks, I noticed some changes in the appearance of my face. My family even told me that the deep wrinkles were showing improvement! I use this every day and have had no side effects and absolutely no regrets!

    By Dale Midkiff 

    Great Product it really works!

    I saw the lines in my face start getting less deep by week 2. By week threesome of the finer lines began to disappear. By week 4 my skin was noticeably smoother and healthier. I am seeing signs this product may also be helping my allergies. I had no adverse reactions to this product.

    By Mary Meehan 

    The cream has a nice texture. Feels good on the skin

    Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Not much tightening though. Probably at my age, I should not expect too much.

    By Irena Krusic 

    Great product to help with hair problems

    I noticed that my hair is falling out less since I started to use the Dermal Repair Complex and I am very happy about that.

    By Fern Eckstein 

    I can really see the difference

    Hi, I wanted to show you the change in the way my hands looked in just two weeks. Now it’s been nearly a month. They still look old, but no longer look like I’m in my 80’s while I’m only almost 70. My friend says there’s already some difference in my face, but it still looked younger than my years when I started. I’m praying for nails that no longer have tons of vertical lines that form vertical crevices, too. Too early to tell since nails take weeks to grow out.

    By Kathy Galford 

    Cannot stop taking this product

    I am 72 years old so nothing will turn back time. I am trying to keep from further aging. I have taken this supplement for some time and my skin is supple and not dried out. My fingernails have hardened and my hair is shiny and healthy. I am lucky at my age I have no gray hair. Just trying to fight back more wrinkles.

    By Natalie Meyjes 

    I am pleasantly surprised!

    I normally do not try creams and supplements. I saw an ad for this supplement and it made sense so I signed up for the special intro offer. I have since continued to use this product for a year now and I am so thrilled at how great my skin looks! I am 58, and am questioned about my age as my skin looks younger! Great value for money, no side effects, and yes I recommend BH dermal repair complex!

    By Bernadette 

    This is what I’ve noticed...

    Don’t hate me…I’ve always had good skin. The worst problems I have are a bit of eczema/dermatitis on my hands and I do tend to get melasma on my face because of my Filipino heritage. I decided to try the vitamins for my hair. My hair is healthy but seems to be thinning. Since I’ve started taking the vitamins my hair is shedding less than it had been in the past. Yippee! Visually, can’t tell a difference yet, in my skin or hair. Bonus…these supplements don’t upset my stomach!

    By Jennifer 

    This is a Miracle Worker with unexpected benefits

    I originally purchased it in an effort to change the quality of my skin. It was flaking, aging, and covered in adult acne. I was surprised by the actual results that I am seeing. My wrinkles are less visible. My acne has cleared from my face and arms. My eyes do not look so tired. My eczema is clearing. I am wearing less makeup and more confidence in not wearing any at all. Plus as an added unexpected bonus, I am calmer under pressure. I tend to react more methodically in stressful situations. I also have more energy in the mornings and I am more alert throughout the day. I am 40 years old and feel better and more confident than I did in my 30s!

    By Puja A. 

    Great product! Will be reordering.

    Worked very well for me! I’m noticing a difference and will be reordering. No more acne scars and my bumps are disappearing. I’m looking for more skin elasticity, will update my review when I finish the bottle.

    By E. Tyahur 

    Dermal Repair Complex saved my hair

    I was having a terrible time with my hair. No matter what I tried it was a horrible dried out mess. I started taking the Dermal Repair Complex and it brought my hair back to life.

    By Sucre 

    Absolutely love this product and feel awesome

    I work out, lift weights, Zumba, practice hot yoga, adhere to INTERMITTENT fasting and I take dermal repair daily since March 2020. I have not 1 wrinkle. It’s all connected. Fitness, nutrition, and supplements all work together.

    By Carol Vanaria 

    How long does it take most people to see results?

    I just started my second jar and I still am seeing vertical lines. My jawline has always been pretty firm for my age (60) I have had some breakouts (I don’t think it’s the supplement) just stress. What else can I use in conjunction with it?

    By Jennifer Winther 

    Great product, gives a more youthful glow and smooth skin

    I’ve been using this product for a little over a month and I’ve noticed how smooth my skin is and even my hair has become silky and getting thicker. There is a glow to my face and even my friends noticed how much more plump my cheeks have gotten and this was just over a FaceTime call. I’m glad I took a chance on a new product I was starting to look a little aged and wanted to bring myself back, and I believe this product is helping me with that.

    By Mike Milton 

    This is now part of my morning routine.

    I now take the two pills when I take my other vitamins and supplements in the morning with my breakfast. I feel like I am treating my entire self now by treating my skin. The fact that it builds in your system and compounds over time is the idea I like the most. I do see the instant effects now, and my skin is clearer and smoother. But what I really like is that it makes me feel good every morning to know I’m investing in my future self and how I look and feel 10-20 years down the road.

    By Crimea Brown 

    It's gonna be a must-have for me!

    I started taking this because of my maintenance meds that may cause hair loss. It’s amazing that after 1 1/2 months, I noticed that my hair strands are thicker and fuller.

    By Vynka 

    Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex Ingredients Source?

    I want to know if the products are vegan! It says natural but I only want plant-based collagen, not dead cow, sheep, or placenta. Does anyone know the source?

    By Michelle Robinson 

    Good product. About 6-8 weeks in

    I am taking this product because I do not want to lose more elastin and collagen in my skin. Not sure how much I’ve lost along the way however I have thin skin as it is and as I age I don’t want my skin to look thinner nor do I want to look older than I am. I do not believe I have any long term conditions that affect me while using this product. Thus far, I do not have any adverse reactions to this product. So far I’ve been happy with taking these capsules. I can see my skin looks a bit smoother and more even in tone.

    By Eunice Frey 

    Getting comments from close friends

    Within weeks my jawline appeared to be firmer! Although topical creams are important to maintain a softer appearance, I believe taking a capsule that works from the inside is best.

    By M Babilya 

    It Works! Worth a try for yourself!

    I noticed a difference after the first week. My skin is smooth and the bounce is back. Give it a try.

    By Mary Bennett 

    Working on clear skin as an elderly person!

    I have suffered acne more so since I turned 60. I am finally getting control of it. The texture of my skin is better, too.

    By Silvia Colipano 

    This is great. Can't live without it

    I love this. Its a great product and easy to use. My skin looks smooth and looks healthy. Had no side effects from it. Just take 2 pills with 8 ounce of water. Love Dermal Repair Complex.

    By Carol Harker 

    Response to monthly 3 month supply

    To Jennifer,
    I found out if you’re using pay pal they have to charge and send monthly. Have to use a credit card.

    By Karen Marion 

    Awesome Products for making your skin Happy!

    I have noticed a great improvement in my skin. I am soft all over. The most wonderful unexpected improvement is on psoriasis that I have struggled with for 17 years on my elbows and was starting to get on my hand knuckles. It has totally taken away all redness and I only have some dry skin left on my elbows which is decreasing. I have tried all kinds of topical prescriptions creams and even tried a prescription pill which had the most horrendous side effects, so I had to stop. Thank you for such wonderful products! Karen M

    By Peggy Causey 

    I’m only taking the Dermal Repair Complex.

    This product helped some of the appearance of the wrinkles in my skin. I just wanted to try it. Probably would see more results if I tried Beverly Hills MD Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream, but I just can’t afford them. I have no health issues and I didn’t have any adverse reaction to the product. How can I get on the list to do the trials to test Beverly Hills MD products? I would love to try the creams but just can’t afford them as I’m on a fixed income.

    By Jennifer Perez 

    Great product! Best glowing looking skin

    All I can say is the GLOW! I’ve been using this product for 2 months and let me tell you that this stuff really works! My skin never looked so hydrated, I wake up with the best glowing skin Thank you Beverly Hills MD for bringing my confidence back!

    By Diana 

    My skin feels happier and feels smoother!

    Even though I have only been taking the dermal repair complex and using the creams for a couple of weeks, feel smoother skin. I have sensitive skin and was concerned this would be another cream that burns my skin. So happy that I am having no issues and will continue using these great products.

    By Melany Glover 

    Dermal Repair is the greatest product

    I got a couple of peels to help with fine lines and as it turned out my rosacea flared up. I reached out to the BHMD team for help. I’ve been on the Dermal repair approx a month. My skin looks so much better. I have very minor breakouts and the redness has almost disappeared. Thank you I don’t know how I could manage without all my BH products.

    By Patricia 

    My knees and elbow joints have not hurt since I've been using it, not sure if my skin is smoother yet, it's only been 4 weeks

    It has improved my knee joints, not sure if I’ve seen a skin difference yet, but my hair seems to be getting thicker again.

    By Margaret Ellen Snow 

    'Derma Repair Complex' - Am very Satisfied 😃

    My glow has returned amazingly, my hair and nails are growing like wildflowers! Before using it my skin was losing its glow and my hair and nails had become brittle, had been having some breakage now I can see a great difference already. I will definitely continue using the product and recommend it highly! No bad reactions, only the best for feeling and looking your best. ~ Margaret Ellen Snow

    By Donica Awender 

    Pretty darn good at this point...

    My skin is feeling pretty darn good actually. It’s smoother than ever before and it seems like it’s purging old clogged pores. Tiny crystal-like beads come to the surface now and then, I rub them off and it’s smooth underneath. I am surprised at the happiness I’ve been feeling with my skin, which has caused me so much heartache most of my life…at 53 I’m feeling better than ever.

    By Lynne Housenga 

    Really great for my aging skin!

    I just turned 60 years old and have had problems with pocking in my face for a very long time. Also, the hair that grows on my face. Since using Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex the pockmarks are diminishing and the hairs are not growing in as much and thinner! I look forward to continuing to use this product and further improvements to my skin!
    Thank you!

    By Debra Al-Duwaisan 

    Noticeably Improved Hair and Nails

    After using the Dermal Repair Complex for three months, I have noticed that my hair seems to be growing faster, and my fingernail health is improved. I will continue to use this product to gauge future skin improvement.

    By Betsy Asencio 

    This is good and perfect

    I am taking this product because I want to help my skin and it’s really helping. I have been taking this pill for more than one month and my skin is glowing, I want to continue to use this pill.

    By Mitzie Agard 

    Very Happy I found this product

    I’m almost done with my 3rd month and have been using Dermal Repair consistently. My hair has thickened, my nails are growing and my friends have commented on my new glow. I’ve tried many products that failed or maybe I stopped before seeing the results. This 3-month trial sold me and I was encouraged to purchase 9 more months. I’m excited to see the results after 12 months of using this product. Thank you, Doctors.

    By Loretta V. 

    So glad I purchased dermal repair

    I have been using it for one month now. Results are very good, especially noticed in the thickness of my hair. I’m 70 and my once lush hair is thinning. It is getting thicker right before my eyes! I will keep using it.

    By Emma Riley 

    I’m so in Love with the way my skin is glowing

    I’m taking the product to enhance my natural beauty and so far I’m truly satisfied with the results I’ve received from using the product.

    By Linda Hosford 

    So far, so good! With dermal skin repair!

    I’m taking this product to remove some skin damage from the inside out. Although this is only my second month of using the dermal skin repair, I feel as though there are changes happening! With the auto-ship program, I went a couple of days without the product. I have seen no adverse reactions. Here’s to another month of usage!

    By Tammy Doane 

    Dermal Repair Complex Dietary Supplement

    I have been taking the supplements for approximately 30 days. To begin I just turned 58 years old and probably look 45 – 48 years old. I have noticed a diminishment in the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. However, I have deep lines around each side of my mouth that I really can’t see a difference in yet. I do believe my overall complexion has improved a bit. I feel like my hair is fuller, healthier, and has a better shine. I was hoping to notice an improvement in my energy level but I still haven’t felt improvement with that yet. Bottom line is that I have noticed an improvement in some areas but in other areas, I haven’t yet. I definitely do not look 20 years younger after 30 days. I do take medicine for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid issues as well as pain medication for chronic pain and medicine for ADHD, and have no idea if any of these medications would cause the supplement to not work as well as if I took no medication. I will continue to use the product for an additional 30 days with high hopes of seeing more improvement. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice you may be able to offer me. Also, if I see more improvement I will gladly update my 3-star review.

    With Kindest Regards,

    By Adrineh Safarian 

    It needs time to start showing improvement

    I was not expecting a miracle to look like 20 years old. I said let’s try for 3 months which is 3 bottles. After the first one I saw improvement maybe not so drastic but I saw improvement and I liked it, therefore, I am contacting and will purchase more. I never had any bad reaction to the pills like I read in some reviews. So far so good. I really wish it was Vegan though.

    By Linda 

    Dermal Repair Complex works for me!

    I’m getting older and starting to see changes in my skin including wrinkles and dry patches. Dermal Repair Complex helps control fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving the quality and texture of my skin. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to the product at all. I am pleased with the results.

    By Cynthia Mitchell 

    Love this product! So glad I tried it!

    I tried this product because it was recommended to me by my hairdresser who said one of her clients used it and she actually saw new hair growth at a subsequent appointment. After trying it I’ve seen more than that! The skin on my right thigh has felt numb to the touch for years and I was concerned about it, but never sought medical help. It is no longer numb, and my skin which has been thinning feels much thicker and stronger. So far more purple spots from bumps! Thank you for this great product!

    By Shannon L. Woods 

    I absolutely love your product!💗

    I noticed a difference in 1 month. My fine lines are diminishing and my lips look fuller. I am thrilled with my results! I am beyond grateful. Thank you!

    By Jo-ellen curtis 

    Dermal Repair Complex is helping repair my nails

    After years of wearing acrylic nails, I had them removed to find my nails were extremely thin and tore easily. I have been taking Dermal Repair Complex for six weeks and my nails are stronger and do not tear. The appearance and texture of the skin on my hands have also improved. Can’t wait to see the results after the next six weeks.

    By Donna 

    I am very happy with Beverly Hills Dermal Repair capsules so far!

    I have only been taking this for six weeks but have noticed improvements. I am going to order another jar to take it for the full 90 days. I am 67 and people definitely don’t believe me when I tell them my age!

    By Kimberly Coven Barnes 

    Looking Better and Better Every Day

    I wanted my skin to stay young looking and felt this was a great addition to my skincare routine. After 6 weeks my skin and hair are looking great, with less noticeable lines and wrinkles! Much more radiant glow.

    By Lela 

    Better looking skin after 6 weeks.

    I’ve only been taking this product for about a month and a half. I’m seeing improvement. Your ad said that marked improvement could be seen after 3 months. I’ll be happy to report again around New Year’s. As of this time, I’m happy with the product and am looking forward to more improvement.

    By Barbara 

    I was skeptical but was delightfully surprised

    I was skeptical, I have been taking supplements for 5 weeks. I noticed two days ago the lines between my eyebrows are almost gone. Very happy with the results!

    By Cindy B. 

    Doesn't work and expensive, not worth it

    I bought four containers of these (I initially ordered one, but then they give you an offer for three more at a good price). I am almost done with the second container and see absolutely no difference. My hair and skin don’t show any improvement. I don’t recommend this ‘dermal repair complex’ at all.

    By Janet Hegna 

    This is great! Just what I've been looking for.

    My hair is not falling out like it was, my nails are stronger, my skin is showing less sagging/ aging. I’ve been in this 1 month now and my skin looks better than it has in a long time. I will definitely keep doing this.

    By M Fuller 

    I've had great results, don't hesitate to buy

    Have just finished up one month’s supply. Nails are hard as a brick. Have had Thyroid issues my whole life causing a thinning hairline. Hair is definitely getting thicker at the hair line. Sagging Jowls looking better. All this after one month. I purchased a 6 month supply. Excited about using this product and look forward to seeing what results I can achieve. I will be 55 years old in December. Thanks so much!

    By Sarah Bahrman 

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT for more than skin and hair!

    It has great ingredients for a woman’s health! Hormone balancing ingredients, Collagen for skin and hair. I woke up this morning after taking it for about a month and could feel how it made my skin softer. Love it; and after doing research on the ingredients highly recommend it!

    By Judy Armogida 

    Not enough time yet to accurately rate the product.

    I’ve used the complex daily for a month. I bought the product because my facial skin is dry, wrinkled, and sagging. My hope is that my skin will get softer in the next few months. I’m not sure if there is hope to smooth out wrinkles or help sagging skin. Mainly, chronic issues are asthma and psoriasis on my feet. So far, no adverse effects. I’m in my late 70s, still, look a little younger, so maybe I’m expecting too much.

    By Nancy 

    The results have surpassed my expectations

    At the 4-6 week mark, I started noticing a smoothness to my skin that I couldn’t accomplish with Retin A, etc…I received all the validation I needed when I had an appointment with the doctor who performs my laser treatments and injections. The first thing she said to me was that my face looked amazing!!! She has never said that to me in all the years I have been seeing her and I had not told her about your product 🙂

    By Davina Hagan 

    I am liking this product..results from inside out

    I have been using this product for a year. I have stopped taking a whole bunch of different vitamins because this product has them all in one. My skin used to be kind of flaky, especially in the colder weather. I am not sure that these supplements are the reason it is now not so flaky, but, my skin looks smooth and nice. Now I am afraid to NOT take them because I really like how my skin looks and feels. Additionally, it ends up saving me money because I no longer buy all the individual supplements, I now simply take these 2 supplements a day that covers about 15 I used to take. Yes, I really like this product and I will continue to use it!

    By Alberta Riggs 

    Positive results in the first month!

    I purchased a three month supply to give the product enough time to show me what it could do if anything. I took photos of my face, arms, and hands that first day for reference. By week 3 my face and neck skin was smoother, softer, and not dry or tight. Now, halfway through the three-month trial, I have visibly fewer wrinkles on my neck. Surprisingly even the skin on my arms & hands no longer appears dry & flaky. I will order more.

    By Carrie Barnett 

    Excited about the next month! And the next one!

    I noticed results in about a month. I literally one day just noticed my hands looking younger, the skin on my legs softer, my stretch marks less noticeable and my neck more youthful. I may have noticed those things before my face because I’m not paying as much attention to them on a daily basis. I then did notice that the lines on my face were softened as well. I just turned 49 last week and my skin feels and looks better than it has in years!

    By Josefina 

    The product is absolutely perfect!

    I’m taking this product is because I have energy, my eyelashes are growing and my hair everything is perfect for me.

    By Melissa 

    Excellent skincare product for the Money!

    I have been using the Dermal Repair complex for almost a year now. I first ordered a 3 month supply and within a month started to see dramatic improvements in my skin tone/texture and firmness. I also saw new hair growth. When I ran out of the product I could see my skin change and the wrinkles and sagging skin started to come back. I immediately ordered a 6 month supply so hopefully, I will not run out again!

    By Denise 

    Laugh lines around my eyes have faded away

    I started the repair complex about 6-weeks ago and realized in the past week that I do see a difference in my face. At 54 I didn’t have many wrinkles, to begin with, but the few lines I was starting to see seemed to have melted away. I haven’t done anything differently aside from starting Repair Complex that would account for the difference. My face looks softer/smoother and the laugh lines I’d see when I am not there anymore. One result I’m hoping to see with time is thicker hair. The video I watched prior to purchasing it listed thickening hair as one of the benefits, my hair has started thinning in the past few years and I’d really love to reverse that trend… fingers crossed Repair Complex helps me in this arena too. I’ve not had any adverse or negative reactions and am happy with my choice to try the product out. After seeing my current results in less than 2-months I’m hopefully optimistic future results will get better and better as months go by.

    By Dorothy Jambrosic 

    Results after using for 45 Days

    Nails improved after 2 weeks of use and skin is firmer after 45 Days. Hoping for more results; still in my 90 Days trial period.

    By Sheryl Autrey 

    Skin hair & nails feel great with a dermal repair complex

    At the age of 41 my skin was feeling much older I watched Dr. Oz with a guest dermatologist who recommended saw palmetto hyaluronic acid and amino acid combination for skincare. I tried this dermal repair complex a month ago. My 21yr old daughter noticed a difference in my face after two weeks and by then my skin was definitely feeling thicker and my nails/hair much stronger.

    By Cindy Cramer 

    Very Nice Surprising Results After Two Weeks

    I watched the video and decided to give this a try. I don’t normally purchase things like this when I haven’t heard of them but it was very convincing and made sense. I had previously been using a product that was good for my hair, skin, and nails. I switched to Dermal Repair. I really should have thought to take a picture of my face when I started it. After taking it for about two weeks I suddenly realized that my skin was incredibly soft and smooth. When looking in the mirror my wrinkles had started to smooth out a bit. Even the wrinkles in my neck were disappearing somewhat. I couldn’t believe it! I now am thrilled with the results after three weeks and ready to order more. I plan on using this forever because I don’t want to lose these amazing results. Thank you!

    By Tiffani Mai 

    Take times but your result is there

    Like any other pills, it takes time for pills to build enough inside the body to see any changes. I have been taking the pills for two months and I do see my hair growth coming back. Make sure you drink PLENTY of water.

    By Dee 

    I can see a difference

    I kept forgetting to take dosage daily, once I did, my skin did not look so dull and saggy; however, it’s not a permanent fix, if you forget to take it after a few days the face shows it. But if you stay on it every day you can see a pretty significant difference.

    By Chrystal Denton 

    This is perfect, exactly what I've been needing.

    My skin has been glowing! My face acne has been clearing up, my skin has been getting softer as I have been using it. I only wish it would do more for my forehead wrinkles. But overall I’m impressed with my results. Wish I used it sooner. I don’t have to do all my face care as I just take 2 pills with food and drink lots of water. Thanks MD dermal repair!

    By Agnes 

    This is pretty good. It gives me energy.

    No adverse effects. I feel a little bloated after taking it, but it goes away. I had stopped for a while and felt awful. So I’m taking it again! And I’m feeling better. 🙂 The B vitamins are good for me. I’m not sure if it helps my skin because I take Retinol for my acne. Yes even at my age, I get acne.

    By Aubree 

    We should be taking this anyway!

    Full of beneficial ingredients for the whole body! What it does for the skin really is the icing on the cake!

    By Rita 

    I don’t honestly see much difference in my skin.

    Well, I wanted it to help my skin. I’ve been through harsh chemo and have several side effects. I’m run down a lot but yet this has given me the energy I didn’t have.

    By Debbie Abal 

    Skeptical 🧐. So I tried it. Amazing

    I am so happy that I watched your video. And learned the story behind the ingredients that are changing my life and skin for the better. After about 3 weeks of use, I noticed less lines on my face, mainly on the front of the forehead. My 9 year old asked me Where my wrinkles went…I screamed in Jubilation!!! And I can’t wait to report a free 6 months.

    By Orphia Patterson 

    I will be using it for a long time.

    I have started taking Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex for my skin since October 1, 2020, and I can see improvement in the softness of my skin, it’s much clearer, not dull. My face has plump up a little and 2 wrinkles that were showing on the neck have disappeared. I am on my 2nd bottle. I’m still in experimenting mode. I am loving it so far. I wish I could get liquid. I don’t like tablets.

    By Gail Hughes Galli 

    Hooked on facial and body creams!

    Dolly Parton said, beauty is not a natural thing. She’s right! But your products are great for my face and the body cream I use daily on my arms. Living in FL. You need the extra moisturizers!

    By Veronica Pennington 

    Extremely Happy: Looking great makes me feel younger

    I turned 70 and everything started to sag and I felt old. I am active and very positive in life and wanted to look better. I saw this product and watched the video and decided this was my answer. It has been perfect. My skin feels soft and plump on my face. I have lost 40 lbs and my skin is starting to firm up and feel more elastic again. I have ordered some of the other products to firm up my neck and arms as I exercise. I am very pleased and I feel great. No side effects except yellow urine.

    By Debbie Light 

    My first month! I feel I can tell a difference!

    After only being on the pills for one month, I am seeing a little difference in my wrinkles. I have noticed my lips are constantly chapped. Not sure if it is a result of the Dermal Repair Complex! I also have had a few pimples around my chin area. I never break out but we all have been wearing masks which could cause a breakout.

    By Diane Eagles 

    Very pleased with the results.

    My face appears firmer, pores are smaller, and good color and texture. I don’t take dosage daily, one pill every three days. When my skin begins to look dull and saggy I know it is time to take another dose. Only side effect is bright yellow urine.

    By Lorraine Scruggs 

    Amazing Product And So Happy I Stumbled Upon It In My Emails

    I’ve noticed that my skin has changed for the better. Seems to be thickening up so it hides my veins better. I feel the difference in endurance and strength. My nails started growing long again and that’s good, seemed stronger and thicker which I never had before. Interesting product………….thanks.

    By Wendy I. 

    No kidding: my skin looks great.

    A couple of years ago, I had a 2-month long episode of itchy, inflamed rashes; diagnosed as a type of psoriasis. I learned about Dermal Repair Complex when searching for non-pharma remedies. I’ve been taking the Dermal Repair Complex ever since. My skin looks great! (No more rashes!) I can easily pass for 5-8 years younger. Dermal Repair Complex has become a part of my routine. My only complaint is that I have to buy so many bottles to bring the cost per bottle down to a comfortable level.

    By Diane B 

    Cautiously Optimistic About Getting Expected Results

    I started taking the Skin Repair Complex about 6 weeks ago but wanted to start with half dose 1 cap per day… to assess whether any adverse effects. None noted, and I have seen a change in the color of my urine which seems brighter yellow these days. I assume that is due to the vitamins in the product. I am 68 years old and have had hypothyroidism (diagnosed as Hashimoto disease – controlled by medication)… with dry skin problems for years. Going into the winter season in the midwest, I expect my skin will be even dryer, so I am hopeful that this product will help counterbalance the effects of winter drying this year. I expect to increase my dosage to the recommended to 2 caps per day next week. Although I seem to have less dryness right now, I am looking for more noticeable improvement when I increase the dosage to the 2 caps daily.

    By Lori McClellan 

    Post menopausal dry skin/nails

    Having gone through menopause at 45 (now 64) every time I scratched myself the welt would turn into a callus with dry edges for which there wasn’t enough lotion of any kind to keep it moist/soft/heal. The dry edges would catch on my clothes, so I would pick at it, which made it worse. My fingernails were continuing to have vertical ridges and were becoming very dry and brittle. I tried different over the counter complexes for hair, skin, and nails – nothing helped. Some were just made me sick to my stomach. So with the dermal repair being natural, I figured it wasn’t going to kill me and I would take one more risk. Slowly but surely, I am seeing my nails regain their shape and moisture. I’m seeing my skin gain the capability of holding moisture. My dry skin patch is now beginning to heal. I’m feeling an overall slow stabilization in my entire system.

    By Adism 

    It is making a big difference in my skin texture.

    I am surprised at the difference it made in light of my losing weight right now. My face is usually the first place to sag. It’s helping to hold my jaws up. Thank you. I hope to get more soon.

    By Laura Brush 

    Your products are perhaps the best I have used...

    At 78 years I have had a number of operations and illnesses. Hospital stays, healing time, and Maine weather is just a few of the causes for the skin to be neglected over long periods. Beverly Hills MD’s skin care program is by far the most effective for someone of my age and lifestyle. There are no adverse reactions and the results make you want to use it daily — no skipping because you can detect improvements in short-time usage.

    By Jennifer 

    My skin is glowing! I would reccomend it!

    I decided to try this after looking into nutrition supplements to try to boost my overall health and improve my skin. There are some supplements and powders that make claims about helping your digestion and giving you glow, but they are so pricy. I thought there had to be something that would give results but is affordable. I found it with the Repair Complex. I have been taking this for almost a month now. My skin glows and I look more rested. I really do notice a difference. I will continue to use this faithfully.

    By Kaye Carter 

    I look less like a raisin these days

    When I started taking Repair Complex my skin was like crape paper on my lower arms. It is looking so much better. I am hopeful that as I continue to use this product they will continue to improve. Time will tell but I am happy with the improvement. At 70 years old it may take a miracle.

    By Kat 

    Started seeing skin improvements within 2 weeks!

    I had tried serums with hyaluronic acid, and I saw that your product was taken internally, along with saw palmetto, plus other ingredients that are helpful to feeding the skin; this is why I bought the Dermal Repair Complex. Upon receiving it, my husband took it, too. We’ve been taking it for a month and started seeing an improvement in our skin within a week, and more improvement within 2 weeks. We don’t have health issues, have had no side effects. Order ID: 333690806 & Order ID: 333690613.

    By Diana Gionet 

    Dermal Repair is a great product.

    This product has definitely smoothed out my face. It is easy to take. No side effects other than to look beautiful! Try it!

    By Mandy 

    Pleasantly surprised so far

    At 41 I had started to notice fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and they were really bothersome – also dealing with some very stubborn melasma. I finished the last two pills of my first month’s supply this morning and am really pleased so far. Importantly, I don’t have any stomach upset with the product – other vitamins can make me very nauseated. I’ve noticed my skin feels softer, maybe a little more full/plump around the eyes, an improvement in my crow’s feet…but what I really noticed first was that my melasma is FINALLY beginning to lighten and fade away. I’ll take this supplement forever if it can keep the melasma at bay. I have two more months of the product on hand – looking forward to seeing if I notice more improvements.

    By Diane Carr 

    How To Return Dermal Repair Complex

    I wanted to know how to contact this company to stop my mailings. Every month they send me a new batch of 3 bottles and I WANT TO RETURN THEM. I can’t seem to be able to contact them. You need to be able to provide a phone number of customer service for people to contact them. Thank you!

    By Marilyn 

    Absolute waste of money and a total rip-off. These people should be stopped!

    I used this product for 2 months and despite the over-the-top Hollywood-style presentation, this product has delivered NONE of the benefits promised AND Beverly Hills MD off… absolutely NO customer support. After several emails and returning the product for a refund they haven’t even shown me the courtesy of a reply. Beverly Hills MD should be put in the same category as third-world scammers. Shame on you. I urge everyone, not to be fooled by their bullshit.

    By Donna Lewis 

    Absolutely no lessening of wrinkles

    I took the pills every day for three months and have seen no change in my wrinkles at all. Complete waste of money. Sorry I didn’t save my paperwork and did a return in time to get a refund. Don’t waste your own. I don’t usually even do reviews but because of cost am on this product.

    By Annina Watts 

    Great product, I am loving using this product.

    I have been taking for one month now. I can see such a difference in my skin. Not only on my face but on my neck also.

    By Diane Davis 

    Some improvement, too soon to tell

    I see more firm neck area & chin line, but it wasn’t a major problem, to begin with for me. Upper lip those seem to have fewer creases and I am going to give it a couple more months. I invested in a one year supply to be fair to the product and myself. It does give me stomach upset, but only last about 10 minutes (even when taken with food).

    By Layla 

    I love this product and will continue

    Within a week, many of the fine lines around my eyes began to ‘fill in’ and the benefits just keep coming! The deep lines around my mouth, the neck, are also better. Overall, smooth and nice to see in the mirror!

    By Barbara Bishop 

    Amazing results

    I made several positive changes in my life recently and I know that using this complex has made a world of difference. I will continue to use this product.

    By Viviana Ybarra 

    Great product I love it its awesome.

    I started taking the pills for the dermal complex I was a little skeptical but I continued taking them my skin looks alot younger and I have been receiving many complaints great product.

    By Marcy 

    Hanging in there! Dermal Filler!

    I’ve been using Dermal Repair for three months now and just changed to automatic delivery. I am still just on the fence as far as if there are apparent differences. But that being said I do feel better, my skin feels smoother, and well I’m going to see how I feel after a full 6 months. Overall it’s making me stay with the product so it’s very subtle but the differences are there. I’ll check back in 6 months and let you know my final observation.

    By Wendy Sauter 

    happy with the smoothness

    I have been using this product for a month now and my skin has been looking smoother. I’ve always believed in the fact that the appearance of your skin starts from the inside out. Collagen is very important as we age to maintain throughout our bodies. I’ve been getting so many compliments on my skin from friends and they all ask me what I’m using. I’ve been using other BHMD products as well and I’m so happy with everything.

    By Danette 

    Haven’t decided what to think yet

    My skin is feeling better than before I took this I’m still hoping to lose more wrinkles! I haven’t had any adverse reactions.

    By Juliet Neal 

    Love this product so far and will keep using it!

    I’m taking this product to achieve smoother skin and I think it’s working I will continue taking it. I had no adverse reaction to using this product.

    By Tracy Wynn 

    This vitamin is more like diet pills

    I’m taking this vitamin bc my sister told me it will help me from aging so I’ve been taking them for a month now I have not noticed any difference yet I still looked the same maybe bc I’m still young and have no wrinkles yet but the only thing I noticed is that I’m losing weight my eating is still the same and I work out just like how I used to My only conclusion to this losing weight is bc this vitamin helping you stay young so is also help your metabolism work faster that is the only reason I could think of any way I lost 7lbs since I started taking DSR I will continue taking this vitamin and see if I ever need a facelift for the rest of my life.

    By Michelle Graham 

    My skin feels great. Noticed after a week the difference. My skin was so dry and started nothing wrinkles slightly. Have tryed everything. This really works❤🙂. Thank you .

    The dryness and wrinkles on my cheeks around my mouth also crow’s feet, have improved. The dryness especially has gone away. Love the cream also taking the pills. Dermal repair.

    By Jill Joseph 

    Skeptical at first, but my skin does feel and look great.

    I saw the product on the internet and so was leery about the claims. I read reviews and confirmed the money back guarantee and ultimately felt that I had very little to lose. The ordering process is a bit sketchy with all of the add-on stuff, but I persevered… I’ve been using the product for almost 2 months and I like the results so far. My skin feels more smooth and my wrinkles have softened. I’m a believer.

    By Chris Gellings 

    Great product! I recommend it!

    Have only been taking the product less than a month and notice a new vibrancy to my skin which is wonderful for someone who is 78.

    By Ron 

    Dermal repair complex supplement

    I started taking this supplement one month ago to look younger. I have gotten compliments from three friends so far about how healthy and glowing my skin looks. The part I wasn’t expecting is that I actually feel better as well. I feel more energetic and healthy. Thank you for such an amazing product.

    By Tiffany Ware 

    The back of my hands use to be wrinkly, they look much better now My face less wrinkles and less porous.

    Why am I taking this product? To look younger to get a man, I need all the help I can get. I’m a feminine trans woman and 64 I need all the help I can get. I don’t have any health problems except a hip going bad, a big pain. Dermal Repair seems to have done what I was hoping for, my face looks better, my hands have fewer wrinkles. and my skin does feel softer. I didn’t have any reaction to this product, it would have been nice if the pills tasted better, mint or wintergreen.

    By Trish 

    Incredible Product for Youthful Skin

    I am taking this product because I had noticed some normal aging going on – but, it bothered me quite a bit more than I thought it would. Since using the dermal complex, I have noticeably softer skin and radiance to my skin – even my daughter noticed the results!! Thank you for this Fantastic Product – I am just about to order more!!
    Trish Benefield
    Rome, Georgia (I’m 72 but look much younger – thank you!!)

    By Antoinette Cornfield 

    Confident and excited to see more results

    It has almost been a month since I been using this product. I am happy to note that I see my face glowing and the lines on my face are dissipating. I hope to see better results next month.

    By Dianne Schlegel 

    I am seeing some results! There has been a small lightening of the dark spots which are a challenge I'm sure.

    After taking the capsules for a month I see some lightening of the dark spots – and am encouraged.

    By Sheila Cowgar 

    Finally a product that works on seniors!

    I am 73 yrs. old and I love this product for a smoother and my skin is definitely tighter. My lines around my mouth are going await as I use this product. I have used this for 4 and a half weeks now. I can’t wait to see the next few months what it will do? No side effects so far.

    By Karen Golay 

    Repair vitamin for my face! A senior who's thrilled!

    This is a vitamin for my face. I take it every morning with my D-3 and B-12. It takes a while to work, but I’m an active senior who likes instant results. Glad I stuck with it. I have other Beverly Hills products and like them all. Customer for life! Karen G.

    By Veronica 

    I love it! The best product

    I’m using this product because since I started taking my pills I feel so good my knees don’t hurt no more and my skin looks younger and healthy.

    By Micheale Harvey 

    Love this product! It is truly amazing!

    I am seeing many positive results after only 3 weeks of daily use. This product is now apart of daily routine. I am confident that I will even be more pleased with continuous use.

    By Wendy H. 

    Hoping for more obvious results

    At first, I noticed stronger nails that grew very quickly. That was a bonus. I didn’t notice smoother skin or even tone. Eye bags and circles are still the same.

    By Rosemary Jo Ceravolo 

    See the difference right away.

    I tried Dermal Repair Complex on a whim, and before I knew it my skin started getting smoother & fresher within the first few weeks of taking the dietary supplement. Thank you and I’m renewing my order.

    By Angela 

    It’s amazing! Love my glowing face.

    Love my glowing face. Since using Dermal Repair Complex my skin is super smooth and has a shine to it. I’ve only been using this product for about two months and will continue. I first started had acne marks and now they have gone away. I’m beyond happy and had no reaction to the product. My look has to give me much confidence and has received many compliments from family and friends on my skin. I love the Dermal Repair Complex! Angela

    By Heather Ford 

    Extraordinary subdermal product

    This predict is the one I was looking for. I can fix the top of my skin with beauty products that are external. The subdermal layers are the key, and the hardest to find a workable solution. This product is working. My skin is healthier on the subdermal layers. I can see a difference after four weeks. I hope that I will continue to see a noticable difference. Thank you ?

    By Ann Carlson 

    I would recommend Dermal Repair Complex.

    I have a very good change in my skin and hair texture since taking the Dermal Repair Complex. I’ve been taking it for almost 2 months now. I’m almost 73 years old. I have had no adverse reactions to this medication.

    By Kristina 

    This supplement makes a difference I've had a

    I am in my late 60’s and never started any interventional skin treatments. Naturally, my face shows it’s age, as I don’t want to take drastic measures to take off years. However, I am not opposed to natural ingredients in science-based solutions. I have taken the Dermal Repair Complex For a month now, and there is a difference. How far can it go? I don’t know, but I like what it has done and feel good about the product.

    By Melisa Smith 

    Liking the results so far! - only using for one month so far!

    Started taking this complex for anti-aging benefits – noticing improvement in skin tightness and also my hair seems to be thicker. I have no health conditions and have noted no adverse side effects!

    By Pamela Lapointe 

    Will continue taking Dermal Repair forever.

    The thing that caught my attention was that dermal repair slows down facial hair growth. Well, it really does, I was beginning to think I was going to have a beard like a man, but in the short time I have been taking it, the facial hair growth has slowed down. I feel like a normal woman now. I will take it forever.

    By Sharon Wolfe 

    One of their best products they have

    I believe this product to be effective I have been taking it for a year and notice a big difference if I stop taking it. I take this to support my external skincare and have had no adverse reactions. People ask me all the time what is my secret when they discover my age.

    By Denise A. Wittman 

    Received a wonderful side benefit!

    A wonderful side note to Dermal Repair – I have had brain fog every single morning of my life – it always lasts until 10:00 a.m. I bought 1 bottle of Dermal Repair a year ago & never took it. I started taking it over a month ago & 4 days after taking 2 pills a day with food, my brain fog was gone. It hasn’t been back since. 2 weeks after taking my first few doses, I ordered 9 more bottles. It has been a miracle for me. For the first few days, I woke up feeling so clear-headed. I thought, Wow, this is how other people actually wake up every day! My days are now so much better! More well-organized, productive, and I’m much less forgetful about things that happen in the a.m. My skin does look better, too!

    By Christine Henry 

    Save yourself sometime and read this!

    Please save yourself some time as I have already read over 340 reviews about Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex! Mostly good so I purchased this. I am not sure who is writing these reviews and getting results because I took this product for 3 months and all I got was neon yellow urine. (no side effects though). I turned 48 years old at this time and there was no change in skin, hair, nails, energy. I took before pics also, so I am certain there were no visible changes. I would give 2 stars if I could, simply because it did nothing. I hope this saves you time and you can find something else that works.

    By Knoel 

    Better results than expected from a skeptical RN

    As an RN & cosmetics ingredient ‘snob’, I’ve taken the Dermal Repair Complex QD for 50+ days. No further collapsed ‘jowly’ droopy look. Marionette lines reduced 50% now. The 11’s at eyebrows unnoticeable after etched deeply a year. Lines on the upper lip edge are almost gone. Broken capillaries on my cheeks & chin now invisible. The orange peel looks on middle cheeks, chin, and nose no longer visible. I couldn’t be happier. Eye makeup stays put. Been pre-diabetic 7 years, but DRC not interfering with it.

    By Carol 

    Very pleased with this product

    I tried this product because my hair had recently started thinning and the wrinkles on my face were becoming so noticeable. Since taking this product, my hair loss has slowed down a bunch and my skin appears to be smoother. I am very pleased with this product.

    By Mike 

    Seems to work as advertised.

    My skin tone has evened out significantly and now always looks hydrated and supple. Not much else to say except I think it’s a bit pricy. I got it on an introductory offer where I bought multiple bottles for about $25 each. That price seems about right (and I wouldn’t mind buying 3 or 4 bottles at a time to get the discount), but I’m not sure it’s worth the regular price. I’m looking for something similar with a better price. We’ll see…

    By Shawn Holland 

    I’m feeling and looking great!

    I’m 57 and recently lost 65 pounds. My face and hair were definitely showing my age. This product has made both my face and hair look and feels so much better. Even my old joints and menopause issues have improved! I finished my 3-month order and went back for 9 more. I’ve had no issues with gaining back any of the weight. Trying the sculpting cream now. Great so far.

    By Justin 

    Make the advertisement not so long

    Hey, on youtube its called an advertisement meaning keep our fucking commercial down to 1 min or so that way when people leave youtube on they don’t have to listen to your bullshit about your fucking product it’s ridiculous!

    By Elizabeth Johnson 

    Staying with it long term because its working short term!

    No adverse reactions and physically feel better. I have RA and guess I could be a Super Ager because my medical doctors are confused when they see my age on their medical charts. I’m 80 and am told I look about 15-20 years younger. I am familiar with the ingredients in the Dermal Repair product and recognize the pills contain all the recommended supplements in one pill, instead of multiple supplements. I want to be a Super Ager for a lot longer as it gives me more confidence.

    By Christina Tovar 

    I am noticing my skin very smooth and also it has tighten my neck.

    I love the way my skin looks after using this vitamins. The skin of my neck is tightening. The skin of my face looks very smooth.

    By Vera Nokham 

    Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex

    I just finished my first bottle and continue on my second bottle. So far, these supplements work well for my body. I definitely look younger. My skin looks youthful again. I am very happy with this supplement and would like to recommend this product to everyone that wants to stay young looking and feel confident in yourself again.

    By Taylor Valentine 

    I've been using this product for about a month now!

    So far, so good! I have noticed the improved texture of my skin, nails, and hair. My skin is holding moisture much better and I feel like my complexion is evened out. This product has not made me feel sick or given me breakouts, super easy to take them with breakfast in the morning. They are a bit expensive, but I’ll probably continue to buy them!

    By Georgia 

    It really works I am very IMPRESSED & love this product!

    After a bottle and a half…I literally look 5-7 younger for real! Any other products this effective? Let me know.

    By Natalie B. 

    I will likely try a different product next time instead

    I had high hopes for this product as I love other origins items. This one is just ok. It does give good coverage, but feels thick and doesn’t absorb well. I will likely try a different product next time instead.

    By Ally G. 

    This doesn't seem to work!!!!!!!

    I am on my 2nd week of taking the supplement and haven’t noticed much of a difference, but I couldn’t imagine that results would be overnight. I took them for a month but if I didn’t see results. I already have a good skincare routine anyhow and didn’t notice any drastic changes with these supplements. So I have stopped taking them.

    By Ann 

    This product is making a big difference in my skin’s elasticity

    This product is gradually increasing my skin’s elasticity. I’m stunned I never expected it to work.

    By Katrina K. 

    Terrible!! Not worth the cost!!

    This was terrible on the 3rd day my face got bumps all over and I started to break out all over my face, I never break out and every time I took the pills my stomach gets upset. I ended up throwing them in the trash unfortunately it was a waste of money. I had tried 2 others and also got bad reactions. I wouldn’t even have given it 1 star but I did.

    By Shelly O 

    Work, but too costly for what it does.

    Saw a difference in my skin and hair after 2 weeks of taking these pills. My skin seems to hold moisture better and is starting to look more even. Hopefully, I may see more changes after using it continuously, but it’s too way pricey so I will try some other product with the same properties.

    By Shauntel P 

    Would def recommend for anyone with dry skin

    I love this supplement! The texture of skin after taking these pills is amazing and it‘s super lightweight (meaning I can’t wait to use it in the summer). Would def recommend for anyone with dry skin

    By Carina Zuara 

    Will NEVER buy again. I am so disappointed

    Beverly Hills MD has actually dried out my face… It burns when I apply it and has been absolutely a detriment to my skincare routine. I usually LOVE belief, but this product is trash and I am so disappointed. I would return this in a heartbeat if possible.

    By Alexandra J 

    Horrible for Oily Skin

    I liked Beverly Hills products. That being said, it literally slides off and leaves the stickiest residue I’ve ever had on my face. It gave me an insane desire to wash my face and then I broke out after using it.

    By Michelle Stellakis 

    I love Beverly Hills supplement

    The only product of the 100s, l have tried to have visible results soon after beginning the regimen. I love this supplement.

    By Winnifred S 

    It's an Okay Okay Product! Not the best

    okay so this product was overall pretty good! not the best I’ve ever used but its up there and l definitely purchase it to use it again when mines are gone. it left my skin soft, healthy-looking, and feeling, and it’s still the same 3 days lady. definitely lives up to promise as hydrating

    By Karen V. 

    Disappointed!! Waste of money!!

    I heard collagen is good for my skin so I figured why not try this. I haven’t really seen any big difference in my skin though but side effects only. I take so many vitamins every single day and have no issue at all, but this is by far the worst pill ever.

    By Jennie Graham 

    My skin is slowly but surely showing results. This time I’m going to try to buy some thing that might help with the black spots on my face.

    I honestly took this product because I thought it, along with exercise, would help smooth out the dimples on my legs and rear. My legs are smoother but I have not seen the full results yet.

    By Taylor R. 

    Not sure if it works & worth!!!

    I was excited to try these supplements. When I received the it the bottle was half empty, so I just complain about it and within one week I received 2 new bottles. I just finished my first bottle and haven’t really noticed any difference. I will try one more month just to see if it works or not. Not buying this again it takes way long time to work or maybe it doesn’t work at all.

    By Carla Smith 

    Not moisturizing. It's not for my sensitive combo skin

    Beverly Hills MD didn’t do anything for my skin except make it feel dry. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin, so that was a good thing. Since I had to take this supplement over it AND since I already use a Vitamin C Serum I didn’t feel this product was necessary. I gave it away. I’d recommend this if you have oily skin since it didn’t provide my sensitive combo skin.

    By Cora 

    It may have a bit of a tightening effect but not very tightening!

    It seems like a nice product, but do not buy if you are fragrance sensitive. A very strong scent that lingers when applied. It may have a bit of a tightening effect but not very tightening!

    By Dalit Elida 

    It's A High Priced Product....

    This supplement is very lightweight to consume. It didn’t make me break out at all. I very much enjoyed sampling this product. However, I realized that it took more than 3 bottles for this moisturizer to lock in moisture for the whole day. Because of this, and the price, I am giving this product 3 stars.

    By Crystal Wood 

    When It Comes to Wrinkle Repair It Lacks

    I really like this product. I have been using it for the past few weeks now and I have to say it has definitely made a difference in my skin. My face feels so soft and hydrated. The winter months are super harsh on my skin and this product has definitely helped with retaining moisture. I would definitely recommend for moisturizing the skin but when it comes to wrinkle repair it lacks in that.

    By Geneva P 

    It only keeps you moisturized.

    Overall the product feels lightweight and quality produced. Not surprised coming from Beverly Hills MD. However, I really don’t enjoy the taste. If you can get past that I would recommend it. It only keeps you moisturized.

    By Jaclyn 

    Honest complete review

    I have not taken the product, reviews are not so encouraging, so I offer my time and commitment to be an honest tester, will give an honest complete review.

    If this was sent free with no attachments, I would give you my personal honest opinion.

    By Madelyn 

    I had better luck with other options available in the market

    Another expensive cream that does nothing it claims to do! I’ve been using it as directed for almost a month now and nothing. Waste of money!!! My face is still sticky. It never dries! While it does feel and smell nice. It doesn’t work under makeup.

    By Angel 

    Still, kind of expensive for no noticeable results.

    It may have a bit of a tightening effect but I would not go so far as to call it corset-like. I only use on my neck for fine ‘tech neck’ lines. smells like the other Beverly hills products I don’t love but is not off-putting either. Perhaps I will see more results over time. Still, kind of expensive for no noticeable results.

    By Belle Ohana 

    Average lightweight supplement for the skin

    The biggest con I have with this supplement is that it is too fragranced. The pills smell like a sweet pea from BBW. Also, I don’t find that this leaves a glow on my skin. It’s the same glow that any other product can give – nothing special or innovative. The pros – this is a lightweight supplement that is good under makeup. This isn’t skinned elastin enough for me in the wintertime, but I imagine in the summer it will be good. Therefore, it might be good for oily skin types.

    By Alice 

    Unfortunately, this cream is not for acne-prone skin

    So sad. I started using the Beverly hills products with its cream so I wanted to expand and try other products from this line. Unfortunately, this cream is not for acne-prone skin… broke out royally.. so although it smells wonderful the perfume may cause irritation.

    By Gabriella 

    I didn't notice a change in my neck for firming or smoothing.

    I didn’t notice a change in my neck for firming or smoothing. The cream was rich and hydrating but no tightening effects were observed for me. My skin was sagged and dull already and this did no good.

    By Sandra E. 

    Didn't notice a big difference!!

    I can’t determine if this supplement is making my skin seem improved or the cream I am applying to. I haven’t noticed a big difference there yet. But I’m very happy with the way my skin feels and looks in particular around my eyes. I feel this is a supplement that takes time to show results.

    By Shannon T 

    Not sure if it really works!!!

    I have been taking this supplement for a month so far. I just finished my 1st bottle. Initially, my skin was glowing just a few days after taking them. But now I have not experienced any improvements from it for the past few weeks. I have one more bottle to try. Hope that something improved, if not I will no longer purchase this product.

    By Maddie H. 

    Not proved successful for me!!!

    I have taken this supplement for 2 weeks now but didn’t see a noticeable difference at all. I had some fine lines around my mouth that I was unable to smooth out with just moisturizer or serum, so I decided to try these supplements but it also didn’t work well.

    By Sharon K. 

    This is a crap! Not worth it!!!

    I bought this to help with my aging skin problems. Taking the product I noticed no improvement in my skin appearance. My skin didn’t change. What did happen is that a rash developed on my face, so I stopped taking it. The rash, however, continued to spread down my neck over several weeks. It has taken over a month for the rash to go away. Bad stuff!

    By Suzie G. 

    Disappointing! Got stomach pain!!

    With all the positive reviews I was really hoping that this product would work for me. But I am unable to take this product. I took it for a week and got severe stomach issues. Now I had stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea. I don’t even like the smell of the product. So I thought I should stop taking this and as soon as I stopped taking this product all my problems got solved. It is such a waste for me.

    By Linda V. 

    Did Not Work at All for Me!!!!

    I decided to try these Dermal Repair Complex capsules and tried this product for the last month. Do not waste your money on this product. It didn’t do a thing for skin, my skin looks duller rather. I just got through ordering another product. At least I know it works even though it is considerably more expensive. It may work for you but it sure didn’t do anything for me.

    By Amanda Lutchiano 

    Results are also not so fast..

    I wanted to love this but I didn’t see anything special about it. Felt too heavy to take and sleepy for hours. I can not do any work after taking these pills. All I need to do is rest. Results are also not so fast.

    By Kathie K 

    Honestly not sure if I’ll be purchasing this

    I found this to be moisturizing and hydrating to my skin, I think this is a good addition to add as a skin care supplement. I love the many great ingredients in this but it does have Saw Palmetto. I didn’t feel or see anything on my skin while taking it but I’m afraid it will have an effect in the long-term. Honestly not sure if I’ll be purchasing this after because of my doubts as I have sensitive, dry skin.

    By Nelly Dora 

    I could see a subtle glow!!!!!

    I have very sensitive skin, I have to stay away from heavy moisturizer because they irritate my face so I was excited to try the new Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair. I liked the way this went on my skin, it was very smooth and felt hydrating. After using I could see a subtle glow.

    By Daniela 

    Not quite what I thought and no real changes

    I am 56 and thought I would try this product to enhance my skin. But I have been taking it for 2 months now with no real benefit or noticeable improvements. So for me, it is a disappointment.

    By Brielle 

    The skin has totally cleared..

    I had problematic skin that bruised regularly with painful and unsightly consequences. I have used this product now at the recommended dosage for over 3 months. The skin has totally cleared.

    By Julia 

    It didn't take it long enough to see any results.

    I took it for about a week, and the max I took was 2 per day because I was trying to start slow. Unfortunately, it gave me horrible insomnia. I tried taking only two pills a day and only in the morning, but that didn’t make a difference for me. It didn’t take it long enough to see any results.

    By Vivian 

    I didn’t see any changes. I stopped taking them

    I tried 3 pills a day, which made my stomach hurt. Tried 2 the same things. I went down to 1 a day and it was ok. I didn’t see any changes. I stopped taking them. Just went back to vitamin E.

    By Kaylee 

    No difference. Sorry to leave a bad review.

    I bought 1 bottle, took before pics, noticed no change in plumpness in the face, or any less sight of wrinkles. I believe it was a waste of time and money. 6 pills/day, for what?? No difference. Sorry to leave a bad review.

    By Sophie 

    I'm very happy with improvements.

    I started taking these supplements at the same time I started using vitamin C serum. Significant suppleness in my skin. Not sure which one did the trick, but I’m very happy with improvements.

    By Samantha Kristy 

    That’s a non-starter for me!!!

    Took Beverly Hills MD for four weeks and haven’t noticed any change maybe expectations were high reading other people’s reviews. Wonderful product but left my skin/face feeling oily. That’s a non-starter for me.

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