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Average Customer Rating:4.8 
83 Customer Reviews

Rating Snapshot:

Bottom Line: 98% would recommend it to a friend
    By Cindy J. 

    In addition to eating better and walking everyday MC increased my energy and sets my tummy up for a great day!

    After many years of struggling with IBS, for the first time I am enjoying the freedom of not worrying about where the restroom is anytime I am in public. Regularity and efficiency or something I never knew was possible! ActivatedYou is a real game-changer!

    By Matthew Volk 

    I love Morning Complete

    I have been using Morning Complete for a month it is an Amazing product. I work 12 to 14 hrs a day 7 days a week so this is huge for me. Since I’ve been using it no more gas or bloating and once I eat 15 mins later it’s to use the restroom. I feel slimmer, more energy, and just all-around better about myself.

    By Martin 

    Morning Complete/Mito Vitality Are Great For Me!

    My Reviews Morning Complete/ Mito-Vitality

    I love these two products of Morning Complete AND Mito-Vitality! For the first time in 40 years, I use a POWDER consistently! Normally, I hate ALL Powders and tinctures, AND Liquids of ALL supplements, proteins, energy drinks, vegetable powders, etc. BUT after I saw Maggie Q in THE PROTEGE (August 2021 film), I reread Maggie’s email from December 2020 and thought I’d give Morning Complete POWDER a try! I’m glad I took a chance!

    I have enough increased energy to do daily tasks that last all day for me. Morning Complete tastes good (unlike SO MANY Others). But most of all, it FEELS GREAT as soon as I drink it! After a month of Morning Complete, I can walk plenty, and not much running beyond 100 yards at a time. I can do HIIT exercises only a few times due to perpetually tight calves and hamstring muscles. But THAT longer-distance-running I miss has nothing to do with stretching (nor lack of stretching, NOR Morning Complete NOR Mito-Vitality!

    The only other thing I have observed is my metabolism is now altered SLIGHTLY. I can eat only slightly less at each meal sitting. And I don’t have to eat nor snack as much as before I started Morning Complete/ Mito-Vitality. (Not that it matters to me because I am the same weight and girth as when I was 18. I’m 71 now.) Finally a Good Product(s) I can use consistently!

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    By Emma Elliott 

    Feeling alive and full of energy

    I Started taking activate you because I’ve been managing ME for 25 years and although I was 80% there I had to manage my energies and I had dips and relapses. This product has given my a new lease of life. I didn’t know that I was unwell until I started to feel well again. Initially I felt bloated but that didn’t last long.

    By Amanda Caudill 

    My Morning is not complete until I drink, MORNING COMPLETE

    I am now on my 3rd bottle of morning complete and will continue to take this as I’m very pleased with the results. I’m finally regular in the bathroom department and I feel pleased that I’m getting all the required vegetables and nutrients my body needs if I don’t manage to eat them all on any given day. I do subscribe to each which does make it more affordable for me. I think it’s an excellent product and would like to add that I don’t usually leave reviews but in this case, I feel strongly that this product deserves one…

    By Kelly Galindo 

    Thrilled with my new skin!

    After enopause I started getting wrinkles around my eyes & neck. After taking this product my skin seems brighter & more youthful.

    By Kelly Galindo 

    So much more energy, charity & best of ALL no more bloating!

    After menopause I had bloating issues, stiff joints, tight muscles, & less energy. After taking Activated you I had less bloating, less stiff joints , muscles & more energy!

    By AS 

    Taste great and you feel amazing

    I have diabetes and wanted something to help my sugar levels. This product has helped me. I have had no reactions. I feel great! It tastes good.

    By Angela Bartuzi 

    I love it

    I really love Morning Complete… Using it for a month.. ever since I took my very first scoop of MC I have been so extremely happy with my regular bathroom trips.. wow that make me feel so good about myself because I know I’m taking care of my gut with this healthy simple way every morning!!! I did feel bloated the first couple weeks but I knew my body was going through a big change… and preparing it for a healthier ME… I did order MC for six months and exited to feel more results:) xoxo love Angela B.

    By Susan 

    Big difference in energy

    The first thing I noticed right away was the energy I have now. I have health issues that make it hard for me to feel energetic. I am also more regular and don’t feel as stressful as before. I was not expecting much because I have tried other products that didn’t do much, but this has helped me more than what I expected.

    By Carla 

    Activated You Morning Complete

    I love the Activated You Morning Complete, when I take it I feel healthier and more regular, the bloating in my stomach has disappeared.

    By Carla 

    Love the Essential Skin Food

    I’ve been taking the Essential Skin Food for about a month now, I do think my skin is looking younger

    By Lauri Field 

    Activated Morning You Morning Complete Me!

    I ordered this product to help keep up with demands of my two graduate level classes, work and field experience. I did not need to lose any weight and really wanted better digestive health and energy. I have been going to the bathroom better than I ever have! No more skipping days or constipation. I know all these toxins were probably slowing me down. My energy is pretty steady but I still can only do so much being in my 50’s. So that was another reason to take it to keep up with all the younger people in my graduate classes. I feel like my skin looks better also being softer and smoother.

    By Tori 

    New Believer!

    So I have been using Morning Complete for almost 1 month now. Within the first week I noticed a spike of energy and I already had a lot of energy so I found it hard to sleep at first, that went away after first week. Also noticed within the end of the first week my clothes starting to fit better, they were getting a little snug =). I don’t believe in weighing myself so I can’t say exactly how much I lost but I can feel it and see it. I didn’t change anything in my daily routine and I’m seeing results. Ordered 6 more bottles yesterday and am going to help a couple of my friends be believers too. Thanks, I needed this boost!
    P.S. It tastes better mixed in Apple Juice rather than water.

    By Maritza 

    Simply Amazing!

    For a long while now I didn’t have the energy to get through the day without feeling so tired. I was always napping and still waking up tired. And the bloating was getting worse. I looked at several different products and none really seemed to work for me. ActivatedYou was my last attempt at finding something that helped me feel better. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. Thinking that this was just another product being pushed by another celebrity. But once I took it that first time my whole day changed for the better. My stomach didn’t feel that heaviness and it wasn’t in pain. I had energy that I hadn’t had in years. By the end of the first week the bloating had diminished so much, I felt lighter and that had me in an amazing mood. I love it! Almost done with my first container.

    By The Hulls 

    A good all-around super-greens/prebiotic/probiotic combo supplement

    A good all-around super-green, prebiotic, and post-biotic supplement for daily use, this is a quick way to get most of the ingredients found in single-purpose additives. Our experience with the flavor is mixed, one of us needs apple juice to cut the bitterness, the other uses water and the flavor is palatable. Hot water will thicken the supplement to a hot chocolate consistency if you prefer hot beverages to mix your greens. Neither of us has experienced any forms of weight loss because of the Activated You supplement, we just prefer the product as it contains most of the ingredients we use in three single containers, we now have one container with most of the ingredients included. Pricing is difficult, we are paying for the convenience of a single scoop from a single container versus three different scopes from three separate containers, this makes our travel life a bit easier.

    By Rosanna 

    So far So GOOD!

    I am very NEW to this product and just about to complete my first container of Morningcomplete. I am not too sure if I can actually say that this is GREAT because I am just starting to feel the change in my digestive system. I can say that I gave a scoop-full to my husband, and he immediately had a change. Each system is so different. I am waiting on my second container and I believe I will continue to progress towards a healthier digestive system – very improved! Thank you.

    By Tessa 

    A massive help!

    I have never written a review before but I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk first time I ordered this. Like any supplement product I think to get best results its really ideal to combine using Morning Complete with exercise and good nutrition (its not a TOTAL miracle worker but hey, what is!). I have struggled with typical IBS symptoms for all of my adult life – bloating, irregular bowel movements, MASSIVE stomach pain, lethargy etc. I’ve been using Morning Complete for almost a month now and experienced massive changes, my mood feels much more stable, my stomach feels supported for the first time in a long time and the drink seems satiating so my cravings have subsided. Its hard to say because we are all different but I would definitely recommend this! (the only cons are the shipping time (Im in Australia) and the price, but to be honest for the ingredients listed it is pretty standard)

    By Stacey Thomas 

    Good start and getting better

    I’ve only been taking this product a couple of weeks but already I feel great. Bowel health seems better and I’m hoping this continues and gets even better. The taste is pleasant, apple and cinnamon although the texture in water is a little gritty. In the warmer months, I will try ActivateYou in my smoothy or health drink. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a healthy pre-biotic and pro-biotic supplement in a convenient form at a reasonable price.

    By Nikkii 


    Early this year, my gut had been totally off, causing a ton of anxiety during the evening, and mulch or stick feelings in my throat, cotton feelings, hair feelings, horrible bowel movements, and extreme exhaustion

    I was leery of this product at first , thinking I would have an adverse reaction.
    So I have been taking it slow, extremely cautious, but my bowel movements and energy have improved, and the feeling of bloat has diminished

    I am still taking this product, a little slower than suggested, but hopefully continues well

    By El 

    Definitely helped my husband

    This product has definitely helped with my husbands digestion, my energy after Covid and hopefully help with my son’s energy who just got over Covid. Very excited regarding long term use of these products. I mix the Morning Complete with The Mito Vitality along with another GreenJuice Super Food (non sugar product) in one 12 oz. glass of filtered water every morning for my husband, he likes it better that way and will finish it. He is somewhat stubborn regarding sweeter products so it works this way for him. I personally love the taste just as it is.

    By Min Suri 

    Loved it . I feel much lighter and rejuvenated.

    I was struggling with long term constipation and bloating with feeling full all the time
    I had to depend on laxatives to be regular but never got rid of bloating.
    I’ve had no side effects from Morning complete . Thank you Maggie for bringing up this beautiful product which has solved all my tummy issues and I’d love to continue with it

    By Christina Stark 

    Activated You - Morning Complete

    I got Morning Complete to help with digestion and bloating and it does work! It also makes you feel alert and my constant feeling of exhaustion all day is gone. I actually like the taste, I add it to juice in the morning, before I eat anything. I don’t have any long-them health issues, but I am a 43 year-old woman, so the bloating and digestive issues became unreal and nothing was helping until I found Morning Complete. I can’t say that I’ve lost weight, I don’t even own a scale. But when you’re not so bloated, your clothes fit better! I have had no adverse reactions to this product.

    By Cheryl Loebe 


    I ordered this product looking for help with bloating and digestive problems. I can say enough! Love it! Has helped reduce bloating, increase bowel movements, weight loss and energy increase. I Never order supplements off the internet & never write reviews- but I am so happy i ordered and now I wanna ‘shout from the roof tops’- Buy Buy buy!
    I jumped right into the order and got 3- I shared one jar with a bestie and starting my scone jar soon.
    I will reorder! Thank you very very much for all the benefits. I have a doctors appointment coming up soon and will take it with me to discuss- cat wait to see what she thinks.
    Peace and love ??
    Cheryl Loebe

    By Rebecca 

    Found the one!!!

    Morning Complete changed my life, after all these years I found the one that will help live my life differently.
    Thank you so much!

    Rebecca- Australia

    By Duriel C 

    No complaints

    I am about half way through my first bottle of Morning Complete. No adverse side effects, product did not increase the number of times I am going to the bathroom, but does make it easier when I go. I’m not sure if it reduces bloating as Maggie claims though as I have not experienced a noticeable change in my stomach size or weight since using it.

    By Natasha 

    Good so far….

    I’ve been taking Morning Complete for about a month, looks like I lost of few pounds but my intention was to regulate my bowels which I haven’t seen any change in that yet. My cravings have gone down and I seem to have more energy….but I also take other natural supplements at the same time. The taste is manageable, not bad. Also it’s a little hard to afford buying it every month or more bottles at once. Thanks for giving discounts!

    By Charlotte Longmire 

    totally satisified with Activated You

    Since I started using ActivatedYou I have been drinking it every morning and I can say I have never had as consistent regular bathroom schedule. No longer waiting 2 to 3 days to go. No more sluggish feelings. I am more that pleased with the product..

    By Bob Taylor 

    I feel like a young man again! (At least YOUNGER!)

    My wife and I have found improvements in each of the claims stated about “Morning Complete!” My best results are in regards to digestion and energy, as well as the myriad of benefits. Kudos to “Activated You,” one and all!

    By Rebekah 

    Not sure yet

    I love the ingredient list. Have been taking this every day for about 3 weeks. Possibly increased energy, but nothing dramatic yet. No weight loss either. I do have some bloating, which is apparently a good early sign. Not the best tasting, but not awful either.

    By Julie W 

    You won't believe it till you try it

    My digestive system wasn’t 100%. But since taking morning complete for a month now, I truly feel more alive and very well. Just wish I knew about morning complete sooner. It certainly has changed my digestive system to operate at 100% now. I just love Morning Complete.

    By Michelle 

    Have only been taking Morning Complete for 2 weeks so still early days but have noticed my digestion has definitely improved so tummy feels a lot better. Time will tell and I have tried everything so happy to give it a bit more time. ????

    By Jasmine 


    This is a great way to start the day because it tastes good and helps reduce my digestive issues.

    By La 

    Amazing - lifetime fan!

    I’ve been taking morning complete daily for about 3 months now and it has helped me so much. I feel way less bloated, more regular, and have less cravings. I’ve even lost weight just by naturally craving healthier foods and my appetite had decreased while taking this. Also gives me a nice boost of energy where I don’t feel the need to drink coffee in the morning either. Great product overall! Just note you may feel some discomfort the first few days while your body gets used to it, but it’s definitely worthwhile.

    By Ragina 

    On point

    Overjoyed to have found this product. I was skeptical for about a year, then my gut told me to to roll with it. No, literally. I have had such issues since childhood, everything besides coffee makes me sick in the mornings and so many good bloat me and leave me feeling rundown throughout the day/night. If only Activated You would come out with a CookBook 😉
    Morning Complete not only tastes good, it’s soothing and works like a charm. I noticed a difference within the first week and have felt better each day since. Since this product worked so well, I also ordered Vital Amino which is also easy on the stomach, as well as Enhanced Algae Omegas. I will be sticking with Activated You because when you have a messed up system like mine, you go with what works and THIS here works!

    By Victoria 

    Love this!

    I love this product. It makes you feel so much better every day. The one thing I don’t like is it’s expensive and when you receive it and open the container it’s less than half way filled! They need to fill it up!!

    By Yannispawn 

    3 products tried so far, 5 stars

    Started taking Morning Complete for help with my IBS constipation. I add the products to my morning smoothie. I tried going Vegan for several months too and Morning Complete still gave better results. After about a week I started having more bowel movements. (I only averaged 1-3 a week before, they were laborious, and I lived with constant gut pain and bloating). After about 3 weeks my bowel movements were like angels singing, ‘AHHHHH’. Complete, simple, one and done evacuation, clean and done in under a minute! Never before in 50 years had I experienced anything like that!
    Also Tried Mito Vitally and had better energy. Tried Essential Aminos, and after 5 days felt nice energy lift on that too. Neither one made me feel glittery or anxious.
    Only issue for me is the cost. I will probably take Morning Complete for the foreseeable future. It helps so much. Id love to take the other ones too but I can only afford them on occasion.
    Add: This survey asks for an uploaded purchase-bill to verify my purchase. I pitch all that, and packaging, soon after receiving.

    By Sarah Cherry 

    My gut is happy!

    The first couple of days were rough…(if you know what I mean)…I was running to the bathroom like crazy because this stuff really cleans out the gut!! After that my body started to regulate itself again and all was right in the world. I take it in the morning and about two hours after It starts to go to work. It does make me very gassy but the upside for me is that my gut is so clean my farts don’t smell anymore!! (Results may vary). The downside is when I forget to take it (a few days worth) I am in so much pain in my gut I feel like I need medical help. The taste is terrible, I just take it with water and chug it. It does have a green tea taste to it so I started mixing it with a little crystal light peach tea. I do see and feel the benefits of the product in regards to bloating and gut health and will continue to use it.

    By Tammy 

    Amazing for weight loss!

    This product has helped my energy levels, and has helped me lose weight. It is something I drink everyday, and I will not go without it. Thank you ActivatedYou team!

    By Doreen 

    Definitely works, just start slow

    I had starting taking this due to bloating, gas and constipation issues which I typically did not have until about 6 months ago. It definitely helped with that. My energy levels seem more stable. When I first started taking, it made my gas and bloating worse, which I expected as the FAQ card said this might happen. But it didn’t seem to be going away in a reasonable time. I went online and found youtube video stating if this occurred to reduce to half dosage until your body adjusts to the probiotics. That worked and I am now able to take the full dosage and no longer have issues. That should be suggested on the FAQ card.

    By Katherine I Lipsey 

    Best way to start my day!

    My daily ritual is drinking Morning Complete, and I feel more alert and capable for the rest of my day. My gut health has improved noticeably, and my waistline has slimmed slightly after one month. I still need to drink a cup of coffee, but one cup is enough, rather than several cups. I’m so fortunate to have found this product for prebiotic and probiotic support.

    By Lisa Steege 

    Has really helped my digestive system

    I tried Morning Complete because I was experiencing gastro-intestinal distress that was sometimes painful, has been experiencing more flatulence than normal, and was feeling bloated and unwell. After the first week of Morning Complete, all of these issues had resolved! I will continue using this product indefinitely.

    By Joy 

    I love my morning complete!

    I have been using morning complete for about 2 months now. I have many food allergies and it’s often difficult to find natural supplements that don’t contain at least one of my food allergies. Morning Complete has been a life saver for me. I can tell my gut is healing and no more running to the rest room or bloating and constipation. I have a very comfortable tummy now and I am so thankful!

    By Julie Greenberg 

    Love It!!!

    I started taking Morning Complete because I knew I needed somthing to support my efforts to improve my gut health. One thing I noticed immediately and have been really appreciating is that almost immediately after I drink my morning complete I have a very gratifying bowel movement. To start my day with good elimination is very encouraging since for some time now that has not been my experience which is exactly why I was excited to try this product. Also, I have noticed I have really even, sustained, focused energy throughout the day which is another improvement to my lifestyle. I simply feel more energized, focused, and productive. And I can’t really complain about those benefits.

    By Melody Green 

    seems to be working

    I have not yet finished my first month of Morning Complete but I am seeming some change for the better, so I’m hopeful that over time the benefits will increase. I’ll review again once the 3 month period is over.
    Tastes OK and is easy to take.


    By Razzzzz 

    Perfect for regular bowl movement

    I have started taking the activated You for about 1 month I have noticed on improvement of regular bowel movements but I haven’t seen any weight loss yet so I will continue to have it until it is finished. Would of love to buy again but unfortunately can’t afford financial at this stage.

    So maybe in few months I might be able to but it

    By Susie Park 

    Feeling Better ☀️💚

    I have been taking Morning Complete now for just about a month. My parents are taking it with me and I have shared a jar with a co-worker and planning to give a jar to another co-worker and a customer! I feel better in overall digestion and trust that I’m doing something positive and good for my body first thing in the morning. I’m feeling the biggest difference in my skin – it just feels more soft & hydrated all over. Also, I feel like it’s helping in calming internal inflammation. I will continue to use it and share your it with those around me. Thank you!

    By Janice Stewart 

    Has improved my tummy

    I have been taking morning complete for two months and my Crohn’s is under control for the first time in two years. I am not taking any medication for my Crohn’s so between morning complete and watching my diet I am feeling great..

    By Annie 

    Throughly enjoying it!

    In general, I’m am not huge on “drink mixes”. I’m just one of those who enjoy eating as wholesome and healthy as I can to give my body all I need to feel great.
    But I gave Morning Complete a try, to smooth digestion. An while I’d rather just take in in a capsule, I’m pleased with the results enough that I’ll keep sipping my morning “brew” ?

    By Claudia Bender 

    I really loved this product

    I loved it, I love the ingredients, taste is fine+, and most importantly is that I feel and see results… it controls my appetite, I feel more energy and I definitely recommend it. I really wish I could subscribe to this product so i can get it every month without having to look for it like I got to subscribe to “morning complete” … the only thing is that, I already consumed the entire packages a few days ago and I’m still waiting for the new to arrive, so I wish they could send them earlier….

    By Kirsten 

    I like the product

    I really like taking the product. I take it to loose weight but to also get the nutrition I need. I take it in the morning just with water. I would absolutely prefer if there was a n organic version with no natural or artificial flavors. This is the only complaint I have.

    By Marie Brown 

    Big help with my bowels

    I tried morning complete after trying other expensive probiotics. I found morning complete to dissolve easily, mixes well with other drink mixes and tastes decent. I also have regular, softer bowel movements. It seems to improve my energy too without making my jittery like caffeine can. I travel a lot and struggle with chronic constipation. This product has been a life saver! It seems to be a more complete formula as it has green, prebiotics and probiotics. It’s less of a hassle to use than 3 separate items. Worth every penny!

    By Mike 

    Wow, did not expect results like this

    I’ve had trouble for a long while with digestion, the morning complete absolutely reduces the bloated gut I’ve been dealing with every time I ate. I’m very satisfied with it and will recommend it to anyone that mentions gut issues to me. Thank You

    By Lisa S 

    No more "immediate diarrhea" after eating

    First of all, this is an embarrassing topic that no one likes to talk about…diarrhea.
    I’m a 52 year old female and over the last year I started getting diarrhea. It started out once or twice a week. Then it got worse, 5-6 times a day, and always after I eat. I work a full time job and got to where I wouldn’t eat at work.
    It did not matter what I ate, I would have immediate (or within 5 minutes) diarrhea. I tried eliminating gluten, and dairy but still I would have diarrhea. It was starting to affect my quality of life. I was afraid to go anywhere, especially out to dinner.
    That is when I came across an ad for Morning Complete. I accidentally bought a 4 jar supply but I’m glad I did. I’m on my 2nd jar now.
    The first taste is not great but you get used to it especially knowing that it works. I tried it cold but I like it better hot and ad a tea bag to it to change the flavor a bit.
    The first few days I felt super bloated, and they tell you that in the pamphlet. After the 3rd day no more bloating and I felt great, more energy, and best of all (although embarrassing) I had a solid BM. I’m sorry to be graphic but I feel that you need to hear the truth.
    I have been drinking Morning Complete everyday for almost 2 months and I can go out and live my life without worry again.
    If you have any digestive issues I definitely suggest trying Morning Complete, and if you don’t like it send it back for a refund. Seriously, I’m so glad I found this stuff.

    By Laurie Orr 

    Better Digestion

    I have been taking Morning Complete for two months. I am prone to constipation ( especially if I eat refined sugar or white flour). This product has kept me regular and feeling less bloated. My finger nails are growing again!

    By Kevin 

    It seems to be working

    Morning Complete has helped restore regular elimination in only 4 days of use. I am still trying to get used to the slightly bitter after taste.

    By Tina 

    Only a month in but feel much less bloat!

    I wanted a drink that gave me a boost in the am before I break my fast. I am 30lbs over weight, almost 60 and am trying to make lifestyle changes that will improve my health for the “last trimester!” I am seeing a difference in regularity and know that I am ingesting something that is improving gut health. Didn’t care
    for the flavor at first but it has actually grown on me??

    By Regina Mitchell 

    Feeling healthier

    I’ve had more energy throughout my day. I feel lighter, my pants are not as tight. I wish it did taste different but I drink it with just water, you can mix it.

    By Lisa 

    Amazed with this product and never felt better!!

    As a long term IBS-C sufferer who has tried numerous products I was very skeptical. However this product has exceeded my expectations. After just one week I was regular for the first time in years and I just feel great! I have more energy and less bloating. It’s an amazing product with no adverse effects, just feeling great.

    By Jennifer Toavs 

    Morning Complete & Mito Vitality keeps me balanced and eager to get on with my day

    I started taking Morning Complete and Mito Vitality because of an injury that caused me to have to stop running and biking for over a month. That caused me to gain weight and my personal outlook wasn’t as good as it had been. Then I learned of ActivatedYou. I started taking Morning Complete and Mito Vitality. Having the money back guarantee and the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau gave me the confidence to try the 2 products. I have been so happy that I did! I do feel healthier, I am more regular which makes me feel leaner, and now that I have healed quickly, I am back to running and biking. I just completed a duathlon last weekend and got second in my age group (which is fabulous considering I just had to take over a month off!). I am so pleased with my products. After drinking Morning Complete and Mito Vitality, I have this glorious, sunny disposition and can tackle my day with happy energy. Thank you so much, ActivatedYou! (P.S. Is there any chance that you make cycling jerseys? I would love to get one.)

    By Tsai Wei Wang 

    Must give it a try

    I have bloating problems on my stomach and it means I fart very often and it bothers me very much
    I tried morning complete last month and at the very first two weeks I felt like the powder taste very weird but somehow after two weeks it started to taste very good
    I guess my taste bud has been changed or my body is more clean and frequency of having bowel movement is more (2-3 times a day)
    I feel my body is very light and I feel more happy

    By Casandra 

    Love it

    I started taking Morning Complete after watching a video on you tube. I suffered from bloating and fatigued and after taking this product noticed a huge difference. This really worked for me and a few of my friends that I recommended it to. Never had an issue with my order or bank account, the emails I get from activated you are very helpful with loads of information about healthy living and tools to use. This product helped me and changed life.

    By Sarah 

    Great product, but hasn't solved my bloating yet.

    I love starting my day with morning complete, as it helps me to start my day feeling fresh! It has definitely helped my digestion and bowel movements, however I’m still experiencing what seems to be hormonal bloating, but could be something different. I’ve also noticed I’ve been sleeping better since taking Morning Complete. I plan to continue to use the product.

    By Dawn 

    Some really good, some not so good

    The flavor has finally grown on me, thankfully. The good part of this product is that is has definitely helped me feel less tired, I used to have to take naps, now I very rarely take naps. Another good part is that it has helped with my bloating, tremendously. It has also helped me to be more selective of when and what I eat, but the reason for that is the horrible gas that seems to go along with this product. I have done a lot of trial and error trying to figure out what causes the extra gas. Sometimes the gas gets so bad, it actually frustrates me and makes me want to quit taking it. I was going to request a refund but was told the gas is normal, that it’s the product pushing the bad out of my gut with the good (Morning Complete) that I am putting in it. I like that idea so I have kept with it. As far as having more bowel movements, no such luck there, and as far as losing weight, no such luck there either, but weight really wasn’t part of my goals with this product. I’m still on the fence about whether I will order another 90 day round of this or not. So in summary, it has helped me tremendously with fatigue and bloating, but left me with some bad smelly gas.

    By Nancy Flynn 

    I'm so glad I tried this! I feel so much better.

    I have always had stomach issues. I was always bloated and felt sluggish and grumpy. When I saw Maggie’s video about Morning Complete, she described all the issue I have been having, so I thought I would give it a try. I’m on my 3rd jar of Morning Complete, and I feel SO much better! I’m serious!, so much better! The first time I drank it, I felt gassy and bloated, but learned it’s called bacteria die off and my body was getting rid of the bad stuff in my gut. I can’t tell you how great this product is. My only fear is that they will not have it in stock when I need to re-order. It’s very refreshing and I look forward to drinking it first thing in the morning. Thank you!

    By Don 

    Morning Complete seems to help my digestion

    I can’t say Morning Complete has boosted my energy or improved my skin. I’ve been using it as a lunch substitute. (I’m not giving up my breakfast.). I find that it does satisfy my appetite pretty well, although I may supplement it with a handful of peanuts. The main apparent benefit is better formed stools. This suggests that the pre- and probiotics are having a positive effect.

    By Angie K 

    It's helps me feel balanced and whole

    I’ve dealt with increasing fatigue and brain fog the past several years. After taking Morning Complete for over a month, i can honestly share that it helps me feel more balanced. It’s gentle, and subtle, yet my body and taste buds now look forward to it each day.

    By Kathy Hermam 

    Goodproduct and I would recommend

    I am enjoying this product. I take every morning. I am mixing with almond mild unsweetened vanilla. I sometimes add ice and a vegan vanilla protein powder.
    I seem to be happier and have more energy. I would recommend. I have my daughter a bottle to try as well

    By Rachael 

    Activated You Morning Complete Saved My Gut!

    First off, I love milk products especially cream for my coffee and cheese with my wine. However, milk products do not necessarily like me. Morning complete has helped my stomach in it’s response to milk products via the pre and probiotics in Morning Complete. MC has also given me energy and focus throughout my day aided in a uninterrupted sleep at night. The food that I do eat is completely and productively processed. My body is accessing all the nutrients it really needs resulting in a regular, healthy once a day BM. Due to this I am not snacking in between meals, I have energy, focus and my gut feels very happy which is a truly wonderful life experience!

    By Brenda Kibler 

    Awesome product can’t be without it

    I have issues with Gerd and it has helped me so much. I’m not a big drinker but one night I had one to many and I had a horrible headache the next day. I drank this morning complete and within 30 minutes I was out riding my bike in the heat and did a 18 mile bike ride on a mountain bike.

    It rocks!!!!

    Thanks Brenda Kibler

    By liz_centeno 

    Good product

    I’ve been using morning complete for 2 months now, I reorder 4 months supplies…I must say I have not lost any weight, but I have been pooping better! Every morning after I drink it before breakfast I used the bathroom and it nice and smooth, no more sitting and waiting for it to come out hard… so yes I love morning complete ?

    By Dawn 

    Surprised about benefits and migraine relief

    After only 3 days of taking morning complete, I noticed how I wasn’t bloated after meals and I was able to have better bowel movements. I’ve had constipation most of my life and I’ve suffered from severe migraines since I was 19. I also noticed that things that have always triggered a migraine are no longer triggering them. I have to say I’ve had 95% fewer migraines since taking the green drink. I take it before eating or drinking anything else in the morning and it really has made me feel better. I was very skeptical, but now I’m convinced! So grateful to have found something that my body truly benefits from.

    By Karen 

    Loving this addition to my morning shake

    I tried this product due to recent gastro issues (bloating, gas, acid reflux). Within a week (maybe two) I noticed my hair started reverting back to its sleek & shiny youth. Within a month, I received several “you look good” compliments. Most importantly I’m not bloated or gassy. I swear my pants fits better. I have a sensitive GI, but I haven’t had any adverse reactions after 3 months of use.

    By Kris 

    Solved a decade long constipation problem

    This product, within 2 weeks, fixed a constipation problem i had had for 10 years! Was delighted with the effect. I had tried other probiotics, fermented foods, yogurt-based drinks, extra daily fiber, lots of water, etc. I tried every natural remedy with no success. My doctor thought the $40-50 per month was worth it for regularity, but I shopped around for the probiotic ingredients and found most of them in a capsule for $14 months supply. Still does the trick. So happy.

    By Kim 

    Best way to take Probiotics and Prebiotics

    I’ve been on a weight loss journey and have recently adopted a mostly plant based diet. I also have been involved with the Zoe study, that is investigating the blood glucose responses to diet, given the individual’s fasting blood fat levels and gut microbiome. I love the ease of drinking my greens, probiotics, probiotics etc in the morning! I’ve been doing it for about a couple of months now, so it’ll be interesting to see my lab results!

    By Nancy 

    Mito Vitality is the formula for me!

    I was about to give up on ActivatedYou products and I thought I would just try Mito Vitality. It worked amazingly right off from the start! It does everything it says it does! I am really feeling GOOD NOW from ActivatedYou’s Mito Vitality! Thank YOU.

    By Eve Berton 

    Unpleasant jitters after using ActivatedYou

    I am 63 with no health issues. I liked the combination of so many of my usual supplements in one product. However, I never take metabolic products as I have no weight issues and have good energy levels. After taking ActivatedYou the first time I noticed I had the jitters and felt like I had taken speed – a very anxious and unfocused stressed feeling. After a week I could not stay hydrated despite drinking far more water than my usual intake. The jitters got worse, I became hopelessly constipated and I quit taking the product and returned it. Still waiting for a refund. Beware of the strange metabolic enhancers – basically a powerful ‘diet’ pill in disguise.

    By Vernon Carpenter 

    How Do I Order ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food

    I can’t find the product ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food, so I can reorder 2 bottles. Please help! It is perfect for anyone who wants to target the root causes of aging skin and gain a healthy, youthful, glowing complexion.

    By Rachel Taylor 

    Watch your bank account for unauthorized charges!

    Placed an order for three month supply, paying once every 3 months on auto-ship. Was notified of another debit for an additional 3 month supply not even a month later; haven’t even finished my first bottle yet. Why would I order a 3 month supply once a month you ask? I wouldn’t and didn’t! Called and was told the order couldn’t be canceled because there was a tracking number already attached. Now I have to wait for an order I didn’t place to be delivered, return it and then wait an additional week for a refund. Could take up to two weeks total. Just bad business! I’m disappointed because I liked the product but don’t like being ripped off or having to deal with the hassle of correcting someone else’s ‘mistake’.
    This is the exact reason people don’t trust these companies. Money should have been refunded immediately even if they got their product back or not.
    Had they done that, I would have gladly forgiven the ‘mistake’, returned the product when it arrived, and reordered when the time came. However, they didn’t and now they’ve lost a customer. Too many good products out there for consumers to choose from to have to deal with this nonsense…
    I will say, the customer service representative Jennifer was very sweet, professional, and apologetic. I could tell by her voice, she’d heard it all before; sneaking in orders when people aren’t paying attention. People have enough to deal with. Don’t need another headache. Bad experiences!

    By Joyce 

    ActivatedYou Recommended Dosage

    Do I need to worry about needing to have a bowel movement after taking the recommended dose? If I am constipated or have diarrhea, can I still take Imodium?

    By rita 

    I have been taking this for 8 months

    I want to share positive feedback to endorse the product. I bought this product for myself and my daughter, initially to see if it would help with her irregular bowls, gas bloating. I myself began taking it to give to my gut and enhance my morning routine. I am reordering for 3rd time. We both agree we can feel the physical benefits from it. An excellent regular bowel movement, bloating reduced. I feel it brightens my mind and like it helps my skin and nails too. Is this possible? I look forward to drinking it first thing in the morning and my body loves it.

    By Shirley Ann Vines 

    I really had BAD Experience with this Product

    I wanted and thought this product would work. I ordered this product and yes I have Autoimmune Diseases. I went ahead and took this Product. Took it before Breakfast. On up in the day I begin to get do dizzy. I went ahead and Lunch. I never eat much anyway. I have lost my Appetite. By afternoon I started getting more Dizzy. My head hurt. My BLOOD Pressure started going up. Then night came on I am feeling so Bad. I don’t know but I could tell everything was different. I began to get scared. Then I got ready for bed early.

    I made myself eat some food and took my night time medication. I laid down hoping maybe night time medication would kick in. I beginning to feel a little relaxed. I know this medication does not work for me. I hope I will be able to sleep. I began to get short of breath. I took a medication which has made me relax some. I hope I can get all the money I put in this Product.

    I hope no one will experience what I have. I hope I will be able to sleep. With Autoimmune Diseases like I have I will not try anything again. Like I say I was hoping this would work. I will be sending all these boxes back. I just hope they will send my Money. I don’t mean to scare anyone. This has scared me. I have really felt funny all over. I know it was the capsule I took of this product. You know when something his happening.

    Sorry I just want others to know how it is making me feel. I have had a disease and nervous not feeling good. Dizzy so Dizzy.

      By Chloe Lee 

      ActivatedYou - Customer Advocate

      Hi Shirley, my name is Chloe with ActivatedYou. I wanted to reach out personally and apologize for the experience you had with our product and hope you are feeling better now. As always, we ask that our customers consult their physicians prior to starting any new supplement to ensure that it is the right fit with your medical history. Please email me at [email protected]ou.com so I can get you fully refund as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

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